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"Stupid mother fucking baka!"

"Bulma please!"

"Mom stay out of this!"

The whirring sound of flying silverware chimed through the room. Vegeta caught most of the knives and just barely dodged the forks.

"What the hell is wrong with you women?" Vegeta yelled as he prepared for the next oncoming assault, dishes.

"You scared Yamcha out of Capsule Corporation. He's scared shitless!! And to top it off, he thinks that I asked you to do it. Vegeta, you got my boyfriend pissed off at me!! I'm supposed to be mad at him all of the time, not apologizing!" Bulma screamed.

"Well maybe I didn't scare him off, you do a pretty good jog of annoying him yourself." Vegeta smirked as he caught Mrs. Brief's fine china and placed what could be salvaged of the table.

"Bulma, you might be the chairwomen of a multi-million dollar company, but stop breaking MY china. Please dear, I know you can buy more, but I really like this pattern!" Bulma's mother pleaded.

"Mom, I'll buy you more china, and I'll make sure it's the same pattern. Go watch TV, "As the World Turns" is coming on(I know American show, and these peeps are Japanese, but come on, work w/ me here!)" Bulma said, while picking up a teacup and hurling it at the flustered Saiyan prince.

"Ooh! Really? Oh I just love that show, I hope that Abigale and Chris are back together," Bulma's mom said, and seemingly forgetting the china, she ran back to her room. There was a click and the TV could be heard.

"Listen, I don't give a damn about that weak human Yamchow or whatever the hell his name is, just keep him away from me," Vegeta said. Finally Bulma was out of dishes and out of energy.

"I don't care anymore, just don't do anything like that again," Bulma said, her eyes narrowing. Bulma gave Vegeta a look that almost made him shiver, but he gritted his teeth and stood still, he couldn't believe that anything she could do could scare him.

"Whatever, I could care less about your baka human problems, or the fact that you find breaking your mother's kitchenware a resolution to your problems," Vegeta said cooly. He turned around, and walked out. Bulma just stood there.

"Well.....FINE...THEN!!" She finally managed. She sighed and looked around, she really needed to take Vegeta's advice and find a better resolution to her problems then throwing dishes. They left such a mess. Next time, she thought, she could just throw knives, maybe one would actually give Vegeta a paper cut. She turned around and found a broom. She started sweeping up dishes and mumbling about how stupid Saiyans should live in the wilderness away from "civilized" places.


The doorbell rang, and echoed through Capsule Corporation. All the way to the gravity room. Vegeta smirked, for it had to be Yamcha. Vegeta was feeling very tempted to go answer it and scare the scarred up wimp away like last time. That was when he remembered Bulma's little episode. It hadn't been painfull but it was annoying. Vegeta didn't feel like going through that again, so he decided instead to go to the kitchen and eavesdrop on the conversation.

Bulma walked slowly to the door. she knew it was Yamcha and dreaded the thought of having to apologize. She tried to put on her best smile but only succeeded in an apologetic grin. Good enough, she thought as she opened the door.

Yamcha was standing on the front porch, arms crossed, eyes narrow. Bulma tried to smile but failed again at her second attempt.

"Well well, am I going to be ambushed by the high and mighty prince again?"

"Yamcha please, don't be like this. I'm sorry, he's just...moody," Bulma said.

"Hmph, you know I bet you had some part in all of this." Bulma's eyes narrowed.

"Oh how convenient, just blame me for everything," Bulma said.

"I'm guessing it was your fault, after all you are always getting on to me for something or another," Yamcha said, while his face got redder.

"It's not my fault you are so impossible. Besides, half the time you're cheating on me!"

"Cheat on you? How do I know that you aren't sleeping with Vegeta, huh? After all you let one of our biggest enemies stay at your house. He also happens to be the second most powerful man in the universe whose only goal is to rule the universe and kill your best friend. But here he is, training at your house and attacking me whenever I decide to visit you!"

"Well at least he isn't some wimp who runs away as soon as he senses trouble. Hmph, you know when Vegeta and Nappa came to Earth the first time you WERE the first to die!"

"I gave my life to help save this planet!"

"Oh please, all it was, was a little green monster. Gohan could've destroyed it!"

"Well I didn't see you helping any!"

"That was because I was at that pervert Master Roshi's house cheering you on. Which might have been the biggest mistake of my life!"

"Oh yeah, well you ARE the biggest mistake of my life!" Yamcha was screaming now.

"Well I don't give a SHIT!!" Bulma's voice had rose to amazing proportions and Yamcha had to fight to not put his hands up to his ears.

"Fine then, just go to hell Bulma!"

"Up your's asshole, go fuck one of your little whores!"

"Talking about yourself again, Bulma?" Yamcha blurted out. Bulma smacked him, hard. His head jerked to the left with the force of the blow. He hadn't been prepared for that. Neither had Vegeta who was listening in the kitchen. He couldn't help but jump a little, that girl had spunk.

"I never want to see you again Yamcha," Bulma said, and before he could say anything she slammed the door. She turned around and leaned on the closed door. Unwelcome tears started to flow down her pretty face freely. She angrily wiped them away. "Damn Yamcha, damn Kami, damn the dragon balls, damn the world!! I'm so sick of this SHIT!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, not caring who heard her. A very familiar laugh was heard from the kitchen.

Vegeta was leaning on the door frame and looking at her with his usual smirk. Bulma just looked at him.

"And DAMN you!!" She screamed, and ran to her room. Vegeta just kept on laughing and went back into the kitchen.


It had been one week since the big fight and Yamcha hadn't called. To Bulma's amazement, she really didn't miss him. She was tinkering away in her lab when she noticed a dizzy feeling. She walked clumsily to the kitchen, thinking that all she needed was food. When she got there, Vegeta was sitting at the table and reading the newspaper. Bulma rolled her eyes and stumbled towards the fridge. Vegeta looked up from the paper.

"What's wrong with you?" He said, while getting up as well.

"Nothing," Bulma said groggily as she looked around in the fridge for something to eat. Vegeta walked over and retrieved a coke from the fridge.(Hell if I should know what Saiyans drink, would ya rather I let him drink Juicy Juice?) Bulma suddenly couldn't move, so she just stood there looking out into space. Vegeta raised an eyebrow. The room started spinning and Bulma's knees began to shake. Her eyes widened.

"Mmm..Ve..gee..tah," she managed. He came up behind her and put his arms around her waist to steady her quivering body. Suddenly Bulma could only see a blur, the room seemed to be spinning so fast. She let out a whimper and realized that she had been picked up.

Vegeta took her into the living room and lied her down on the sofa. He took off a glove to feel her forehead. His hands felt cool on her head and he gently moved them to her cheeks and neck. Vegeta could tell that she had a very high fever. Suddenly a sharp pain came from her stomach and Bulma screamed. Vegeta knew he had to get her to a hospital. He picked her up again and flew out into the open.

Bulma could feel the wind rushing on her face as Vegeta's strong arms held fast as they flew. Bulma's stomach was wrenching and she felt nauscious. Vegeta flew swiftly, and didn't seem to say anything like he usually did about "weak humans".

Vegeta looked down at Bulma. Her eyes were shut tight in pain and her hands were clasped tightly around his back, squeezing every now and then as another wave of pain wracked her body. Vegeta looked down at her in distress. He didn't know what was wrong, and he was feeling a very odd emotion. He was worried about her, and he'd never felt that way before. However, he had no time to think about that now.

The hospital came into view and Vegeta landed smoothly at the entrance. He broke through the automatic doors, before he realized he didn't need to, and carried her swiftly to the nurse's desk.

A bland looking nurse in a white uniform was sitting at the desk flipping through a magazine, while trying to dry her nails.

"Listen, she needs help!" Vegeta said. The nurse didn't look up from her magazine.

"Sit down and we will be with you in a minute," she said, looking annoyed that Vegeta had interrupted her reading.

"God damnit! This is an emergency, get me a fucking doctor now!" Vegeta yelled. The whole hospital seemed to stop and the nurse looked up from her magazine in shock. When she saw Vegeta's face, she shuddered.

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!!" Vegeta yelled. While holding and almost unconscious Bulma with one arm, he pounded his free fist on the desk, causing it to break in two.

The nurse dropped her magazine and simply nodded for him to follow her. In minutes, three doctors were surrounding Bulma. They tested the symptoms and realized that it was her appendix.

"This requires immediate surgery. Be glad you got her here as fast as you did, this could have been fatal," the doctor said. Vegeta stood there as the doctors wheeled her off in haste, hoping he wouldn't decide to do unto them what he had done with the nurse's desk.

A nice looking nurse came over and showed him to the waiting room. As soon as he entered, most people who had witnessed the scene earlier began to clear out. Vegeta began to pace and think, and count the seconds, that turned into minutes, that turned into hours.


The room clicked with different sounds as the machines around Bulma checked her heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen intake. Vegeta was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He had been trying to remember the hotel number of Mr. and Mrs. Briefs who had departed earlier that day to go to a science convention and weren't supposed to be back for a month. Vegeta sighed, Bulma had it written down at Capsule Corp. but he didn't want to leave her to go and get it. If she woke up, she wouldn't know where the hell she was or what was going on. She might even kill a nurse, he thought. After all, he almost had.

Suddenly, Bulma moaned, but didn't wake up. Vegeta looked down at her. She looked so defenseless, lying there like that. She had just undergone a long operation to have her appendix removed. It had ruptured when he was flying her to the hospital. He thought about that damn nurse and considered walking back out to the front room and breaking one of her arms. Bulma could have died because of that woman. Vegeta's eyes widened. What the hell was he doing! He wasn't supposed to care about Bulma! Why was he so relieved that she hadn't died! It would have made Capsule Corp. a lot quieter!

Bulma stirred and Vegeta looked back down at her. She was beautiful, he couldn't help but admit that. Vegeta shook his head and growled. He couldn't believe himself, he wasn't supposed to feel anything. He remembered the flight to the hospital. She had been in so much pain and he had been.... worried. Well, he thought, he wasn't going to let that happen again. He started to turn around and fly back to Capsule Corp. after all, and maybe escape the confusing feelings he was experiencing, but just then, Bulma opened her eyes. Bulma woke up to the beepings and clickings of the machines around her.

She groaned, her stomach hurt like hell. It took her awhile to focus, but when she did she noticed Vegeta standing beside her, leaning against the wall. She blinked and he looked over.

"Well, you're awake," he said.

"What happened," she said, and realized she was having a hard time talking. Her voice seemed scratchy and hoarse. She tried to clear her throat and started coughing.

"Uggh, just what I need."

"Your appendix ruptured, whatever the hell that is," Vegeta said, while walking over to her.

"Damn it, that means it was removed right?" Bulma said.

"Yes, baka, do you think it was just left in there?"

"Give me a break, I can't even move my fingers." Bulma said. Vegeta raised an eyebrow and picked up one of her hands. Bulma didn't know what he was doing, but didn't have enough energy to try and stop him. Vegeta took off a glove and felt her hands.

"Hmm," was all he said. Her hands felt like ice. Suddenly, the door opened and a nurse walked in.

"Oohh, so she's up! I'm so glad she has such a caring person here with her," the nurse said, moving to her other side to check Bulma's eyes. Vegeta decided not to argue about what the nurse had said.

"Her hands are numb, is that normal?" Vegeta asked. The nursed looked up.

"All patients have different side effects," she said, while looking at her clipboard. "Just try to move your hands if you can and get the blood circulating." Bulma nodded and sighed.

"Alright, I'll leave you two alone. The doctor will be in to see you in an hour or two, try to get some rest. You have quite a friend," the nurse said, looking Vegeta up and down. "VERY handsome," she said, before she left. Bulma could only giggle.

"Looks like you have an admirorer," she said. "She acted like we were married or something."

Vegeta hmmphed and scowled. Bulma just laughed softly, for it was all she could manage. Suddenly she realized that Vegeta was still holding her hand, and for some reason she didn't mind. However, Vegeta also noticed and let go. He slid on his glove and turned around. He was embarrased, why had he done that, he thought. Holding hands was not something he was supposed to do. Bulma sensed his agitation and cleared her throat. He turned around and looked at her.


"What?" He said, looking down at the floor.

"Umm...I never thought I'd say this to you but...ummm..thanks?" She said looking up at him. His gaze moved from the floor to her face and she thought that just for a second his features had softened. Then they went back to that normal attractive scowl. Bulma was startled, what the hell was she thinking, attractive!

"Hmph, well if you had died I would have had to get all of those damn dragon balls to wish you back, if my gravity room broke that is. I didn't feel like wasting my time in the future."

"Well, whatever the reason.. Oww damn it!" Vegeta's eyes widened.

"What's wrong?!"

"Ugh, nothing, my stomach is just in knots." Vegeta felt relieved and then mentally cursed himself for acting so worried. He leaned back against the wall, crossed his arms and closed his eyes. These baka humans always made him feel so damn weird, it felt like he was slowly catching their disease.


"Hmmmm, hmmm hmm," Bulma hummed as she tinkered away on a gigantic robot in her lab. It had been two weeks since the incident and Vegeta had been seemingly trying to avoid her. To Bulma's suprise, she felt a tinge of missing him. Every time the thought popped into her head she pushed it away.

"Alright! You'd better work for me damn it," she said. She flicked a button and the robot started moving. Bulma smiled, it was walking just right. After months of research this new prototype was ready. However, she had forgotten one thing. With each step, the robots head bounced up to the 50 foot high ceiling, and the ceiling was starting to crack. She frantically tried to terminate the robot but met with no avail.

"Oh shit!" She screamed and went for the door. It was locked. "OH SHIT!"

Suddenly there was a blast from the wall beside her. Vegeta flew in through the hole and looked at her.

"Damn it woman, how can I concentrate with all of this noise!" He yelled.

"Vegeta," Bulma said, but was cut off by another loud thump. Vegeta looked over and saw the robot, then he saw the roof. He realized it was going to come down at any second. He grabbed Bulma around the waste and flew her out of the lab.

"No!" She screamed and started kicking him.

"What the hell's the matter with you?"

"My lab will be destroyed!"

"You, or the lab woman?" Vegeta put her down in the front yard. He looked at her sad face and groaned. In another second he was back in the lab. Why the hell was he helping her? The ceiling was caving in badly now, he knew he didn't have much time. He got behind the robot and picked it up. The damn thing was heavy. He moved it through the hole in the wall and tossed it out on the front yard, a hundred feet or so away from Bulma. It crashed down and deactivated. The ground started shaking and Vegeta knew the lab was caving in. He flew back in but knew he was too late. Thousands of tons of iron, lead, copper, and steel crashed down on him.


He opened his eyes and looked around. He was in the medical area of Capsule Corp. A place Bulma had constructed shortly after her appendix problem. Vegeta surveyed his body. A few broken ribs, a gash over his eye, his wrist was broken, and there were a few more minor aches. He sighed, he'd be alright. He looked to his left and noticed a very familiar head of aqua blue hair. Bulma was sitting in a chair with her head resting on a desk to her side. She was asleep, and Vegeta could tell by the dark circles under her eyes that she hadn't had much sleep for some time now. He tried to sit up, but found that he was still too weak.

"Damn it," he said. Bulma's eyes opened and Vegeta silently cursed. He just had to wake her up! However, she only smiled, which suprised him.

"How are you feeling?" Bulma said.

"I'm fine," Vegeta said, trying to cross his arms but realized he didn't have the energy. So he just put on his best scowl. Bulma smiled wider, which was really starting to shock him.

"How long have I been here?"

"A few days, Goku pulled you out of there just in time. We were really worried." Vegeta's eyes widened, she had been worried about him?

"I guess it's now the second time that you've saved my life. I'm sorry about.. making you go back." She looked down at the floor and sighed.

"You didn't make me, I went because without that lab, you would have had nothing to do, and that would have gotten you in my way," Vegeta said.

"Thank you," Bulma said. Vegeta only growled.


In the past week, a new temporary lab was constructed while the old one was cleared out and the parts that could be salvaged were saved. Vegeta had recovered quite quickly and was back to training as usual in the gravity room.

Bulma sighed, she was almost afraid to build anything that moved. She decided to klunk around on a generator until the new lab was built and she had enough guts to do anything more creative. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Bulma got up and opened it.

There in front of her stood a very agitated Vegeta. His shirt was off revealing a glistening torso that had perfect structure. ( Yeah BABY!) Bulma stifled a gasp. He sure is damned attractive, she thought, and then mentally slapped herself.

"Well woman, are you just going to stand there or are you going to ask me why I'm so pissed off?" Bulma snapped back to reality.

"Well, what's wrong with you?" Bulma said, walking back into her lab. Vegeta grunted and followed her in.

"Your damn gravity room broke!"

"Huh? That's funny, I was sure it wouldn't break for a few more months," Bulma said. She turned around and raised an eyebrow. "How intensive did your training get anyway?"

"I don't know!" Vegeta said. He turned around and crossed his arms.

"You pushed it didn't you?" Bulma said, walking up behind him. Vegeta grunted.

"You probably put the damn thing into overdrive. Alright, I'll go have a look," Bulma said. She walked out of the lab with Vegeta behind her.


Vegeta followed her with his arms crossed and swore at himself over and over again. He just had to push it and get there, he just had to be SSJ and now the gravity room was in overdrive and he had to ask for HER help! Bulma was in front of him, swaying her hips slightly while she walked down the hall. Damn it, why does she have to do that? He thought to himself. He tried to look at the walls, at the floor, anything but her. She wasn't helping either. She had on a spaghetti strap sundress that hugged every curve. Suddenly, she stopped and Vegeta realized that she had dropped her pen. Vegeta held his breath as she bent over to retrieve it. Her skirt slid up her thighs revealing her shapely legs and well shaped backside. Vegeta groaned, which didn't help because while she was bent over, she turned around to see what was wrong.

"You ok?" She said.

"Yes, yes. I'm fine, just move," Vegeta said, lookint at the ceiling. Bulma looked confused but stood up straight and continued walking to the gravity room.


Bulma bent down on one knee to remove the vent on the floor of the gravity room. She gave it a tug and realized that it was packed on air tight. She struggled to remove it but found she didn't have enough strength to make it budge. Suddenly she felt strong arms around her and realized that Vegeta was removing the vent. However, to get to it, he had to pull from behind her. His bare chest rubbed against her back as he bent forward. As soon as his fingers hit the vent, there was a pop and it was removed. Bulma expected to hear something about "weak humans," but Vegeta didn't say anything.

He put the vent down, but didn't move. Bulma tried to slow down her breathing. It was hard with Vegeta bending over her. He seemed to hesitate and then stood up. Bulma stifled a sigh. That had gotten a bit personal, she thought. And for some reason, she had liked it.

Vegeta felt like hitting himself, hard. What was he thinking?! He had gotten too close to the human, VERY close. For some reason he had felt, how could he say it... attracted to her? He tried not to groan, he couldn't believe what he had done. She didn't seem to notice, which for some reason bothered him. WHY THE HELL AM I MAD THAT SHE DOESN'T WANT ME? He thought angrily. Then WAIT, I DON'T WANT HER...DO I?

He snapped, he'd had enough of these games with his emotions, he had to know what was going on. He bent over and tapped her on the shoulder, a very determined look on his face. Bulma turned around and looked up at him. He put his hands on her forearms and lifted her up so she was eye level with him. She looked at him suprised.

"Damn it, I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to find out," Vegeta said.

He pulled her toward him and wrapped his arms around her. Then without giving her time to protest, he kissed her full on the lips. He wasn't expecting what happened, but she kissed him back. Soon they were in a very passionate lip lock, that is until Vegeta realized what he was doing. He withdrew and looked down at her. She was beautiful, he thought. She was looking up at him in a dazed, bewildered gaze. He couldn't believe himself. What the hell was he doing? He let go of her and walked quickly out of the gravity room.

Kami, I've gone insane, he thought.