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Chapter 22:

The sun rose steadily over the grassy dew-covered hills and a new day had begun. The air was crisp and cool; awaking some of the weary Naraku hunters. The schoolgirl yawned and wanted to stretch out her arms, but there was a warm restriction encircled around her. As she moved the grip tightened, "Now where do you think you're going?" came a gruff voice.

"Maybe I'm ready to get up." Kagome answered.

"Well, maybe I'm not." He replied. Kagome sighed and snuggled into his semi-soft/scratchy haori. "Better." He softly said. "Remember, we had a rough night." Kagome blinked and looked at him, blushing.

'Good God if only he knew what some of these phrases meant.' She chuckled slightly.

"You know what I mean." He growled. "Look at that." Inuyasha pointed to the ground. Not too far from the tree's base was a couple lying in the tall grasses, garments of clothes scattered about them. "And to think I didn't hear anything from them last night." Inuyasha muttered.

"I think they took our little 'I love you' comment too far, neh?" She laughed. "Maybe we should go back to the hut. Shippo will be looking for us." 'We don't want him to see any of that."

"You're right." Inuyasha agreed. Kagome looked quizzically at him as he carefully positioned her in his arms so he could carry her down the tree. "What?"

"I thought we determined you couldn't hear thoughts anymore."

"I can't." He looked at her, then hid his face, starting to walk away, "I was agreeing that we should go and meet Shippo back at the hut; he'd be looking for us." Inuyasha explained. "You sure that harpy didn't damage your brain yesterday?"

"Hey!" She slapped his shoulder. "You're being mean and after I slept with you last night." 'Hehe, let's see if that gets a rise outta him.' Inuyasha's face flushed crimson.

"You know, onna…."

"Don't call me that! It's rude!" She let him get away with it and continued walking.

"Oh c'mon Kagome! I won't call you that again, happy?" He caught up and stood right in front of her face. Her heart melted. 'Grrrrr….not the puppy face.'

"Fine." She sighed. Inuyasha kissed her cheek and bounded on ahead of her. Kagome merely smiled and proceeded after him.

"Morning, beautiful."

"Huh? Where 'yawn' am I?" Sango realized what she had done and covered her body, also making use of the grasses around her. "Houshi-sama?"

"Oh, geez Sango….say my name, like you did last night." He cleverly added. She rolled her eyes at him.

"Go fetch me my clothes, please. It's chilly out here." She commanded.

"But I'm…..kinda….not wearing anything either." He blushed.

'Did he just blush?' She smirked as she pushed him upward. "Get me my clothes!" Trying to cover himself up, Miroku went and retrieved her kimono as well as his.

"My Dear Lady Sango, you are a cruel mistress." He frowned.

"I know." She raised her eyebrow as she went behind a tree to change. "No peeking!"

"My Lady but it's only fair. You saw me while I went to grab your clothes." Miroku whined as she dashed behind the tree. "Not fair." She giggled as she tied her sash around her waist. "Aren't you done yet?"

"Almost. There." Sango smiled as she headed towards the monk. "That was such an evening, Houshi-sama. Arigatou." He frowned.

"Call me Miroku, Sango."

"Only on special occasions, monk." Sango smirked and started walking back to the hut.

"Hey! That's so not right!" He called as he raced up to her.

"Now I know what it does to you." She leaned up to his ear and whispered, "Miroku." It sent shivers up and down his spine, leaving him paralyzed for a second. She laughed and walked on. "Exactly."

"Sango! Wait up! You are such a tease!" He caught up with her again and strolled beside her.

"Well, this is for all those times you groped me….and now I have a weapon of my own. Hmph!" Just as she was celebrating her triumph a certain hand caressed her bottom. "Houshi-sama, I didn't give you permission."

"Ah, but you suggested it." She leaned to his ear again and whispered his name so seductively he fell to the ground and melted. "Sango……." He sobbed.

"Kagome! Inuyasha! I was just about to go and search for you! Where were you guys?" The little kitsune chirped as he hopped into Kagome's arms. They both looked at each other and blushed. 'How can I put this?' Kagome wondered.

"The hut was too damn crowded, you little twirp, so we went and slept in a tree." Inuyasha briefly stated. Kagome looked at him puzzled. 'He can't read minds!' Inuyasha looked at her and when he saw her looking his way, quickly averted his gaze. 'Very odd.'

"How about some breakfast?" Kagome smiled brightly.

"Ramen?" Inuyasha's eyes lit up.

"Anything for you, sweetie." He raised his eyebrow at the girl.

"Ah, already using pet names are we?"

"Shut up, bouzu." Inuyasha barked. "Well, you two were humping like-"

"Osuwari!" Kagome shouted. Inuyasha went face flat onto the floorboards. "AHahahaha…what he meant to say was 'Did you have a pleasant sleep?'" Sango blushed bright red.

"Uh…hai, we did." She answered quietly.

'What is wrong with these people today? Like I didn't know what they are all referring to.' Shippo's smug expression on his face attracted the attention of his fellow comrades.

"Don't think a second thought, runt." Shippo eeped and remembered that Inuyasha could hear thoughts. "Oh well, not like I could hear it anyways. I just don't like to see you scheming."

"Huh!" The three said in unison at this new development.

"So, the harpy's scream did cure you of that quirk." Miroku said thoughtfully.

"Yup. No more of that shit. Feh! Good riddance." Inuyasha laughed uneasily. "Damn that smells so good! Is it ready yet? And don't overcook the noodles this time, Kagome!"

"I never overcook the noodles, Inuyasha! Don't make me osuwari you again….ooops too late. It's ready!" She chirped as she handed out bowls.

"MMmmmphhhh!#!" Inuyasha cursed at the floor before he was released from the rosary's spell. "That was just mean!" She handed him the biggest bowl, making him forget all about the little sitting occurrence.

After breakfast was over, Kaede returned from a late night delivery only to discover her floor half gone. She ordered Inuyasha to chop wood and fix it. Of course he refused, so, with a little help from Kagome, he did as he was told. Kagome sat around the dormant campfire outside of the hut reading a book for English class. Inuyasha came storming through the brush and unloaded the tree trunks. Kagome watched as he practically ripped off his shirt, revealing his toned chest. She blushed and put her nose into the book, only to peek over it to watch the inu youkai chop the wood. Sweat dripped from his face and he swatted it away. Kagome was memorized. 'Such a sexy beast!' Inuyasha smirked and thought:

'I think I'll keep this curse a little while longer.'

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