AN: My friend had another installation of this dream, so naturally I had to continue it ^_^ Heehee. I think this might be a little easier to understand for all non-music people out there. Less terminology, ya know? Definitions are in the first chapter, so it's all good (I hope!)

On we go. Like the first chapter, this will be short. I don't own CCS.

The Second Dream

Music was a big part of Daidouji Tomoyo's life. After all, she was one of the school choir's star members, having performed numerous solos with them. She had received much acclaim for her talents.

But sometimes, Tomoyo's music would, shall we say, annoy her. It had even gone so far as to take over her dreams, giving her some of the most bizarre nighttime visions she had ever heard of.

But that was the last thing on her mind tonight, as she tumbled into the nice, warm comfort of her nice, warm bed. It was late, and she had been busily doing homework. And now she was just flat out tired. That pillow had never looked so inviting.

Tomoyo was asleep the instant her head touched the pillowcase. And as had happened before, she was in for one of the most insane dreams imaginable…


Tomoyo's Dream-Self appeared in the music room at the school, wearing her school uniform.

She frowned. Hadn't she had a dream before that had started off something like this?

As if in answer to her unspoken query, she heard a sound remarkably like a horse's hoofbeats. But that was strange. Why in the world would she be hearing a horse's hooves clicking along the tile floor of the hallway outside the music room in the middle of her school?

A few seconds later, she was confronted with the source of the noise.

Hiiragizawa Eriol came galloping into the room, astride an enormous silver treble clef. From atop this bizarre perch, he looked down at her, and grinned broadly. "I'm here. I can save you now."

He reached out to her. At a loss for what else to do, Tomoyo accepted the proffered hand, and allowed herself to be swung up behind him on the—er, mount of sorts. It reared back, letting out a high pitched whinny, just like a horse's, and broke into a gallop.

Heading towards the window.

It's just a dream, it's just a dream—ah, screw it! Tomoyo decided. "Stop!"

But at the moment she screamed, the treble clef jumped. Tomoyo closed her eyes and braced for the certain impact. But to her amazement, the large musical symbol went right through the wall.

However, there was another surprise. Instead of being outside, hovering over and/or plummeting towards the school yard and the fields, they were now staring out over what looked like a page of music. The notes loomed ahead of them, like stepping stones across a stream. And somehow, instinctively, Tomoyo knew that they needed to get to the other side.

"Shall we?" Eriol asked over his shoulder, though she sensed it wasn't really a question. It was more of a courtesy, like offering a convicted criminal his choice of last meal before his execution.

Without waiting for her reply, he spurred their mount onwards. Tomoyo wrapped her arms tightly around Eriol's waist and held on for dear life. Had this been a little less freaky, she would have found that position quite enjoyable, but no matter. They landed on the first music note. Actually, it was a stack of music notes—a chord. And to her amazement,, it sounded as they landed on it. She could hear the music.

There was no hesitation. The silver treble clef jumped promptly to the next chord, and it sounded as well. And so they leapt across the page, jumping from chord to chord like that little bouncy ball on the captions of sing-a-long tapes. And each chord rang out loud and clear.

Suddenly, Tomoyo realized she recognized the melody. It was Beethoven's Fifth, probably the most famous perfect fourth interval in the history of music. Only one of the most well-known pieces of classical music in the world. It was plastered across her Dreamscape.

Only I could dream up something this nerdy, Tomoyo thought to herself. Then she realized they were almost to the other side of the page. Three more notes to go. Two more. One. And that was the end of the music line. But Eriol kept going, and they jumped right off, into a seemingly endless void of darkness.

Tomoyo screamed and tightened her grip on Eriol's waist. But suddenly, she found her arms were closing around nothing but empty air, and she tumbled downwards alone. Both Eriol and their fearless steed had simply vanished. With a shriek, she closed her eyes and waited for impact.

But nothing hit. She opened her eyes, and looked around. The darkness was still there, completely impenetrable to her eyes, but she had the distinct impression that she was floating. It was all so strange.

Then a faint light shone ahead of her. It broke through the blackness, first as just a glow, but then it took a form. A distinctly human form that slowly molded and solidified into someone she knew well.



For reasons she couldn't quite grasp, she reached one hand towards him. And she managed to ignore the part of her psyche that was screaming HOT DAMN at the sight of the sorceror's bare torso. She was so close. Mere inches until she would touch him…


Tomoyo's eyes flew open. She was back in her bed, safe in her room. It was dark, but not total darkness. She had survived another one of those dreams.

She took a deep breath before she realized something odd.

One of her arms was stretched into the air, her fingers outstretched, as though she had been trying to touch something just out of reach. But what in the world…

With a shock of realization, Tomoyo sat up in bed and screamed, "HIIRAGIZAWA! STAY OUT OF MY DREAMS!"

Across town, in a decidedly large house, a certain blue-haired young sorceror looked up and turned his gaze out the window. "I sense a disturbance in the force…"