Author's Notes: F-sharp and B-flat (which is a diminished fourth when it's a first space F and middle line B…damn Music Theory…Jerry, I think I hate you.)

Other Author's Notes: G-sharp (enharmonically, A-flat). Jerry is my Music Theory professor.

Would the REAL Author's Notes Please Stand Up: Okay, enough goofing off, lol. Onto the actual fic! Heeheehee…I like this one. There's quite a bit of music terminology in here, which I will attempt to explain as best I can so the story will hopefully make more sense. This is based on a dream one of my friends had, believe it or not. Hahaha. I hope you think it's funny, because I thought it was hilarious.

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Sharp-looks like a number sign (#), it raises a note one half step

Flat-looks kind of like a lower-case B (b), it lowers a note one half step. Flats and sharps together are known as accidentals.

Treble clef-the highest of the clefs. If you look at a piano piece, it's the top line. It looks kind of like a big, loopy cursive 'S' with a tail sticking straight down.

C clefs-stupid clefs. There are four of them. I hate them all, except for the alto clef ^_^

Knight in Shining Armor…NOT!

One pleasant evening, Daidouji Tomoyo retired to bed. It had been a long day; there had been a long, particularly grueling choral rehearsal that afternoon. It was necessary, as they had a huge competition coming up, but all the practice was taking its toll, and Tomoyo was more than ready for a good night's sleep. She was exhausted.

She wished her mother and the household employees a good night, and headed for her room. Once there, she snuggled into bed and closed her eyes. She fell asleep almost the instant her head touched the pillow, hearing choral pieces such as Te Deum and Dona Nobis Pacem floating through the air around her.

And she tumbled into Dreamland, still hearing Handel's Hallelujah Chorus dancing about her.


She opened her eyes, and looked around. She was in the school choir room, wearing her blue, white, and red school uniform. With the sole exception of herself, the room was empty. Or so it seemed.

"Daidouji-san!" a familiar voice barked.

She whirled in time to see her choral director standing beside the piano, with one arm reared back. There was something large and black clutched in her teacher's hand, and a large stack of similar black things piled on the floor and piano around her. Then her director hauled back and threw the object at her.

Tomoyo held her arms up in front of her face to protect herself from the barrage of…


She looked down, and sure enough, what looked like a large, black flat-symbol was on the ground on her feet. Beside it was a number sign—a sharp.

Her choir director was pelting her with accidentals?

What in the world…

Music floated around her; she recognized the tune as the solo part from the first movement of Vaughn's Dona Nobis Pacem, a solo she herself had been perfecting for the performance.

"What's that interval, Daidouji-san?" her teacher laughed maniacally.

Tomoyo's mind raced. What was going on? How on Earth was she supposed to tell the difference between a perfect fifth and an octave if she was busily dodging flying flats, shooting sharps, and airborne naturals? It wasn't possible!

The sound of galloping footsteps reached her ears, and she spun around. If this was a dream, then that meant she would be rescued, right? By a knight in shining armor riding a fearless and noble steed, she hoped! Hey, it was her dream, and she could be saved by whoever she damn well wanted.

But unfortunately for Tomoyo, it didn't quite work out that way. Her white knight came riding into the choir room through the open door.

It was Hiiragiziwa Eriol.

Except he wasn't wearing shining armor. He was wearing his school uniform.

And his fearless and noble steed was…a treble clef?

The lance under his arm? A quarter note.

Her knight was in a school uniform, riding a treble clef and brandishing a music note as his weapon. Tomoyo sweatdropped, and sweatdropped hard.

Eriol smirked at her, that sly little half-smile that never failed to drive Li up a wall. Then he bowed his head and proudly declared, "I'm your knight in shining armor!"

Tomoyo sweatdropped again.

He moved in front of her, brandishing his long, black quarter note at the choir teacher, who was holding a flat in one hand and a sharp in the other, preparing to launch another aerial accidental assault (alliteration!). "Have at you!"

And a fight of sorts began. Eriol wielded his note, and the director chucked flats and sharps with almost deadly accuracy. It was a solid, even fight.

Tomoyo was standing by the window, watching this struggle, trying to decide whether to laugh, cry, or run screaming from the room. Eventually, she opted for the only real option: she ran screaming.

But there was no floor outside the door, and instead of heading towards the stairs, she fell down into one of those bottomless black voids that tend to pop up in people's dreams. And as she tumbled downwards, she heard a sound around her. A beeping noise…


"Perfect unison…" Tomoyo murmured, shrugging herself awake. Then she glanced around, and realized that the beeping was her alarm clock. It was time to wake up for school.

Groaning, she hit the button to make that infernal beeping noise stop, and clambored out of bed and into a clean uniform. The last thing she wanted to do was go to school and sit through music and choir, but there really wasn't a choice.

The normal school day was relatively uneventful. Tomoyo had actually managed to forget her bizarre dream by the end of first period, although she did give Hiiragiziwa-kun a very sharp, very severe order to stay out of her dreams from then on, or else.

Needless to say, Eriol didn't have a clue what she was talking about, but opted not to argue, fearing for his safety if he asked. Poor Hiiragiziwa.

Before she realized it, though, it was time for the dreaded choir rehearsal, and her dream came rushing back to her. She dropped into her seat, as the director came into the room.

"We're going to do a little Theory today," the teacher said with a smile; she stepped behind the piano and sounded two notes in melodic succession. "Daidouji-san, would you name this interval?"

Tomoyo fainted, still hearing strains of Dona Nobis Pacem wafting around her.

AN: Wow, that turned out weirder than I thought it would. Huh…if you don't understand a word of this, I will completely understand. I've just been doing music stuff since I was, like, in kindergarten, so reading music and stuff like that is as easy for me as reading words. I'm sorry if you don't get it. But it was fun to write! Heehee…thanks for reading, even if you didn't get it. Wuvs!

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