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                                                     CHAPTER 23

          Buffy and Wesley sat outside of the nurse's office at school, Buffy wearing an extremely impatient look on her face. It was that time or year again; she would have to sit through yet another check-up to stay on the drill team. It was ridiculous. All they wanted was to take the drug tests, anyway. Did Buffy really look like she took drugs? The blonde girl glanced at Wesley, who had the fortune of just being there for a quick eye exam.

          "This is so stupid," Buffy sighed, her arms folded.

          "It'll be over before you know it," Wesley thought for which he counted as the third time that afternoon. "It's just a physical, Buffy."

          The nurse stepped out of her office then, calling, "Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, next."

          Wesley stood and went into the office, nearly bumping into another student, who was heading out. Buffy absent-mindedly looked the student Wesley had bombarded with over, just to get her mind off the physical and determine his fashion sense. The boy had light brown hair, which made him look close to blonde, his eyes were a light shade of reddish brown, and he wore a big, toothy smile on his face.

          "Gee, another lawyer-y kid," said Buffy to herself. "Oh, joy."

          Dru stood at her locker, gathering her things for her next class, attempting to hurry before the bell rung. When she closed the door to her locker, she spotted Spike standing right there, leaning against another student's locker, his arms folded.

          "Hi," Dru smiled then leaned in to kiss him.

          "Sure you don't want to save the lips for Charles Gunn?" Spike asked her.

          Dru stopped before her lips made contact with his. "What are you talking about?"

          "I heard you were at the game together."

          "Yes, I told you that."

          "Well, I didn't actually expect for you to go," said Spike.

          "Yes, Spike. I just said I was going to make conversation," Dru said with a light eye roll.

          "I know guys like that, Dru," Spike insisted. "They know the girl's with another guy, yet they move in, anyway. They're like swarming bees."

          "Spike, you have nothing to worry about," Dru promised him. "Now, I have to go, all right?" Spike just nodded as he watched girlfriend walk off down the hall.

          "All right, Ms. Summers," the nurse said to Buffy, who had taken her turn in the office right after Wesley. "Everything seems to be in order. You may want to lay off the practicing for your dance squad. I could also prescribe something if you start to feel weak from it."

          "Thanks," said Buffy as the bell went off. "That's my call. Gotta get to drama."

          Buffy slipped her book bag onto her shoulders and left out of the nurse's office. She slipped into the school auditorium and took a seat behind Dru, as they had the class together. Their teacher went to stand on the stage of the auditorium, as she usually did, to address the student.

          "Good afternoon, everyone," she began. "I would like to start off by welcoming our new student." She gestured towards the curtains and a boy stepped out. Buffy immediately noticed that it was the boy Wesley had nearly crashed into going into the nurse's office. "Would you like to say a few words about yourself?" the drama teacher asked the new student.

          The boy stepped up to the microphone and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Lorne."

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