A/N: This is, plain and simple, AU. Instead of Angel turning into a vampire in Ireland in the 1700's, I wondered what it would be like if set in the modern day world. This is a story I posted in one of my Yahoo groups, and just thought you guys might like it as well.

                                                               CHAPTER 1

          Katherine O'Connor sat at the bottom of the steps, near the door of her home. The thirteen-year-old girl sat waiting on her older brother, Liam, as she usually did on most nights. The night was quiet as it turned two AM. Mom and Dad had gone to bed early, which was a relief.

          Liam O'Connor stumbling into the front door, so abruptly that he startled Kathy, soon interrupted the silence of the night. Kathy leapt up, catching him before he could fall over in a drunken stupor. Holding him up proved difficult for the girl, as her brother was both tall and very strong.

          "Kathy," Liam breathed deeply.

          Kathy smiled lightly, happy that her brother wasn't as wasted as he usually was. "Hey. Rough night?"

          "And getting rougher," the teenaged boy replied as Kathy helped him towards the stairs. "Are Mother and Father around?" Liam often used formal names of his parents, which was a habit from when he was six years old and his family had just arrived from Ireland. He even held a slight accent.

          "Oh, it's OK," Kathy assured him. "They both went to bed hours ago."

          "Good," Liam sighed. "Thanks, Kathy. I was just…"

          "It's all right. You don't have to explain it to me." Liam silenced himself, taking a moment to be thankful for his sister. "Liam?" He turned to her. "Happy birthday," Kathy whispered to him with a smile.

          Liam smiled back lightly.

          A few hours later, near eight, Kathy made her way down the stairs, into the kitchen. She wore a light pink, V-neck sweater, and a long, light blue skirt. Her brown hair was in a ponytail.

          "Good morning," she greeted her parents as she sat on a stool near the island in the kitchen.

          Mrs. O'Connor looked up from her tea. "Good morning, sweetheart."

          "Morning," her father's gruff voice muttered.

          Kathy slipped a piece of bread into the toaster that sat on top of the island, wondering what was up with Dad. Knowing him, it was probably just one of his moods.

          "Liam," Mrs. O'Connor's gentle voice noted.

          Liam, one hand pressed against his brown hair in agony, walked down the stairs and went to stand next to where Kathy sat.

          "Well, look was the cat dragged out this morning," Mr. O'Connor said curtly.

          "Good morning, Dad," Liam said casually.

          "Don't you good morning me, boy," his father snapped.

          "Calm down," Mrs. O'Connor said to her husband.

          "It's all right, Mother," Liam said then turned to his father. "You heard me last night, didn't you?"

          "I heard both of you." Mr. O'Connor glared at Kathy.

          The girl nearly choked on her now toasted bread.

          "Leave her out of this," Liam said. "It was all me."

          "Don't lie to us," Mr. O'Connor spoke for both himself and his wife.

          "Dad, please." Kathy stood up from the stool. "We weren't doing anything and I was just trying to help."

          "You seem to do that a lot lately," Mr. O'Connor said to her. "Helping your brother to lie to us is just as dishonest as his sneaking in. You keep this up, Kathy, and you'll end up like your brother, a user and a liar. He's year older and lot dumber."

          "That's enough," Mrs. O'Connor chimed in.

          "I don't have to listen to this," Kathy sighed then grabbed her book bag and headed out of the kitchen, targeting the front door.

          "Katherine," her father called after her. "Katherine O'Connor!"

          Kathy slipped her book bag on when she made it out to the front porch and sighed deeply. She sat at the bottom of the steps and rested her head in her right hand in fret. The door opened and closed then and strong footsteps could be heard.

          Kathy glanced over slightly at her brother.

          "Are you all right?" Liam asked her softly. Kathy just nodded. "You know, it was me he was bashing in there, not you."

          "Doesn't matter," Kathy said, her voice light. "He shouldn't talk that way about you."

          "He's not exactly wrong, Kathy." Kathy turned to him seriously. "The things he say about me, you can't say he's completely off."

          "No. Liam, you're better than that." Kathy sighed. "Dad doesn't know what he's saying."

          "I won't pout over it, I assure you. Just remember, Kathy, no one likes a whiner." He tickled her nose lightly as he stood up. Kathy smiled at him. "Come on. I'll take you to school. The world won't slow down if I'm late."

          "Thanks," Kathy said, and then slid her arm through his as they began to walk.

          Later that night Liam found himself in front of his favorite club, the Zap. Even though he had finally turned eighteen, the club was twenty-one and up. Lucky for him, though, he was never asked for an ID, as he looked about five years older than he really was.

          "The usual, Jerry," Liam said to the bar keep as he took a seat at the bar.

          "Care to buy for two?" Liam glanced behind him to see a girl about his age who was, in a word, stunning. She had long, curly blonde hair, an inviting smile, and her eyes seemed to light up the room.

          "Sure," Liam replied to her.

          "Thank you." The girl pulled up a seat next to him. "Seen you around here before. You're pretty popular."

          "Never seen you before."

          "I tend to keep to the shadows."

          "Darkness," Liam said as his drink was placed in front of him. "A man's best friend."

          "And you really are a man I see," the girl said with a smirk as Liam took a swig of his drink.

          "Liam O'Connor," he introduced himself. "You are…?"

          The girl smiled at him sweetly as she said, "Darla."

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