Black & White Heart

By StarRose

2nd January 2004

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Chapter One: Home Sweet Home

Yuki's sleepy purple eyes slowly opened to the bright sunlight peeking through the crack in his curtain. Groaning softly and shutting his eyes again, he pulled the covers over his head to block out the offending light that was the dreaded morning.


Shigure was knelling peacefully at the table nurturing a cup of tea and watching Tohru skit around the kitchen making breakfast. All manner of delicious smells were floating his way and he wondered what it was she was making. He had an eye line of the fridge from where he was sitting and Tohru, little white apron securely around her waist, kept on going back and forth from it, but he couldn't make out what she was getting every time. He turned his head towards the stairs and found Kyo making his way down toward them, flopping down the other side of Shigure and yawning.


Yuki had just found a comfortable position in his nice soft and warm bed when his alarm clock decided to scream at him. Growling under his breath, he flipped one arm out from under the covers and flailed blindingly behind him for the alarm sitting on his desk.


"Good morning Kyo!" Tohru said cheerfully, placing a large plate full of food on the table in front of him.

"What's this?" Kyo asked, looking at the mountains of sausages, bacon, fried tomatoes, fried potatoes, fried eggs, fried bread… a pattern emerging here.

"It's an 'All English Breakfast'." She exclaimed, still holding a spatula in her hand, "I found the idea in one of the cook books I borrowed out the library." She smiled, heading back into the kitchen and bringing in Shigure's breakfast, along with a jug full of orange juice and glasses.

Kyo stared at the food for a minute before grinning, "Nice," and began to stuff his face.

"Hm, where's Yuki?" Tohru asked while pouring some orange juice into Shigure's glass.

"Oh he's probably still in bed," Shigure answered, glancing at the clock on the wall "I'd say about now his alarm went off and now he's either 1) getting dressed and silently mumbling how much he hates mornings or 2) He's gone back to sleep."


A now very silent alarm clock lay face down on the floor on the other side of the room as the lump under the bedcovers breathed slowly completely back asleep.


"I feel really bad for leaving Yuki there like that; he's going to be late for school." Tohru said guiltily, walking at Kyo's side.

"You really want to go in there to actually wake him up? You do know what he does to his alarm clocks? You know he's always breaking them, ever think as to why?"

Tohru giggled to herself. Yuki was such a kind-hearted person, but go near him within half an hour of him waking up and your asking for it. Besides, he had done this before and always managed to get to school in time.


The two walked down one of the corridors towards their classroom when Momiji came running down the hallway towards them, apparently in hysterics over something and carrying a large black duffle bag.

Tohru waved towards him, "Hello MomijEEEEEEEE!"

The cloud of dust that was Momiji ran straight past Kyo and Tohru and came to a skidding halt. He spun back around and jumped in front of them.

"Hey Tohru, do you want to see something really funny?" he grinned, rummaging around in the duffle bag.

Just then, a door burst open from down the corridor and a very pissed off looking Haru stood there. He looked down one end of the corridor, and then turned towards the other. Seeing whom Momiji was talking too, Haru suddenly turned a very uncharacteristically bright shade of red.

"MOMIJI DON'T YOU DARE!!!" He screamed, and sprinted after a now yet again running and laughing Momiji, "I'll show you later Tohru!" Momiji shouted back, as Haru raced passed Tohru and Kyo, "OH NO YOU WON'T YOU LITTLE BRAT!!"

"What was that about?" Tohru asked, watching as the two ran down the corridor and through another door.

"I don't even want to know." Said Kyo, walking into their classroom.


A few minutes later, just as Kyo had started another argument with Uo, their teacher walked in and the class settled down as usual. Tohru looked over at the empty chair that should have been occupied by Yuki and automatically started feeling guilty again.

It's strange, he always makes it here in time, even if he does sleep in.

"Yuki?" No answer. The teacher looked up from his register, "Yuki Sohma?" He looked at the empty desk and glanced at Kyo, "No Yuki today?"

"Why should I care?" Kyo grumbled.

Tohru immediately stood up as a bundle of nerves, "Umm sir, Yuki is, well, he is coming in, he just, err…"

Suddenly the classroom's door burst open and an out of breath Yuki ran through and slammed the door behind him, pushing with all his strength to keep it closed while someone from the other side was trying to get in.

"Yuukiiii, I'm really sorry, you know I didn't mean too!"

"Go back your class Haru!!"

"But I didn't mean too I'm sorry are you alright?"

"Okay I get it, you're sorry, I'm fine, now go!"

The battle for the door stopped and Yuki paused, releasing his hand from the handle. Taking a step back to make sure it was safe, he turned to his class. He stopped when he saw the looks on everyone's faces. Tohru had a look of mild horror on her face, Kyo looked as though he was about to bust a gut laughing, while the rest of the class had their mouths hanging open in either shock or, in the case of the fan girls, tongues literally hanging out the side of their mouths staring at now a half naked Yuki, white shirt having been torn practically in half, and completely soaking wet.

"Errr, Yuki?" questioned the wide-eyed teacher after what seemed like a far too long pause.

Yuki, as calmly and respectably as possible, took a deep breath and turned to his teacher, "I apologise for my lateness, I ran into, err… someone, on the way over and got pushed into the school fountain. Request that I go and clean myself up before I head to classes."

The teacher continued to stare at him for a moment before blinking, "Sure."

"Thank you." Yuki breathed, walking over and placing his bag on his desk before walking back out the door, leaving a trail of drips on the floor, and avoiding everyone's gaze as humanly possible.

As he opened the door however, something flung its arm around him and pushed him onto the floor, "I'm really sorry about the fountain, I didn't see you! I tried to grab you but I guess all that did was tear your shirt, I didn't hurt you did I?" Haru sat straddling Yuki in the middle of the hallway, many other students stopped in their pathway to stare, as well as a few interested faces peering at them from inside their classroom door. Haru, who seemed completely unaware that he was doing exactly what many a girl in the school would love to, leaned straight over Yuki so they were nose to nose. "You're sure you're alright, nothing broken? No bruises? I'm really sorry."

Yuki lay on the floor with his eyes closed, silently praying that this wasn't happening. "Haru, will you please get off me?" he asked quietly.

Haru blinked, "Oh, yeah, sorry." Haru stood back up and held out a hand for Yuki, who looked at Haru suspiciously for a moment before taking it. Haru however didn't just help him up, for the next moment Yuki found himself in a warm embrace as Haru held him close. "Ah Yuki, I'm glad your okay."

Yuki struggled in his arms embarrassed at the fact that more heads were staring to poke round classroom doors that hadn't been a minute ago.

"Haru please, I'm soaking wet."

"I know." came the sudden deeper voice that held a hint of lust in its depth. Oh great, Yuki thought, for Black Haru had decided to emerge.

That was something the closer Sohma's had come to notice about Haru. When ever Haru turned Black, he'd pick a fight with whoever happened to be in arms reach, but when he went Black around Yuki, he didn't pick a fight with him, it was almost as if he tried to, well… seduce him. He seemed to find things a lot sexier when he'd go Black around Yuki, which to everyone else was a relief as they weren't picked on to fight, but for Yuki…

"Haru will you get off me!!!" Yuki panicked.

Yuki's raised voice was something not many people heard, but considering Haru's hands were roaming dangerously lower, with a large audience by this point, Yuki thought he may have to punch some sense back into the Ox, having rather have detention than the whole school knowing his distant cousin had a crush on him, when his saviour finally arrived.

"Hey Haru!"

Haru looked up to see the ecstatically happy Momiji skipping his way, still holding that black duffle bag. Momiji scrambled his way through the crowd that had formed and stood in front of the pair. He looked up at Haru whose hands had just stopped at Yuki's hip and tried not to laugh,

"Ah I see, so who needs what's in here," Momiji held up the bag grinning widely, "when you'll be able to get what you want this e—"

Haru was already in Black mode, he didn't need Momiji showing the world what happened to be in that duffle bag, so, snapping out of his 'Sexy Black' mode and swinging in full to 'Give-me-that-bag-or-prepare-to-go-to-hell' mode, Haru let go of Yuki in a quick flash, grabbing Momiji and slamming his hand over his mouth before he could finish his sentence.

"Say one more word you bastard and I'll tell Hatori I caught you reading one of Shigure's other little novels." Haru growled in his ear.

"WAHHAHHHAHAHHH!" was the only other sound that came from Momiji's mouth as he was dragged down the corridor away from the crowd without another word.

Tohru walked up beside Yuki, watching for the second time that day as Haru and Momiji ran down that same corridor. Yuki stood there and blinked as he watched them go.

"What was that about?" Tohru asked.

"I don't even want to know." Replied Yuki, mildly shaking his head as he walked off towards the bathroom to get cleaned up, blatantly ignoring many a blushing face behind him.

Tohru simply stood there with her finger by her chin staring down the corridor, suddenly having a feeling of Déjà vu.


It was lunchtime by the time Tohru managed to get Yuki by himself to ask what happened that morning. Grabbing her tray and waving to Uo and Hana to join her with Yuki, Tohru sat down beside the School's Prince who smiled warmly at her.

"Miss Honda." Yuki greeted, nodding at the other two who sat down opposite them.

Tohru smiled back at him and took her chopsticks out of the paper packaging. Turning back to him, she opened her mouth to speak only to be cut off by Uo asking exactly the same question she was about to ask.

"So Prince, what was that about this morning then?" she asked, patting herself a Rice ball.

Yuki smiled slightly to himself, "Oh that was my fault. I woke up late and on running to school I bumped into Hatsuharu in the entrance yard who was chasing Momiji, I just fell backwards into the fountain, that was all."

"Well yeah we got that." Uo said, "Could you pass the Soy Sauce Tohru?"

"Oh, sure." Tohru replied, handing her the small bottle.

"Thanks, but why was he trying to get to you so badly when you got back to class?" Uo continued at Yuki, "I mean he was practically trying to break the door down to get to you." She laughed slightly.

"Yes," Hana suddenly agreed, "His electric signals were definitely intense at that moment; he desired to be near you."

"And the guy wouldn't let go of you in the corridor, what exactly was he trying to do to you?"

Both Yuki and Tohru had a rather large sweat drops at the back of their heads at this point.

"Oh err," Yuki stuttered, smiling nervously, "That's just the way he is, he's a very…close, family member."

"Yeah, he wishes." Came a voice from behind them, as Kyo sat down next to Tohru.

"Oh hello Kyo." Smiled the usual cheerful Tohru.

A simple glare was all that Kyo got this time from Yuki, as a slight but noticeable blush had suddenly appeared on his otherwise pale cheeks.

"I'm just going to get another drink," Yuki rose from his seat aware of the sudden heat in his cheeks, "Would anyone else like one?"

"Nah I'm good thanks."

"No, thank you."

"Oh I'm alright Yuki."

Kyo didn't say a word, just looked at him, knowingly smirking.

"Very well." Yuki said, giving Kyo another quick glare for warning before wandering back over to the canteen.


What was that? Yuki asked himself as he walked over to the drink's cooler and opened the door, Why does the stupid cat always have to say things that make me feel uncomfortable? The extra redness that just appeared in his blush disagreed with that statement, as Yuki's train of thought wandered back to Haru hugging him so closely in the corridor. Yuki shook his head, What am I thinking? He pushed the thought that it felt nice to be held that closely by Haru to the back of his mind and grabbed his chosen drink and shut the cooler.


Yuki stopped the second he turned around to come face to face with the person he'd just been thinking about.


Haru smiled warmly at him before frowning, "You ok? You looked a bit flushed?"

That only caused Yuki's blush to redden even more knowing that this particular person had to have noticed, "Oh no, the sauce was just very hot, that's why I've come to get a drink." He smiled back, desperately willing this blush to disappear.

Haru looked at him for a moment before smiling again, "That's good then." Well at least he was back to White Haru now, which was an improvement. "Listen Yuki, I am really sorry about this morning." Haru said, hanging his head.

Yuki sighed affectionately, "You can stop apologising Haru, really."

"You know I'd never hurt you right?" Haru asked, looking back up at Yuki's eyes.

Yuki looked back into Haru's grey eyes and saw a true protectiveness in them. He didn't know whether to feel happy that someone cared for him so much or angry that he didn't need to be protected so much, even if a part of him that would never admit it wanted to be treated lovingly, "I know." He said after a pause. Maybe it's just because it's Haru I don't know what to feel like?

Haru once again stood there smiling at him, not taking his eyes off of his, before grinning and grabbing him into another hug, "Yuki's not mad with me!"

Students, and now teachers, once again stopped and stared.



"Man what has been with him today? Did you swallow a Haru Magnet or something? I guess after being ill from school yesterday he needed some lurvin' to make him feel better!" Kyo teased, as he, Tohru and Yuki walked home that afternoon.

"Be quiet you idiot." was Yuki's response as he walked on slightly ahead of the others.

"You know," pondered Tohru, "Haru has been acting very affectionately today, I wonder if something's happened? He hasn't stopped wanting to hug you all day." Tohru smiled innocently.

"It's annoying." Yuki said, half lying as he started to walk a little faster with his head slightly lowered to hide yet another blush that had arisen at the mention of all of Haru's hugs he had given him today.

"Well just be thankful he's not been Black too much today." Kyo added, before another thought entered his mind and he smirked towards Yuki, "I guess he's been thinking too much of another distracting thing."

"I said shut up!" Yuki practically shouted in anger, now running the way home to get away from the embarrassment Kyo was causing him, and being angry at himself for blushing at something he shouldn't be.

"Oh Yuki, wait up!" Tohru called out running after him, worrying now that he seemed angry.

Kyo simply chuckled quietly; this was going to be fun, A brand new way to annoy the Damn Rat. He soon begun to run after the two ahead of him and it wasn't long before they arrived back at Shigure's house. Now out of breath, the three of them dragged themselves over the porch and Yuki was the one to open the door.

"Ah, you're home." greeted Shigure, kneeling at the table, along with…

"HARU?!" all three of them exclaimed, as Haru knelt opposite Shigure with that black duffle bag with him.

"Hi." He said calmly.

"Oh, have you come to visit?" Tohru asked happily, walking through the door over to Haru.

"Not exactly." He said, looking up at Yuki who hadn't moved from opening the door and just stared wide-eyed back.

"Yep," said Shigure, "Haru is now our newest member to my lovely little household."

"WHAT?" Kyo exclaimed, running over to Shigure.

"Uh huh," Haru said to Kyo, then smiled slyly and looked back up at Yuki,

"Home sweet home."

To Be Continued…

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