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Warning: Draco-rape!

Chapter Three"

Harry stepped forward, fists clenched. He surveyed what he was seeing. Orion was in a crib crying. Draco was pinned

to the table with a split lip. He seemed unconscious. Lucius Malfoy was fucking him. Both their backs were turned so they

didn't see him. Blood dripped down Draco's thighs.

Hermione and Ron held him back. "Not yet," Hermione whispered. "You need to think of a plan first."

As Lucius grunted, Harry's nail dug into his palm drawing blood. "You and Ron get Orion out of here. Get Snape and

Dumbledore. I'll deal with Malfoy." They nodded and set toward their tasks quickly. Orion had stopped crying. Both the

dragon and lion were petrified but the snake was hissing loudly. As soon as Hermione and Ron left, he pointed his wand

at Lucius and shouted, "Petrificus Totalus!"

Lucius fell out of Draco stunned to the floor. Harry threw his school robe over him. He quickly ran over to Draco and

pulled up his pants. Draco groaned. "Daddy, don't. It hurts," he whimpered. Harry grew angry with Lucius.

Dumbledore came in with Snape and came over to check on Draco. "He's running a fever. We'll need to take him to

Madam Pomfrey. Where's Lucius?

Harry pointed to the clump his robe was hiding. Snape went over and lifted the cloak. Snape, disgusted, threw the

cloak back over him. He turned to Dumbledore. "Where shall I put him?"

"We can't let him disappear. This might be the only chance we can get to get Draco free of him. Put him in your

chambers and keep him there. I'll bring Draco and Harry to the Hospital Wing." Snape nodded and left with Lucius

floating behind him.

Dumbledore picked Draco up and told Harry to get the two spirit beasts. Harry took out his wand and said, "Finite

Incantatum" to the petrified beasts. The two beasts immediately came alive and flew to their respected owners. Just then

Harry's phoenix flew into the room. She perched on his shoulder, cooing softly. Harry sighed and hoped Hedwig wasn't

the jealous type.

They left to the Hospital Wing. Hermione had already alerted Madam Pomfrey who had a bed ready and supplies out.

Dumbledore set Draco on the bed as Hermione motioned him to where they were sitting. As soon as Harry sat down

Hermione placed a light bundle in his arms. He pushed aside one corner and saw emerald eyes blinking up at him. It was


He smiled softly as Orion giggled at him. The thing that captured his attention was that Orion had emerald eyes and

smooth alabaster skin. Maybe he is my son... Orion gurgled and put his tiny fist in his mouth. Hermione was watching

him intently while Ron looked over his shoulders. He's so small...

"He has your eyes, you know," said Hermione. "I really do think you are the father, Harry. We need to ask Professor

Dumbledore about this. Maybe he knows something."

"She's right." Harry looked at Ron in surprise. "I'm not saying that I'm not disgusted by this whole deal or even like

the evil git but I'll be civil." Hermione threw her arms around him.

"Thanks." Orion yawns softly stretching his arms out then snuggled closer in the blanket and Harry's body. Harry begins

to rock him slowly and he falls asleep. Madam Pomfrey is taking care of Draco occasionally clucking. Harry, Ron, and

Hermione walk over to her as Madam Pomfrey finishes. "Is he alright?"

Madam Pomfrey looks at him softly. "He has a slight fever, he's bleeding internally, and there are tissue tearing along

his rectum wall. I've managed to bring his fever down and stop the bleeding but the rectum wall will have to heal on it's

own." She looks at Orion. "He'll probably be hungry. You'll need to feed him when he wakes up and maybe change him as

well. The bottles and diapers are by Draco's bed stand. You learned it in class a week ago so don't try to get out of it." And

then she walked away.

Harry look dumbfounded as he turned helplessly to Hermione who must have paid attention in class. Hermione rolled

her eyes at him exasperated. "Don't you or Ron ever pay attention in class?" She looked at her watch. "The Halloween feast

is starting now. We can get some food from the kitchens later." She lies back against the chair. "There's an old myth about

wizards and witches born on Halloween." They looked at her expectantly. "It's said that witches and wizards born on

Halloween are more in tune with the spirit world. Almost all necromancers have been known to be born on that day but

necromancers were few and far in between. Including the ability of necromancy, they were also telekinetic, empathy, etc.

There was this legend between them. It was said that on the eve of Halloween our savior would be born of light and dark

to purge the world of evil. Direct descendent of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff in one, destiny. The stars

shall guide and the night shall covet. Beware the snake and rat or darkness shall befall the world. It's believed to be fake

though." She shrugged.

Draco murmured something and opened his eyes. He took a look around frantically but when his eyes landed on Orion

he relaxed. Fixing a glare at Harry, Ron, and Hermione he held out his hands. "Give me my son, Potter." Harry hesitated

but handed Orion to him. Orion gave a cry. Draco pushed aside part of his robe to reveal two tiny breasts. Ron made a face

but Hermione lit up and began to watch, mesmerized with Harry. He held Orion up to one of the lumps and winced when

Orion munched onto his nipple and began to drink. He laid back onto the pillows and sighed tiredly. He looked at Harry,

Ron, and Hermione suspiciously before waving them over.

Hermione squealed and took the seat right next to Draco's bed. Harry and Ron sat down next to her. "He's so adorable,

Draco.If you ever need anyone to baby-sit I'll be more than happy to help." He smiled gratefully. "Harry would like to as


"That's nice to know, Granger," he said. He watched Harry stare in awe at the baby.

"Hermione," she said. "Call me Hermione." He let out a small smile and nod. "Will you be taking a few days off of school?"

Draco nodded. "About a month or two so I can recover and look after Orion for a bit."

Hermione nodded, slightly to herself. "I'll make sure you'll get all your work since we have almost all the same classes."

She hesitated before asking. "Is Harry the father?" Draco gave a pained look before nodding. "You were the one he saw for

four months before Cho obliviated Harry's memories, right?"

Draco gave a hoarse chuckle. "You were always sharp, Hermione. Nothing ever gets past you." He shook his head. "We

got together last Valentine's Day when Cho first broke up with Harry. We had gotten drunk in potion lab when I was

working on a new fertility potion. We ran out of Gin and Jack Daniels so I drunk the fertility potion. I was stupid to have

drunk it but it did happen. That night we had sex. They next morning we were both in shock but decided to try it. We kept

our relationship a secret. We were finally caught when Chang walked in on one of our adventures with vanilla ice cream

and chocolate syrup." Harry, who turned bright red, and Ron, who turned green, choked and he chuckled again. "She got

into a temper. Apparently she missed having her picture in the paper as Harry's girlfriend. The day she obliviated Harry's

memories was the day of our four month anniversary but then I saw him and Chang snogging and left." Harry winced. "I

had planned on telling him that I was pregnant that day..." His voice broke. As if Orion was in tune with Draco's feelings he

began to cry. Draco let out a breath and rocked him back and forth gently. He brought him to his shoulder and began lightly

hitting his back. Orion let out a small burp and started to fall asleep.

Hermione looked at him in sorrow. She turned to Harry who nodded and murmured a spell under her breath. Harry was

covered in red light and rushed to Draco's side. Harry looked utterly disgusted with himself. "Oh Dray, I'm so sorry. I

remember now. Cho was trying to get me to leave you and go back with her. I told her no and went to find you. Then I

remember her telling me that she was my girlfriend and the rest everyone knew. I do love you, Dray. That night I was

going to propose." She heard Hermione and Ron gasp but continued anyway. "I gave Dobby the ring for safe keeping." He

got on one knee and held Draco's left hand in his. Dobby popped in with a small jewelry box and handed it to him. He

opened the box which showed an intricate wedding band with jewels of emerald and diamonds shaped into the face of a

dragon. "Draco, the love of my life, my soul mate, the mother of our child, I know this isn't one of the most romantic

places but will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?" Draco shifted Orion in his arm and nodded,

tears flowing down his cheeks. Harry smiled happily and put the ring on Draco's left hand.

Hermione sniffled a little before bursting into tears. "That was sooo romantic!" she cried. Ron patted her back, at a lost

of what to do. Harry and Draco laughed. Harry turned to Draco and kissed him softly before whispering, "I'm yours,

forever and always." Draco smiled.

To be continued....

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