*Fade in from black* 

A young woman rolls over from beneath a mass of a thick downing comforter. She sighs softly as she squints at the light that splashes over her tired eyes and brings her arm over her face with another annoyed sigh. Obviously even further annoyed that her attempt failed, she turned on her side with a deep throaty groan and was tempted to bury her head beneath the pillow when she froze.

*pan out*

From the other side of her, the shifting of blankets can be seen, and a strong, muscular bare shoulder appears from beneath the cream colored blankets.     

"Mmmm, five more minutes," comes a deep throaty male voice as a tanned arm, slides over her side to wrap around her stomach. The young woman's eyes widen impossibly wide as her eyes slowly drift down at the hand.   

*black screen flashes in bright (enter color) letters*   

From the creative genius of Emania, author of Breaking the Habit,    

*flash back to the young woman who slowly stares as the bare arm and shoulder began to meld into a muscular torso rising above her. Face of the person is hidden from view of the audience, but long silver hair begins to appear.*   

*flash again to black screen with lilac letters*   

and the angsty romantic writer of the seemingly endless drama Through the Ancient Well, Lilac Rose    

*flash back to the young woman's POV, staring up into the warm, loving, and extremely sexy face of a man recognizable to the young woman.   

"What happened," he asked, his eyes drifting down her body.   

*black screen again*    

…comes an old tale, with some new twists.     

*fade back to the couple, the woman who is obviously frightened, clutching sheets to her chest, which appears bare, and the young man, blankets pooled around his waist, revealing just enough to entice the viewer.*   

*When you wake up, and don't understand what's going on…*   

"In…" she stammered, her eyes darting back and forth to the sliding line of blankets at his waist, "Inu…yasha?"    

He quirked his lips in what could have been amusement on anyone else. "Kagome?" he mimicked her tone.   

*flash to another back screen, words fading in slowly*   

For All We Know…    

*flash again to the couple, dressed to the nines, her in a fancy long flowing white gown and he in a tuxedo, facing each other, looking into each other's eyes as the Bette Midler's soft voice sings over jazzy violins, and piano… "For all we know, this may only be a dream…" *   

*The first couple fades out replaced by a younger version of themselves, the boy wearing a red haori and the girl a white and green school's uniform, looking into each other eyes just as intently, but frowning, when the boy opens his mouth…*   

"Wench!" he exclaims.   

"SIT!" she exclaims back, to which the boy falls flat on his face.    

*screen slowly fades out as the words appear on the black screen*    

….or perhaps, we really don't.

*fade out to another black screen*

Coming January 2004


Author's note:  Hello everyone, this is our sneak peek to a new story that we will have out shortly called For All We Know.  It is an Inuyasha/Kagome fanfic, sorry for all those seeking alternate pairings.   This story is a co-authored project by both Emania and Lilac Rose, and so both authors are posting copies on their individual user names.  We are both aware of this, so please do not send reports to FF claiming that one or the other has stolen a story.  This is once again, a co-authored story.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!!

-- Emania and Lilac