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Chapter One: Parenthood

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Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy ran into class at the same moment accidentally tumbling into one another. Harry hastily stood up, brushing himself off. Draco gracefully stood up and slicked back his blond hair.

"Better watch out where you're going, Potter. We can't have another accident, can we?" Draco said smoothly. The Slytherins cheered and the Gryffindors glared at him.

"Oh hello, Malfoy," Harry said, distracted.

"Enough!" They turned to see a very angry Professor McGonagall. "Are you alright Mr. Malfoy?" Draco nodded. "Now that you're both here can you tell me why you are thirty minutes late to class?"

Harry looked sheepish as he tried to speak. "Err-"

Draco cut him off. "I have a note from Professor Snape. He kept me after to discuss a few things." He handed her the note and walked to his seat.

Professor McGonagall looked over the note and then looked at Harry. "What's your excuse, Mr. Potter?" she asked sharply.

Harry looked sheepish again. Harry couldn't tell them he was in the closet with Cho before she... "Err-"

He was cut off *again* by Draco. "He was with me and Professor Snape. He left so quickly that he forgot to get a note. How utterly irresponsible and careless, wouldn't you say?" he drawled, saving Harry from giving an answer.

Harry was a little shocked. Hell, he was just plain shocked. *Malfoy*, his arch nemesis actually *helped* him? What in the bloody hells was going on? Professor McGonagall looked at him. "Is this true?" Harry nodded numbly, eyes darting to Draco who was busy ignoring him. He went and took a seat by Ron and Hermione. "Since you both weren't here when we picked partners you'll just have to be working together."

"What!" Harry and Draco exclaimed. "I'm not working with him!"

"You won't have much choice in the matter. You were *both* late and the class had an even number male and female so you are now both partners in this new project," Professor McGonagall informed them.

Harry slumped down in his seat, defeated while Draco glared at the teacher. "What's the project about anyway?"

Ron stared at him with pity in his eyes. Harry felt something was very wrong here. Hermione turned pink and whispered, "The ministry thought it was time for us to learn about the dangers of…of sex so they're making everyone pair up as mother and father and take on the responsibility of a parenthood. So you and Draco are-"

"You've got to be kidding!" Harry shouted at the same time, as Draco yelled, "No FUCKING way!"

"Mr. Malfoy! No such language in my class. 5 points from Slytherin," Professor McGonagall stated.

Draco glared at the teacher. "You have got to be INSANE! I will *not* be Potter's partner for this absurd project!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Malfoy but *everyone* in seventh year is doing this and since you two were the only ones not paired you left us not much of a choice. You will do this project or I will be talking to Professor Snape about this."

Draco glared at her again and Harry muttered, "This certainly will be fun."

Professor McGonagall started her lesson again. "Now that the two have finally calmed down enough I will be handing out your *cough* babies to the female spouse." Even *she* looked a little uncomfortable.

Harry and Draco looked at each other and said, "I am *NOT* going to be the mother."

Professor McGonagall looked at them both. "The shorter person will be the female spouse. Both of you come up here and I'll check who's taller." Harry's face burned with embarrassment as he stood next to Draco. She measured them. "Draco seems to be the shorter person. Harry will be the male spouse."

The Gryffindors roared in laughter as Draco's face turned bright red. He complained every step of the way to his desk. Harry sat down feeling very relieved. Then he slumped in his chair when he realized that Cho had dumped him. Now he was married to Draco and was having a baby with him.

"Now that we can move on." She went behind her desk and got out a crate. She took something small out. "In this crate are spirit eggs. Can anyone tell me what spirit eggs are?" Hermione raised her hand. "Miss Granger?"

"Spirit eggs are eggs that feed off of your spirit, feelings, and aura. What they come out to be depends on the person it's feeding energy off of. If the egg picks up good feelings and aura then it will come out unharmful and help you along with everything. If the spirit egg is feeding off bad energy then it will hatch as a monster and will devour you whole leaving nothing behind, not even your spirit."

The class fell silent and looked at the eggs nervously. "15 points to Gryffindor, Miss Granger. That's precisely what a spirit egg does or is. Of course the Ministry of Magic altered its very purpose. It will only feed off your feelings, aura, and *love*. When the egg hatches it will hatch twins. One for each spouse. Those two will be the reflection of you. If the spirit egg doesn't feed off good feelings, auras, or love then the egg will just become a rotten egg."

"You will work with that your spouse in every project, sit with your spouse during meals, spend every free time with the spouse, do what every couple does, and ALWAYS keep your egg with you. The female spouse will keep the egg with her-" That earned Professor McGonagall a glare from Draco. She clears her throat. "I mean the female spouse will keep the egg during weeks and the male spouse will keep the egg during weekends. Don't forget that the egg will only hatch from love."

"Oh great, Potter!" Draco blurted out. "We're screwed. We are totally screwed! There is *no* love in this relationship! I demand a divorce!" While Draco was talking an egg floated towards him and landed softly into his hands. He stared down in surprise.

Professor McGonagall looked startled. "I see Mr. Malfoy was the first to be chosen by the eggs. Mr. Malfoy, go join your spouse. Everyone else do the same and start talking. One by one the eggs will go to the partner they have chosen."

Draco scowled at her and went to sit next to Harry. The tiny egg in his hands was the color emerald green. The color of Harry's eyes. "If the egg likes you so much then I don't know why I have to be the mother." *I already am, anyway* He scowled blackly at the small egg in his hands. Even though he was acting like that; Harry noticed that his hands were holding the egg gently, a caressing touch. Harry sighed.

"Look, if we're going to be doing this then we should have a truce. For the egg's case." Harry held out his hand.

Draco turned his black scowl to his hands. He looked down at the egg. "I don't trust any truce sealed by shaking hands."

Harry took his hands away, exasperated. "Then what do you trust?" Draco mumbled something under his breath. "Excuse me?"

His scowl turned even blacker and said, "A pinky promise."

Harry had to smile. He never thought Draco would ever do something so childish. He held out his pinky. Draco looked at it briefly and took hold of it with his other. A spark of electricity ran through them. They let go quickly. Then two necklaces whizzed toward them. One landing in both their hands. The necklace was a gold silk string. On it was a beautifully carved green gem.

"Wonderful!" Professor McGonagall praised them both. "You both are really progressing. Not that it wasn't expected." Draco shot a her a pointed look. She cleared her throat. "You now have these two necklaces. They were connected to the egg. I was going to hand them out before class ended but you boys are getting the hang of it. These necklaces are what connects you to each other. Especially the egg. If the necklace glows green when the egg is in danger. It will glow silver when Mr. Malfoy is in danger or hurt in any kind of way. It will glow gold for Mr. Potter. Everyone else has a different color entirely. I'll tell everyone the colors after I hand out the necklaces. Come on, put them on." They put were about to put on their own necklace when Professor McGonagall interrupted. "No, take your necklace and put it on your spouse's neck."

Harry and Draco slips the necklace on each other and Professor McGonagall beams. Harry looks at Draco who is staring at the egg. The bell rings and everyone goes out to the Great Hall for dinner. Harry walks next to Draco, Hermione and Ron right behind them. They opened the door to find everything *changed*. There were still four great long tables but in each seat there was a name hovering over it. The four walk to their seat together. Draco never once looked at Harry but instead took care of the egg very gently.

Harry was a little hurt. They were supposed to be working together after all. They sat down to eat and he began chatting with Ron and Hermione. Draco finally looks at him and quietly whispers, "Why are you hurt?"

Harry could see his necklace glowing on Draco's chest. "I don't know. We need to talk somewhere more private."

Draco looked at him quizzically but didn't question any further. He checked the egg again. Professor McGonagall gave all the female spouse a small pouch for the egg to put around the same string as the gem. Harry and Draco sat quietly throughout the whole meal while everyone else was talking about what they were going to do for the semester.

The Gryffindors usually came up to him and apologized about him having Malfoy. They would look at him and make a snide remark. He just ignored them and they finally walked away. Warm under his shirt he could feel the gem. He realized that Malfoy was hurt from those remarks. Funny it never seemed to bother him before. Then it dawned on him. Malfoy always hid his feelings like he was doing now.

He couldn't believe what he was going to do. It seemed like the right thing to do at the moment. He slipped his hand over Draco's and squeezed softly. Draco flinched from the touch but didn't move away. Actually he scooted closer a little. He heard Draco whisper, "Meet me in the Astronomy Room at midnight. We'll talk there."

Harry nodded slightly so the others wouldn't know. He slipped his hand away from Draco's as a question was directed at him. It's going to be a long night. Finally dinner was over and they all went to their common rooms. Harry stayed up late with Ron playing Wizard's Chess. He stayed in the common room while everyone went to sleep. He looked t his watch. It was a quarter to midnight. He should move now. The gem still glowed warm under his shirt. Draco's still hurt.

He moves swifter, hiding in the shadows. He reaches the Astronomy Room and walks in to see Draco sitting on a desk. "Malfoy…"

He looks up and asks, "Why did you hold my hand, Potter?"

"I don't know," he said frustrated. "It just felt like the right thing to do at the moment. You were hurting so I just held your hand. I offered you comfort."

Something in Draco fluttered; maybe someone didn't think he was nothing… 'No one will ever think you're anything, you slut' He pushed it deep inside him and sneered. "I don't need your pity, Potter. If you ever touch me again I won't hesitate to curse you."

Under his shirt the gem flared up with heat and Harry flinched. It was pushing him to do something. To take all the hurt away. He stepped closer to Draco. Draco looked him right in the eye. "Don't do this."

Harry was confused. "Do what?"

"Don't make me feel."

"You mean like this," he whispered. He took Draco's face gently and leaned in softly kissing him. Draco remained passive then slowly started responding. They began with just butterfly kisses then pushing against each other harder. Harry licked the lower lip and Draco opened his mouth. He stuck his tongue into the other's mouth and had a leisurely exploration around the caverns then twining his tongue with the others. Then he was pushed aside. The gem burned more fiercely than ever.

Draco sat there breathing hard then he laughed. Harry froze. "I really should have guessed. I should have *known* this would happen. That I'd be your rebound boy. After little Cho Chang dumped you again I suppose the closest thing you could get was me. The Slytherin Slut. I'm right, aren't I, Potter?"

"S…Slytherin Slut?" Harry asked, going cold.

"What, don't you know?" he sneered. "My reputation? I suppose you're too innocent to know. Practically half the school, half your *house* has fucked me and you're too innocent to know. The weasel and the mudblood are too innocent to know. Well, maybe the weasel probably heard the rumors. What, don't you want it anymore? Too dirty for you? Too overused?"

"I'm no innocent to be spoiled. Trust me, Potty, this is not where no

man has gone before. Just take what you need, Lion. Don't worry about


"Draco, stop." Harry went closer and wrapped his arms around him. Draco was surprisingly warm to have such a cold mask. "You're not overused. You're not nothing either. I'm not ready to do what you think I'm going to do. I want to get to know you more. Not this mask you put on *you*." The gem is still warm under his shirt. Draco leaned into his touch and buried his face in Harry's chest. Harry stroked Draco's hair. "What was your first time like?"

The gem grew more hotter and he regretted asking the question. Draco looked up and said, "It hurt. Really badly. My first time I almost cried. A Malfoy doesn't cry though, you know. It's just...I was so *young.*" Harry was about to say something when Draco grabbed his hand. "Someone's coming. We have to hide."

"I don't hear anything."

"Just trust me," Draco hissed. He grabbed Harry's hand again, looking around the room. "The trunk." When they stopped in front of the trunk and Harry stopped. "Come on."

"I'm not going in first," he said.

"Fine!" Draco climbed quickly into the trunk. Harry stood there a few moments. "Hurry up!"

Harry climbed on top of Draco into the trunk. They closed the lid and began hearing the doorknob turn. They laid still and waited for the footsteps to leave the room. The footsteps descended away from the room. Harry tilted his face down and accidentally caught Draco's lips then moved away. He tried to open the trunk.

"Oh fuck!"

"What is it?" asked Draco.

"The trunk top is stuck."

"We could always scream until someone comes and opens this trunk."

"And let someone find me like this? No way!"

Draco's eyes seemed to grin impishly. "I can always think of other ways…" he said kissing Harry. He pulled down Harry's zipper so slowly that Harry never noticed, too focused on the mouth. Then he carefully slid his hand into the pats and shoved. Harry eyes widened and he bolted up, back slamming the trunk open. The darkness was flooded with low light from the torches.

"Interesting reaction, Potter," Draco drawled, smirking.

"What the hell was that?" Harry demanded.

Draco shrugged. "It got the trunk open, didn't it?" He smirked again and sat down on desk. "Your fly is still open."

Harry blushed crimson and hastily closed his zipper. Draco looked down at his hands. He muttered something under his breath. Harry stepped closer to hear. "I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him…" Harry stood still.

"Draco…" he whispered.

Draco seemed to explode. "I hate you, Potter! I hate the power you have over me! You probably don't even know it but you can hurt me much more than anyone else could." *It hurt soo much when you didn't remember... You had promised that you would always remember...* And I hate it. I hate *you*."

"Draco," he whispered again. This time Draco looked at him. There was soo much pain in his eyes. "You're still hurt. Tell me why."

Draco stood up. "We have to go. It's getting late." He walked to the door and paused. "I'll see you in class." He left.

Harry stood there a moment breathing heavily. He walked out and saw Draco slumped on the floor. "Draco!" Harry cried in alarm. He dropped to the ground and checked Draco's pulse. It seemed to beat weakly. He picked Draco up. The closest thing was Snape's office. *Screw this,* he thought. He hurried over and knocked on the door repeatedly.

"Who's there?" Snape asked grumpily. He opened the door. "Potter.." he hissed. He saw the burden and stepped aside. "Bring him in and put him in one of the chairs." Harry sat him carefully down under Snape's watch. "What happened to him, Potter?"

"I had to go to the restroom and found Draco on the floor. The closest place was your office so I brought him here," Harry lied.

Snape looked at Draco and said, "You can go back to bed now, Potter."

"Is he going to be alright?" Harry asked.

"I won't be able to find out until you leave. Now go, Potter."

Harry left and quietly went back to his bed.

Snape came back in and looked down at Draco. He shook his head. "That boy never listens when I tell him not to exert himself," he mumbled. He picked Draco up and brought him to his private guest chambers to set him onto the bed. He went towards the fireplace. "Albus? We have a situation here. Mr. Malfoy seems to be taking late night walks and has overexerted himself on his eighth month of pregnancy."

He stepped back into his dreary room in the dungeons. Immediately Professor Dumbledore stumbled out of the fire and dusted himself off. "What was this about Mr. Malfoy?" He came to sit on the black cushioned couch near the fire looking at Draco's bed. Snape sat on a chair next to the couch. "Didn't he promise not to overexert himself if we let him continue to go to class with everyone else?"

"Minerva had said that Potter and Mr. Malfoy had run into each other during class. He said he was okay but I'm not sure. I'm just glad that his water didn't break. It would be hard to explain it without embarrassing him." Snape laid his head back onto the chair. "He also says that Lucius hasn't touched him since the summer. We can't let him go back there this summer. Not after the baby is born."

"I understand the predicament, Severus but there is not much we can do. He isn't allowed to make his own choices till he's 18. If Lucius wants to come down here and get his son then there will be not much we could do. Of course, if he isn't here and neither of us knew where he was. I suppose we'll have to put him in independent studies until a month or two the baby is born."

"No!" Snape and Dumbledore looked over at Draco. "I want to keep going to class like everyone else. I will not just sit on my arse for three months. I promise I'll do the independent study thing after the baby but for now I want to go to class just like everyone else."

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. "That's fine, Mr. Malfoy but might I suggest telling Harry about the baby?" Draco firmed his mouth and shook his head. "Alright, Mr. Malfoy. It is your decision. Get some rest. You will be going to the hospital wing to check if the baby is healthy." And he left.

There was silence until Draco said, "Uncle Sev? Do you think I'm doing the right thing by not telling Harry?"

"I don't know, Draco. Go to sleep. You need the rest."

Draco stifled a yawn. "Alright, Uncle Sev. Goodnight."

Snape went back to his own chambers.