Hey everyone. I am a new LXG writer. This is my first LXG fic. I decided to write one. This fic mostly is about Tom Sawyer. It is Tom/Oc and a hint of Tom/Mina.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.


Mina Harker, Skinner, Dr. Jekkel, Nemo, and Tom Sawyer stood above the grave of Allen Quatermain. Nemo knew the others were saddened by the death but they had to go on with they're lives.

"I am setting sail for going around the world. Who would like to join me?" Nemo asked.

"I shall. The world is so much more interesting now that we know we are not chasing a psyhco." Dr. Jekkel said.

"Me too. As long as I get some rum." Skinner said. Mina chuckled.

"I am going. I hate being lonely in that big house." Mina said. They were now walking to the carriages.

"How about you Tom? Are you coming?" Nemo asked.

"I think I am going to head back to America. Meet a young girl...start a family." Tom said. Mina looked away.

"Tom, you have to come. Your a young lad. Rum on the house by me." Skinner said.

"No buddy. I can't." Tom said. Two weeks later he was back in America.

Chapter 1: The Capture

Tom woke up next to his wife, Amanda. It has been 6 years since he had seen anyone of the members of the league but he had a good life. He had a beautiful wife and daughter and he was still in the secret serivce.

Tom moved little trying not to wake Amanda. He put his arms around her and cuddled.

"Good morning." she said with her eyes closed.

"I'm sorry did I wake you?" Tom asked her.

"No, I was up. I was expecting Alica to start crying soon so I just was laying here." Amanda said. She was wearing her pink nightgown.

"Oh. You wanna know something?" Tom asked.

"Sure. What?" Amanda smiled leaning on her elbow.

"I love you." Tom said running his fingers threw her brown curly hair.

"I love you too." She said kissing him. He kissed her back. She smiled when suddenly cries emerged from the other room.

"I told you she would start crying." Amanda said. He laughed getting up with her. Alica was 6 months old. They took care of her and they got dressed for breakfast.

"Honey, I have to go to the office for about a hour today." Tom said.

"Its suppose to be your day off." Amanda said.

"I know but I need to get these stupied papers to the president's assignant." Tom said. Amanda smiled.

"Alright sweetheart. You have to be home by this afternoon. We are going to my parents dinner party." Amanda said.

"I know." Tom said. Ten minutes later Tom emerged from the house getting into a carriage.

"Alica, darling you have to eat." Amanda said talking to the little 6 month old knowing that she wouldn't talk back. She was breast-feeding her. She stood up and laid Alica in her bassanet. She was starting to cook lunch for herself and Tom if he got home in time. She looked out the window and saw that it was raining. Amanda herad the front door open then close so she figured it was Tom.

"Tom honey, I am cooking lunch." Amanda said. She looked around the room and saw no one. Suddenly, a hand grabbed her and covered her mouth. She tried to scream.

"I got the child. I left a note in the bassanet. Lund you stay here and make sure there is no traces of us." the msyteries person said. The man nodded.

"Honey! I'm home!" Tom yelled. No answer. He saw that the house was a mess. He went to the sitting room. No one there. He looked in Alica's bassanet and saw a peice of paper and he read it aloud.

"Mr Sawyer,

You think It's funny that you killed my father. You and Quatermain caused me alot of pain and now I am returning the favor. I do have your wife and child. I won't hurt them yet!


Arson Murdered" Tom read. He was gonna breakdown in tears. He looked up and headed to the closet in his room and he grabbed his guns. He ran out of his room to see a man standing in the middle of the room. He pulled out a gun but Tom already had his up. He held it to the man's chest and shot him. Tom looked up and cried. He didn't know where the hell he was going.