12 hours into labor...

"Dammit! Vegeta, I hate you!! I'm gonna kill you!!! You mother fucking baka piece of shit, dumb ass son of a bitch!"

"Here comes the next contraction!" The nurse exclaimed. The woman turned to Vegeta. He looked agitated and concerned. "Perhaps you could hold her hand? It helps to ease the pain..."

"AHHHHH!!!" Bulma exclaimed as a wave of agony washed through her. The contraction peaked painfully and finally it was over. She was left in a pool of perspiration, panting heavily. Another nurse who had been monitoring her heart looked up and wanted to throw up. She couldn't believe how beautiful Bulma looked, even in labor!

"Please!" The other nurse urged. "Just hold her hand for me?" Vegeta looked unsure.

"Hold the bitch's hand? Are you crazy?" Vegeta replied. "She just said she wants to kill me!"

"All pregnant women say things like that while in labor. It's just something that happens when they're in that much pain," the nurse said soothingly.

"I've seen her in pain before and she never threatened my LIFE!" The nurse smirked at his answer.

"You've never seen a woman in labor before, obviously. Now just hold her hand, she's getting close to the next contraction." Vegeta edged up to the side of the bed. Bulma looked at him uncertainly. He slowly offered her his hand. Suddenly, another contraction rushed up and Bulma grasped his palm frantically. She squeezed with the strength of a small army.

"You bastard!" She declared, looking up at him in cold fury. "Why the fuck did you do this to MEEEEE!!!!" Vegeta's hand was turning red. He couldn't believe how strong she had gotten.

"You forget, woman, you WANTED me to do this to you!"

"Well, I don't want it anymore, take it back!" Bulma whined. The contraction was over. Bulma sighed in relief and leaned back against her damp pillow. A nurse came over to the other side and wiped off her sweating brow. Bulma's head rolled over to Vegeta and she smiled softly.

"What?" He said, quite bewildered at her sudden change of character.

"I love you," she said quietly. "Just let me scream a little and I'll be fine."

"I don't understand you woman," Vegeta replied. Her eyes widened and the nurses rushed forward.

"Another contraction!" One yelled.

"Don't understand me huh?!" She spat out bitterly. "Well, FUCK YOU!" She screamed in anger as a larger contraction spawned within her abdomen. Once it was over, she fell back. She looked over to Vegeta with tears in her eyes. "Why does this have to hurt so much?" She asked of him, tears spilling onto her cheeks. The nurse answered her question for her.

"It always hurts, honey. Don't you worry, it'll be over soon, you're nearly there!" Bulma nodded slightly with her acknowledgment. It had taken forever already.


36 hours later...

"Something's wrong!" The nurse screamed. Bulma looked up in pain.

"You said it would be over SOON!! Why isn't it over yet, huh?" She panted, absorbed in misery.

"I'm not sure," the nurse answered vaguely. "I'll call Dr. Hensley and ask him to come and assist your labor!"

Bulma tried to smile but her mouth didn't have the energy to budge.


24 hours later...

"Come on Bulma, push for me, please!" Dr. Hensley begged.

Too long, this was taking far too long. She couldn't do this anymore. Bulma tried to look up to Vegeta but found she couldn't.

"Vegeta," she whispered. She felt him squeeze her hand. Oh yes, she'd forgotten about that. "Vegeta, I can't see...you..."

Dr. Hensley looked down and gasped.

"The head's emerged!" Soon, Trunks was out and in the open. The nurses sighed with relief as one hurried up to assist Dr. Hensley in cutting the umbilical chord.

The baby squealed angrily as he was wrapped up tightly and taken to his mother. Bulma heard him vaguely but couldn't see him. All she knew was that the pain seemed to have faded slightly.

"Where is he?" She asked, unable to move. "I...can't...see him," she muttered. Her once blurry vision turned charcoal black. Just like Vegeta's eyes, she thought. That in itself was comforting and so she allowed herself to slip into the darkness. It seemed like a good idea, it was warm and endless. So easy to fall into. Why did she feel wrong about that? A far away exclamation was made. She was barely aware of it. Bulma. It had said Bulma. Who was that? We're losing her? Losing who? She drifting into infinite oblivion, unaware of the turmoil that thrived above.


"What the hell?" Dr. Hensley exclaimed. Bulma had flat lined. She'd faded down to nearly nothing. Then her life diminished. He couldn't save her.

Finality. Dr. Hensley hated that. She was dead. Gone forever, on what should have been a wonderful moment. He looked to her pale face then turned around sadly. Perhaps he should give the father some privacy. That was usually best.

"Baka onna!" Vegeta screamed. Dr. Hensley's eyes widened. Such ferocity! The woman had just died and cruel words were being spat at her. How inappropriate. He turned around and saw quite an interesting scene.


He reached to her and threw forth all his energy. Failing to hold back any, he dived into her subconscious. It had been so long since he had learned telekinesis that Vegeta was unsure if he still remembered. However, he would make himself remember!

The first process was to focus on the very point of her awareness. Whirring past thoughts, dreams and memories, he absorbed them all. He had never wanted to take away Bulma's privacy, but now it seemed he had to. In the process, he had to leave behind his own memories and dreams. It was unpleasant and cruel to do so, he thought bitterly, but it had to be done.

Finally he saw a small light in the distance. So small and weak, it was flickering. He had to get to it in time.

"Bulma!" Finally he saw her and she was lost. She heard his voice and turned to it.

"Who's that? Who's Bulma?" She asked. Vegeta grimaced, she was nearly gone.

"You're Bulma, remember!" He commanded, determination filling his voice. She looked to him and gasped.

"I... know you..." She managed, contemplating the stranger before her.

"Remember who I am!" He said, making a great emphasis on the I. She looked up, angry that her peacefulness had been jarred by such a harsh voice.

"Vegeta! Shut up, you're ruining my happiness!" Venom filled her words but then she paused. She looked upon him in confusion. "Vegeta?"

"Bulma, come back with me!" He pleaded, trying to keep the desperation from plaguing his words.

"I...I don't know how," she confessed, looking down sadly.

"Yes you do, take my hand," he said. She reached out to touch him but then turned away.

"No, you don't care about me! You never really cared about me! Why are you here? Go away and leave me be!" Vegeta sighed. So it had come down to this. Very well, what must be done... must be done.

"Bulma, turn and look at me." She did as asked. "I..." Vegeta stumbled on his words. And then, it all seemed so right. He said them without flaw. "I love you." Bulma looked up at him, tears glistening within her clear blue eyes. She strode up to him happily and bent forward. Leaning down, Vegeta met her lips with his own.

A sudden warmth enveloped the both and Vegeta held her to him. She wrapped her arms around him in fear but did not move from the kiss. The blackness began to fade away as everything swirled upward. Bulma missed the comforting dark but found she was doing the right thing. In Vegeta's arms she jolted back to reality.


She opened her eyes for the first time in hours and smiled upon him. He was still grasping her figure to him, but had withdrew from their deep kiss. Dr. Hensley stood nearby, mouth open and gaping. The nurses that encircled the bed sighed with a mixture of relief and yearning. The romantic moment had held the entire company entranced.

"How many times is that now that you've saved me?" She finally uttered. He raised an eyebrow and observed her face as he pondered.

"I lost count," he said, smirking darkly. Bulma grinned.

"I guess I have to say thank you, again!" She added. Vegeta growled and looked down at her in mock anger.

"Woman, you are high maintenance, do you know that? A hint of danger and there you are! You're like a kamikaze. Can't you stop having these near death experiences?" Bulma cocked her head to the side and considered it.

"Well, I don't know... I sort of like having you saving me and all!" A distant cry brought them all to their senses. "Oh my!" Bulma said, sitting up. "Bring my baby to me!" She commanded, looking over to the bundle that was Trunks. A dumbfounded nurse snapped out of her stupor and walked over to where the babe lay. She picked it up gingerly and brought it to Bulma.

"He's very beautiful!" The nurse allotted, putting Trunks in her arms.

"Hi there, Trunks!" Bulma said happily. Vegeta leaned in to look at it.

"Well, shit!" He exclaimed. Bulma looked up at him crossly.

"And just what are you grouching about?"

"The brat has purple hair! That means he takes after you! Oh, Kami, he'll be weak and pathetic."

"NO HE WON'T!!! He'll be strong and smart and handsome and perfect!" Just like your father, she thought.

"Hmph!" Vegeta said. "If he's anything like you, then he won't be NEAR that!" Bulma's eyes narrowed.

"Oh yes he will! The poor child seems to have your face though, so God forbid he doesn't get my good looks. That could be bad... oh well, I know PLENTY of plastic surgeons, my boy will be an angel!"

"Plastic surgeons? You expect ME to allow people to insert plastic in my brat?"

"Oh Vegeta, it was a joke! And that's not what plastic surgeons do, anyways. Besides, he's already perfect," she said at last. Holding the now sleeping child, Bulma looked up to regard Vegeta. He stood over her in a mixture of surprise and fading relief.

Lying there now, she felt him within her mind. The memories he had left remained and she relived them slowly one by one. He was probably doing the same with hers, she surmised. Knowing him now so closely, she felt almost connected to him. An invisible rope seemed to be holding them both together. It felt strange, but oddly enough, comforting.

"It's a bond," Vegeta finally said. Bulma looked up astonished.

"A bond?" Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"Yes, a bond, woman! And as much as I don't like it, I've bonded to you and you to me. So get used to it! I feel your emotions, you feel mine and blah blah blah... I unfortunately had to bond to you in order to bring you back. So in a way, it's your fault!" He crossed his arms and hmphed. Bulma smiled.

"So that means you're stuck with me then?"

"Hai," he grunted.

"Well then, I guess we have to get married!"



Author's Note: Sorry this one took so long in the making! =( I had to read a really really really really hard, boring and loooonng book! However, it is done! I am done! Life is looking GOOD! Chimera will be out quite soon with a new, ::cough:: brilliant chapter! Heheh...r i g h t... Anyhoo, hope you liked Bulma's happy, sad, near death experience. I like this fic cause it's so happy compared to my other stuff! =)

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