hey. Here's chap 7.

Chapter 7: The Inner Hyde

Tom stepped off the Natilus to a bright sight. Colors of purple, red, and yellow were shined in his face. A giant elephant was stomping on the dirt road as a man sat on the back of the elephant. Nemo smiled.

"Home Sweet India." Nemo said.

"It's beautiful." Tom said.

"Yes it is. Lets take the Nemoible to the train station." Nemo said climbing into the car. Tom was the last one to get in. Mina was still being cold and distant and Skinner had a hangover. Jekyl didn't look very good and he seemed to be projecting some kind of sweat and he looked really pale.

"Hey, Jekyl, you okay?" Tom asked.

"I am fine. Just alittle sea sick." Jekyl said.

"Would you stop yelling! I have a headache." Skinner said.

"Sorry." Tom said. They drove to what seemed to be a railroad station.

"This is my personal train." Nemo said.

"Wow! Its amazing." Mina said.

"Yes. It's the Eastron." Nemo said climbing on. They all followed him on.

"Nemo! Captian Nemo!" One of Nemo's men, Moby, ran up to him.

"Yes Moby? What is it?" Nemo said.

"We found a possible place in Nishir where Murdered could be." Moby said handing him a paper and continued talking.

"Supposlying, they spotted a man wearing a eye patch carrying in a woman and a baby in the warehouse." Moby finished.

"Well, that is where we are setting course." Nemo implied.

"I wanna have the first blow." Tom said.

"Now...Now...Now....."Jekyl said almost throwing up.

"Jekyl, you look really bad. Are you sure your okay." Tom said.

"I...I..." Jekyl muttered but his innerself was talking to him.

"Jekyl, what's wrong?" Nemo asked.

"Hyde want's out and I don't know if I can hold the feelings inside! I must let him out." he screamed trying to reach for a bottle of his potion.

"No! No. Jekyl, he can't come out." Tom said holding him back.

"No, I need it! Hyde needs out!" Jekyl said. Tom held Jekyl back until he was clam again.

"Jekyl, Hyde can't come out." Skinner said.

"He is torching me." Jekyl said. Tom looked at him.

"Buddy, you have to think for yourself. Hyde can't control you." Tom said.

"The problem is, he does." Jekyl said.

"Moby, take Dr. Jekyl to his stay room and Skinner you stay with him so he doesn't have any urges." Nemo said. Skinner nodded.

"The inner Hyde is attacking." Tom said.

Arson looked up to Amanda after dinner.

"You will, I'm sure, need to feed the child then I will take you back to your cell. In the next few days we will see about getting you put into a new room but that is only if you gain my trust. Please follow Jewel to the child's room. I have some business to attend to so It won't take me long so I will give a half in hour with the child." Arson said. Amanda decided to coprate. Amanda nodded and stood from the table. Arson walked over to Amanda and ran his fingers upon her cheeks. She shivered. He reached in and kissed her roughly. She started to cry as he walked out of the room.

"Come on Miss. Lets go see your child." Jewel said.

"Oh, call me Amanda." She said wiping her tears.

"Alright Amanda. And by the way, your husband, does love you." Jewel said.

"Why do you think that?" Amanda asked.

"Because, it's in the air. You should believe it." Jewel said climbing the steps.

"I know my husband isn't like that so I do trust him. It's just the way he talked about it." Amanda cried.

"Come on Amanda we have to feed the child."

"Mr. Murdered they are gaining on us. They have found this place. We need to get out of here as soon as possible. They're is a big castle just outside Moscow and we can leave tonight." Arson's second hand man said.

"Alright, we take just the important documents. I got the girl and child." Arson said heading up to the child's room. Amanda was still feeding Alica when he got there.

"We need to go! Jewel get into the train. Amanda take Alica to the train and go!" Arson said.

"No!" She said.

"Yes." He said yanking the chain off her neck and throwing it on the floor. It was the one Tom gave her. Arson pushed her along and they were out the door leaving the diamond neckleace behind.