Chapter 19

They say love is a symbol of eternity that wipes away all sense of time, removing all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end...

His lip twitched as he stared at her. Red hair tucked behind her ear, red lips, brown eyes staring off into the gray sky. Yes, Ginevra was a vision to him, the essence of beauty. She picked at a piece of her hair, and began to run it through her pointer finger and thumb. She sighed.

"I love the rain" the red head told him plainly. He smiled.

Harry watched as Ginny kept playing with a piece of her red hair. She rubbed it quickly, and as she began to daze off, more slowly. Merlin, how Harry loved her. He took his hand, and rubbed her back softly. Turning to him, she smiled. However, the smile she gave wasn't exactly what he was hoping for. It was a sad smile, in a sense. One with love, but not enough to lite her whole face. It was of content, and submission.

Ginny licked her lips, and went back to staring at the small hills of her back yard. Harry knew she didn't love him as much as he loved her. She had told him quite plainly, but that fact that she did love him, at all, was enough for Harry. He knew, they both knew, that he was her only ticket out of here. That if they didn't stick by each other, then they would slowly fade away.

Harry had nothing. Well, he had things, all material. He had money, 2 homes, fame, and a job; but he was never one for those kind of things. All Harry wanted, all his life, was some one to love, to call his own. He never had a real family, and the Weasley's were as good as. Then, he had Ginny, and messed it up so badly that they could never be the same. However, if she was willing to take a chance on him again, and let him love her like she should have been loved, then what was the problem? Harry was fine with her contempt for him. He loved her, thats all that really mattered.

That, and the fact that a week had passed, and still no Draco.

"I hate gray." Ginny thought to herself as she looked out at the scenery before her. Gray was never a good color for her, it usually meant bad things, and you knew it was a cold day if the sky was gray. Not to mention, a certain somebody who has chosen to completely abandoned her had gray eyes and silver gray hair. She shook her head, no, she will NOT think about him.

Ginny closed her eyes, and tried to be happy with Harry. She tried, with all her might to see herself happy again. She did, she saw herself, a few years into the future, living some where with him and going out to Muggle movies, and eating Chinese food while watching T.V. Yet, whenever she took a closer look at herself, she was never truly happy. Her smile never met her eyes, and it saddened her.

Looking out into the rolling hills of her back yard, she wished for so many things to be different. She wished that her life would have been better than what she was left with. If Harry hadn't of left her like he did, then none of this would have happened. She would have waited for him; Ginny would have waited her whole life for him, as long as he promised to come back.

There was an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach as she thought of how her life could have been different. The woman thought of how she and Harry could have been married by now, children even. How they would be so in love and so happy, that every one would be envious. She wondered if they would have been married right after the war, or if they would have waited a while.

Then again, there was also the possibility that she herself messed her own life up. How, if she'd of just stayed home and listened to her family then she wouldn't have gone to war. If she hadn't been so head strong and stubborn, would she and Draco be married? Would they have had children by now? Would the two have gone back to the Malfoy Manor and change it from a cold, heartless place, to one of warmth and love? Or would they find a place to call their own; where their brown eyed, blond children could grow up?

There were so many "if's" and "How's" running through her head, that she had to close her eyes and realize that this was her life. Harry did leave her with no promises of return. She was head strong and stubborn. She did go into war, she did do stupid things. Draco did leave her dying in a hospital for two years, and now she was going to live the rest of her life in content.

Ginny turned her head slightly and looked at Harry. He was a good man, not the best (then again who was?) but good. He loved her, he had told her so plenty of times. He had a good personality, and lots of warmth. Not to mention that he had money and plenty of connections to get them out of here. She smiled sadly to herself, Harry may not be Draco, but she loved him enough. He could get her out of here; and that was more important to Ginny than love.

Time. Time. Time. Time.

For a moment, couldn't time stop? Just this once? Please, some one, listen to me. Give me a few more moments just to think. I can't do this, it won't be the same. She won't love me like she used to. But I love her. I love her more than I ever did. I don't want this to be a hard decision, but it is. How can I go back to her, knowing that all her pain is because of me? She sacrificed everything for me. How can I look her in the eye, knowing that all I can ever offer her... is me...

I know I can make the right decision, just give me more time... please...

The day had turned out to be an awkward, but pleasant one all the same. The rain from last week had slowly floated away, leaving a blue sky over the Burrow. There were a few fluffy white clouds hanging about, but nothing to be worried about. A soft breeze blew across the land, making the leaves quiver. The bright sun was slowly setting beyond the hills, as the night slowly made its presence known.

It was should have been a good day to get engaged.

The dead line had come, and Draco hadn't shown up. The green eyed man had gotten up at 5 am, and apparated over to the Burrow, just to see if Draco sneaked in with out his knowledge. All he found was Arthur and Molly asleep in his study, and Ginny sound her her bed. After that, he just sat on the porch, waiting for Malfoy to pop up any second, and steal Ginny away from him. But when 11 A.M. Rolled around, he figured Draco wasn't going to make an early morning appearance.

By that time, Harry was ready to get it over and done with, but Ginny had decided to sleep in, so he didn't get a chance. When she woke and had showered and dressed, she told Harry that she wanted to go to Flourish and Blotts to pick up a book Hermione had recommended, so from 11 to 1 was gone. Then, the came home and she fixed lunch, filled with a salad, soup, and some sandwiches; 2-4. She then spent an hour reading her book, as he walked the surroundings of the Burrow, looking for signs of Draco and good fortune. He came back in, and she got up to make tea for the two of them, smiling sweetly as she gave him two sugars, and no creme.

Harry was, looking at Ginny with such interest that it was driving him mad. She slowly stirred her tea and gave a sigh. Bringing the cup to her mouth, she downed the rest in an unladylike fashion and placed the cup back on the table. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she looked at him and shrugged.

"I love lavender" she said softly. Placing her cup, tea pot, sugar and creme back onto the tray and taking it into the kitchen.

As Harry watched her clean her cup he wondered to himself; was this what their life was going to be like? Where they going to spend the whole day in each others company, and not really be together? Could they be happy this way? He was sure he could, but could Ginny? Would the woman he loves learn to resent him as time passed? Was she always going to think that he was the one who ruined her true happiness? He gave a sigh, he loved her, but was this right?

Suddenly, Ginny came back into the kitchen and sat next to him. He looked at her oddly as she took his hand in her own and smiled.

"Full?" she asked, rubbing his hand with her thumb. He looked at their intertwined hands and then back at her. Her brown eyes were bright, not sparkling, but bright. Her smile was sweet, and her hands were warm. "I know its not much, but I can't cook like mum, she's a bloody genius. Remember the time I tried to cook that lamb stew?" she grimaced as he smiled.

"It tasted like... well... nothing like lamb."

"You told me you liked it!" Ginny screeched, laughing as she hit his shoulder, he grinned.

"Of course I told you that, I just wish I could have told my stomach the same." Ginny shook her head, causing her red hair to fall across her face. He stared at her thinking of how beautiful she really was. Thinking about how much history they had together. Harry was taken out of his thoughts when he saw the queer look the red head was giving him.

"You O.K.?" she questioned.

"Care for a walk?" he asked softly. She gave him a small grin and nodded silently. The two stood up, hand in hand, and walked out side into the oncoming sunset.

Yes, he could live like this.

The two walked around the Burrow, talking lightly of family and work. Then, after circling the house a few times, they took off towards the hills. That's when things became quite. The two just walked in comfortable silence, hands having been let go a long time ago. She picked at a flower she had took earlier, as he held his hands behind his back. The breeze blew nicely on their faces, making their hair whip slightly. Harry looked over at Ginny who was smiling as she picked the petals off the daisy, letting them fall to the ground.

"What are you doing?" he asked, watching as she looked up at him with a grin.

"Just... thinking." she told him, letting the stem of the daisy fall to the ground.

"About?" he inquired, stopping at the foot of one of the hills. She shrugged.

"Of a game I used to play with Daisy's when I was younger." she laughed to herself. "a silly game now that I think of it."

"Oh? Did this game include the decapitation of a flower, or is that the added bonus?" Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Only if it gave you the answer you wanted, then yes, it was an added bonus." He took her hand in his and sighed. For some reason or another, the moment of truth had arrived.

"Ginny?" he inquired softly, taking the other hand. She looked at him with quizzical eyes, waiting silently for him to go on. He looked at their intertwined hands and gave a sigh. "I...I feel as if we... we've come to a place in our relationship that...we love each other... and care a lot about each other. I think... I think that in a sense... we belong together..." He looked at her in the eyes, but saw that she wasn't looking at him. He tried to get her attention, but saw her mouth slowly drop and her brow furrow.

"Oh my God." she breathed softly. Harry looked down again, he knew this was too soon, but it was too late, it was now or never.

"Ginny, I think that we..." but she let go of his hands, as her eyes began to turn red, and shinning tears appeared. "are you O.K.?" she didn't respond, only kept looking past him. Slowly, Harry turned around to see what could have captured Ginny's attention so.

"Oh." was all Harry said as a man with blond hair appeared over the hills.

Ginny's day had started out nice enough. She had slept in late due to her insomnia that she was now used to. Normally, Ginny hated sleeping. She had wasted two years of her life sleeping, did she really need more? Also, her nightmares were always so horrible, that the mere thought of sleeping seemed almost to frightening to attempt. However, this last night was enjoyable, and in the morning, the red head had felt renewed and fresh. It was twelve when she got up, and quickly made her way to the showers, getting dressed for another day. Getting down stairs, the woman saw a flushed Harry Potter at the bottom of her stairs.

"Morning Harry." she greeted, going over to the kitchen to get some coffee. Ginny watched as he ran a hand though his already messy hair and sighed.

"Uh... Ginny... uh... I think.... that... you know..." she furrowed her brow at his oddness, Harry was a bit off his rocker lately. "I think that... today we... we should..."

"Go to Flourish and Blotts." she gave him a cup of coffee as well. "There is this book that I want to get, Hermione says its wonderful. Can we go?" he furrowed his brow, as if to say no, but then sighed.

"Yes... of course" he responded, almost as if he were confused. She nodded at him slowly, and finished her coffee.

So, Harry took her to Diagon Alley, following her like a shadow. There were even a few times Ginny wanted to loose him in the crowd, he was suffocating her. However, his keen eyes kept catching hers, and every single time he blushed. She just smiled at him softly, and kept on looking for her book. He was being rather queer. After getting her book, he insisted that they go back to the Burrow, rather than hang around Diagon Alley all after noon.
"I hate the crowds" he told her, as he led her through the swarms of people.

The two then came home, and Ginny made him lunch, because during their visit to Diagon Alley, he kept rubbing his stomach and licking his lips. Well, Ginny thought as he sat at the dinner table, if he's man enough to take on the dark Lord, I'm sure he can handle my cooking. The red head made him some soup, sandwiches and a salad. She couldn't have ruined it if she tried; and Harry ate it as if it were his last meal.

After ward, she insisted that she get started on the book, because Hermione told her that it was a page turner. However, Ginny didn't get much reading in because Harry kept coming in and out of the house in a crazed manner. Ginny was almost afraid that she should call a doctor, he was being so queer. After about an hour, Harry practically stormed back into the house and sat at the dinner table, giving a loud sigh. The red head figured it was a clue... he was hungry again. So, putting her delightful book down, she got up to make afternoon tea, hoping it would make him relax a bit.. That seemed to make Harry more anxious, nodding his head absently, rubbing his hands together, as he watched her.

Ginny placed the tea in front of Harry and gave him sugar with no creme. The woman watched him as he drank it slowly. She loved him, yes, but not truly. She loved his soft voice, his attentiveness, the way he stared at her as if she were the only woman alive. Yet all this never reached the tips of her heart, because it was full with the love for Draco. Still, Harry would make a good husband, if he should ever ask. He would give her the stability she desperately needed in her life. Their fence would be white and their children would have black hair and brown eyes.

He gave so much, and she could barely give him anything.

"I love lavender" she told him with a grin. Ginny finished off her cup of tea, and took the saucers back into the kitchen. As she washed her dish, the woman looked out into her back yard and at the rolling hills. Lord, she missed Draco.

But what could she do? What on earth could she possibly do to make him come back to her? Should she stay cooped up in her room, spend day after day at her window again, waiting for the day for him to return? Should she go out and look for him? Go to the ends of the earth and the bottom of the Gringotts Vault in search of him, as he had done for her? Maybe she should get a Time Turner, and go back to the night she left him, and stay instead.

Or Maybe, she should just move on.

Ginny knew that option wouldn't bring Draco back, but it would stop her heart from aching so. She would never stop loving Draco, that was for certain, but she could stop waiting. Ginny gave Draco 2 years and 6 months for him to come back to her, and he never did. She looked back at Harry who was finishing off the last of his tea. Harry was a great man, who tried his best to right all his wrongs. He was by her side, even when she was Casey Cache. He was always sympathetic, kind, sweet, and just there. Ginny dried her hands, and sat next to Harry. He looked at her quizzically as she took his hand in hers; I'm sorry Draco, she said to herself as she smiled at Harry. I don't think I can wait any more.

"Full?" she asked, rubbing his hand with her thumb. The action surprised her more than it did Harry, as he looked at their hands. "I know its not much, but I cant cook like Mum, shels a bloody genius. Remember the time I tried to cook that lamb stew?" Merlin, that stew was terrible.

"It tasted like... well... nothing like lamb." he joked.

"You told me you liked it!" she said in an unnaturally high pitch.

"Of course I told you that, I just wish I could have told my stomach the same." Ginny shook her head, laughing. The woman remembered him grinning in a pained manner as he tried to eat her creation. His face had practically turned green as he finished his bowl. It was the sweetest thing he could have done for her. And in return, she rubbed his back as he threw it up later in the bathroom.

"Care for a walk?" he suddenly asked. Ginny looked at him for a moment, looking into his deep green eyes and with a smile she nodded.

The two walked around her house making unimportant small talk. They talked about things that one would talk about with a co-worker at the office. She talked about Fred's new muggle girlfriend, and Harry talked of paper work that was piled high on his desk at the ministry. There was a inside joke or two shared, and a few chancing glances, but nothing more. After walking around the house got boring, the two started off towards the lush green hills.

The walk was silent as the Burrow faded farther and farther away. She picked up a white daisy from the grass and began to pick at its leaves, feeling Harry's green eyes on her. She sighed, as the thought of being Mrs. Draco Malfoy felt like a distant memory. Ginny picked at a petal and let it fall to the ground, saying: "he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not..." she shook her head a petal fell on He loves me,

"What are you doing?" came Harry's voice, taking her out of her thought. She shook her head,

"Just... thinking" she said, as she let the last petal fall, saying "He loves me not" and thinking how sad she had become, basing the love of Draco on a daisy. Her brown eyes looked up at Harry who had stopped at one of the hills.

"About?" he then asked. She sighed.

"Of a game I used to play with daisy's when I was younger. A silly game now that I think of it." he smiled lovingly, and smirked at her. Draco had a better smirk.

"Oh? Did this game include the decapitation of a flower, or is that the added bonus?" The red head rolled her eyes at his comment,

"Only if it gave you the answer you wanted, then yes, it was an added bonus." Harry then grabbed her hand quickly, and sighed.

As Harry began to talk, Ginny's heart raced. Was Harry ...proposing?

The first thought that hit Ginny's mind was that she was going to say yes because she had to. The love she thought she felt for him flew out the window as he spoke. Ginny then realized: she couldn't live like this any more. Stuck in her house for days and days; being treated like mental patient in her own home. Feeling so trapped inside her body that she felt she was going to bust at any moment. She needed a change in her life, she needed to be free from London and the memories that haunted her day and night. His words were sweet and simple, but all Ginny could think about was picking up the Daily Prophet and seeing the faces of Death Eaters she could remember so vividly in her mind.

"Ginny?" Harry asked, she just looked him in the eye, not daring to speak. She loved him... yes... but to marry him? So soon? She couldn't even go a single day with out thinking about Draco, let alone marry some one else. She felt the tears and sobs wanting to escape; but she realized that she had to escape first.

"I think that in a sense... we belong together..." she looked up at him and quickly past him at the setting sun when her heart stopped.

It felt as if the world had crumbled around her, and all that was left was him. She blinked a few times, trying to see if her mind was playing tricks on her again. Thinking that it was just another episode; God she hoped it wasn't. For coming over a hill, was a blond man she never thought she'd see again. Her mouth fell open as he still walked closer.

"Oh my God" was all she could say, as he stopped at the top of the hill, looking at her dead in the eye.

Ginny could see his face clearly; it looked strained and confused. As if him being here made no sense to him. He ran a hand through his blond hair and kept looking at her.

"Ginny, I think that we..." but she let got of his hands; Draco would not be happy to see Harry touching her. She took a small step away from Harry and kept her eyes glued on Draco. This had to be a dream, this had to be fake; the God's wouldn't be so kind as to grant her one and only wish. Her life was horrible, it always had been, why would they give her the only thing she ever wanted?

"Oh" was what took Ginny out of her stupor. She looked at Harry who turned back to face her, and smiled.

"I guess you better get to him." thats when the tears fell. Harry was bowing out.

"I..." she started, but he shook his head.

"I knew he would come." the man told her simply. "Draco would never let me win." Ginny looked past him at the blond who was still standing on the hill. She looked into Harry's green eyes, as he placed a hand on her face. "I love you." he said simply. "but he loves you more." Her mind couldn't register what Harry was saying. "I'm sorry for everything I've done to you, Ginevra." he wiped a tear away from her face and smiled sadly. "Now go." he began to walk away.

"Harry!" she called suddenly, feeling the world crashing back around her. She shook her head as she looked at him, wanting to say so many things, but not having the strength. He only smiled sadly at her.

"There is nothing more to say, Gin." he nodded. "Go, before that stupid bloke gets the wrong idea." And with another sad smile, Harry turned around and made his way towards the house.

Ginny felt as if her feet were made of lead. She wanted to go to him, but didn't know how. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. She was going to marry Harry and get far away from England, and far away from the thoughts of Draco. Draco didn't love her, he didn't want a used, broken, deceiving girl. She didn't deserve him, he had been away so long, it had to be the reason. The brown eyed girl just kept looking up at him, feeling tear after tear fall down her face. He ran another hand through his hair and slumped his shoulders. Draco then turned around and looked behind him.

"NO!" Ginny yelled suddenly, and took off running towards Draco. She wouldn't lose him again. She wouldn't even give him the chance to give it a second thought. He was here, he had come back to her, and Ginny wasn't going to let him go again. The red head ran as fast as she could up the hill, watching as his form came closer and closer. He just stood still, watching her as if in a trance. When she reached the top, she stood in front of him, panting, wiping to tears from her eyes so she could see him clearly.

"This isn't real." she whispered to herself as she stared at him. His long blond hair, those beautiful silver eyes, pink lips and perfect nose. She rubbed the tears away from her eyes, and still he stood there, staring at her intently. His eyes were filled with mixed emotions, that Ginny didn't know if he was even happy to see her. She stood at arms length away from him, afraid that if she stood too close, he would disappear like smoke. He blinked, and Ginny furrowed her brow.

With unknown strength, Ginny took a step towards, and let more tears fell when he didn't suddenly vanish. She took another step, feeling his heavy breath on her face. She kept her eyes locked with his as she took the final step, being so close to him that she could feel his warmth. Looking up into his gray eye, her lip began to tremble.

"Draco?" she said in a whisper. He looked down at her, not moving. Then suddenly, Ginny felt a hand of her face.

"Ginny." he said softly, caressing the side of her face. "My beautiful Ginny."

The woman then threw her arms around him and held him close to her body. She cried and cried, letting all the torment of him away from her out. He wrapped his arms around her and clung to her as if for dear life. The two just stood there on the hill, with the setting sun behind them, holding each other for the first time in over 3 years.

"I'd thought I lost you." she told him through sobs, taking in the scent that was Draco. "I thought you never wanted to see me again."

"No." he said, as he dug his face into her red hair. "I love you." she cried harder. "I thought I had lost you; I couldn't take it. I couldn't take losing you again."

"Oh Draco." she cried. All her words were drowned out by her sobs, and Draco pulled away, holding her head in his hands.

"Don't cry, love." he said, kissing her lips quickly. "There is no need to cry any more."

"I lost so much because of the war." Ginevra told him, resting her forehead on his chest. "I lost you, my family, my friends, my... my soul..." she sniffed. "I am so sorry." Draco gently lifted her head with his fingers, and smiled at her.

"You never lost me, Ginny. I never stopped loving you, not even for a moment. I am the one who should be sorry. You did so much, so much for me and I didn't deserve it." He kissed her lips again. "But it's over, Ginny, the war is over, and now we can start our life over again." He took her hand, and gently slipped her old engagement ring back onto her finger. She looked at it with her mouth open, and then up to Draco.

"What?" she asked softly. "I... I'd thought I lost this."

"I've had it since... since the Manor." he told her, taking a few stray hairs out of her face. "I've held onto it for so long, I knew you would wear it again some day." he smiled at her. "I love you."

"I love you, too." she said, pressing her lips against his.

The two stayed in that kiss for what felt like years. Pouring their love, happiness, and relief into it. As the two broke apart, she rested her head on his shoulder, as he held her close. The two closed their eyes, and focused on the only thing that mattered, each other.

The pink sky above melted away, as the end of another day was put to a rest. The bright moon hung in the sky, as little stars popped out of the blanket of dark blue. A soft wind blew over the hills of the Burrow, rustling the trees. And two lovers stood in each others embrace knowing that after all their battles, they had finally won the war...

The End.

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