Okay, everyone, so here's the deal… Both Lilac Rose and myself would like to thank all of you for all of your wonderful reviews and your enthusiasm for the story we're working on together, but thanks to a review she received from Strangerthanthou who suggested that we make up a joint account to put the story in, the full story of For All We Know will not be located under either of our usernames.  That is to say, we are going to leave the teaser and the preview under our individual usernames, in other words, LilacRose23 and Emania, but the actual story will be up under the username of:  em_n_lilac as evidence of the joint venture that it is!  Here's the link where you can find us, k?


We did this in the hopes of making it easier on you, the readers and (hopefully) the reviewers and also on us so that we don't have to post it in two different places at once!  So, you see?  We really are just thinking of you guys in everything we do, cause you all are so incredibly special to us!!  *Puck appears and slaps the sap right out of her.  Em glares daggers at him.  Puck grins*  "See?  Not so sappy, much better!" 

~_~.  So!  Hope to see you all there, under our new and improved, combined account!