"Umm, excuse me."

A gentle winter wind softly ruffled Yuki's hair as he looked up away from the bunch of flowers he was thinking of buying from this outside stall, and looked over to a blushing girl standing to his left.


The girl stood there nervously, twiddling her fingers together, "Umm...I...I've seen you around here before and...and I was wondering...if...if you'd like to go out with me?" she stuttered, "Your really gorgeous and you seem so nice I...I just..."

Yuki watched her blushing before he smiled softly. "Thank you. I'm very flattered, but I'm afraid I already have a boyfriend."

The girl looked up at him then down at the floor, "Oh...okay."

The girl walked away and round the corner back to her home, turned down and disappointed. But it wasn't long before she stopped, looked up, eyes wide, and exclaimed,

"......A BOYFRIEND?!"


It was Christmas day in the Sohma household, and Tohru had been working hard to make the perfect Christmas lunch for her new family. Shigure had spent most of the early morning putting up mistletoe on everything people could possible stand under, and now stood by the phone chatting away to Ayame planning on him coming over later in the day. Kyo had actually offered if he could do anything to help Tohru with the lunch, and when he received a no thank you, spent the rest of the morning taking down the mistletoe that Shigure had put up.

"Well how are our little lovebirds today? Caught under the mistletoe yet?!" Ayame cheered down the phone.

"Oh they've been gone most of the morning," said Shigure, "I don't know where they've gone, but I have a pretty good idea."


Holding the snow white roses Yuki had bought from the open stall round the corner, he walked through the gates of the graveyard yard heading down the pretty pebbled pathway that had been cleared from snow. Walking past other graves and families visiting their departed ones on this special day, Yuki walked over to one grave situated by a little frozen pond in one corner surrounded by large box bushes, each with a layer of snow like icing on a cake. Walking over to Haru who was sitting on a bench that was right next to it, Yuki sat down next to him, both sitting in silence for a moment.

"White roses...they mean peace, I thought they would be good ones to buy." Yuki said, handing the roses to Haru who took them gently.

Waiting for a moment, Haru slowly got up from the bench and knelt down in front of the grave, putting the roses next to the stone engravings. A moment later he rose from the ground, Yuki getting up and walking next to him, both of them looking down to the grave of Haru's father.

"He'd like them," Haru said, "He used to get them for my mum all the time."

Yuki watched him for a moment, a smile, both sweet and sad, as he looked at his father's resting place. Slowly, Yuki wrapped his arms around him and held his head to his shoulder, which made Haru's sad smile turn into a true smile. After everything that had happened, all the pain that he had gone through, it felt nothing compared to the love he felt for Yuki. As long as Yuki was by his side, he could do anything! He kept him against himself, his savior, as Yuki looked down to the grave.

I'll look after him, he promised, a promise to himself and Haru's father.

He'd never let go of Haru, and no one could take him away. After all, Spring and Snow belonged together, always side by side;

And no force could ever change that.

The Beginning.

The sequel (if I ever get round to writing it) will be posted on mediaminer . org ……some pretty sensual stuff included….let's say ff . net removed it when I posted it on here…mwha ha ha!