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He's only seven... and seen the worst humanity can offer. Such as now, running to save his skin as the older boys pelt him with stones. They all hate him, but they don't know why. The older boys have already taken everything that they can from him... taken the money that he 'earned'....

He cried out involuntarily as one of the stones made painful contact with his shoulder. He flung himself around another corner, hoping to find a bolt hole or another alley to lose them in. He could feel something hot and wet dripping down his back... that last rock must have had a sharp edge. Another corner and he was brought up short... by the new wall that had been built across what had previously been a clear escape route. Having been chased into the dead end, Nagi can only cower as they start beating him mercilessly.

The beating persists only a few brutal moments... Still cowering, he ventures a peek to see what caused the boys to stop, only to see a man. . . too pretty to be called anything but beautiful.

"Daijobu desu ka?"

Midnight eyes, holding a wealth of pain and looking far too old for the tiny face, stared up at him. The child didn't speak... didn't even nod, just stared with an odd acceptance. It was as if he didn't expect anything but abuse, and this new person was just another in a long line of aggressors.

Reaching over, the blond brushes some hair out of Nagi's face, "do you have anywhere to go?" Shaking from a combination of fear and shock, the boy shook his head. "What about your family?" the blonde asks as he pushes a pair of glasses back into place while still examining the boy.

The child shook his head again... staring beyond the blond at the older kids, hovering but not moving in while the 'big person' was there.

"Can you walk?"

The boy struggled to his feet, his overworked legs having stiffened up while he sat. Eyes on the ground, he waited for the man to lead him away. Hazel eyes study the small frame for a moment before plucking the child up from where he stands and begins walking off. . .


A young man with blue hair sat in front of what appeared to be a normal laptop computer. It was actually so far advanced beyond normal, it wasn't funny. And yet, what he was looking for was eluding him...

Stepping in the door, Watari smiles. . . after a few wrong turns, he finally got back. "Nan-kun. . . tadaima!"

"Watari... okaeri. Any luck?" He didn't turn around... saving what he was working on.

"Not yet, I already checked four of the research labs. . . I couldn't find the last two because I kept getting lost," the blonde comments as he shifts the child from one arm to the other. . . "But, I still haven't found anything out of the ordinary."

"Well, we can go out la... who do you have there?" Nan turned and for the first time, caught a glimpse of the rather bedraggled kid the blond was carrying. "You're a mess..."

"hei hei. . . water and enough soap should take care of it. I brought. . . " a faint blush of embarrassment finds its way to Watari's features. . . .turning his attention to the boy in his arms, "I'm sorry little one, I never asked your name."

Dark eyes... complete with faint bruises underneath just looked at him for a moment. He swallowed... then whispered... "nagi... naoe nagi."

"Well, Nagi-kun. . . I'm Watari Yutaka, and that over there is Ishida Nanjiro." Hazel eyes look into midnight. "We're gonna go get you cleaned up. . . and then get something substantial into you. Does that sound good to you?"

The boy shrugged... face essentially expressionless. Nanjiro frowned. /Watari... where did you pick him up?/

/He was being attacked in an alley that I wandered into. . . I couldn't leave him there./

/I know./ "Come on chibi... let's get you washed up, ne?" He held his hand out to the slight child. "If Watari-sensei can set you down..."

Gingerly, Watari sets Nagi down. . . keeping an eye on him, watching for any sign that the child will stumble or fall. Nagi wove a bit, but found his balance... he eyed the hand extended toward him. These men... well the blue-haired guy was younger, but these men... what did they want of him? He decided he didn't care... if they wanted him clean before they fucked him, at least he'd get a bath.

Watari watches as Nanjiro leads the small child from the room before starting to put together a nutritious but small meal for Nagi. . . if the kid's been out on the street for a while, he needs the nutrients, but might not be able to stomach anything too complex.


The child walked alongside the larger boy, eyes never raising above knee height. He really hoped they weren't going to be too rough with him... with his shoulder cut the way it was... he could get sick very easily.

Picking up a large towel, Nan-kun takes Nagi into a washroom with a large tub. "Don't look like you are being sentenced to death kiddo. . . We're not going to do anything to you."

The boy frowned. "then why?"

"Because you needed it, and also because Watari-sensei tends to do things for little or no reason." Mismatched green eyes twinkle, "I'm leaving the towel on the ledge here. . . there's soap and shampoo in there already. Take your time and wash up. When you come out, we'll get some food into you."

Nagi just stood there and watched him leave. He couldn't believe these guys. Were they crazy? They had to have some kind of agenda. The idea of being clean was calling to him though... too strongly to be ignored. Whatever he had to do to pay for it... that would come later. Right now, he wanted to be clean.


Emerging from the washroom, Nagi can smell food being cooked. . . his stomach growls impatiently against his will. . . indicating that it wants that, and that it wants it now . . . since his last attempt at a meal was a few days ago. He follows his nose to where the wonderful scents are coming from. He was sooo hungry... he didn't care what they asked for... much like the bath, the need for food was too pressing to care about what was probably going to happen to him later.

"Oy Nagi, how was the bath?" Watari asks as soon as the boy comes into view.

He just stood in the doorway. Was that a bird on the man's shoulder?

A plate is pulled down and a decent sized serving of food is placed onto it before it's set on the counter top. . . "Go ahead and get started, I'll get you something to drink in a sec."

Nagi looks at the plate... then the man... then back to the plate. He bolts for the food, inelegantly shoveling it into his mouth with his fingers.

Sighing, Watari pours a glass of orange juice for the boy and leaves the pitcher on the counter within reach. "If you keep up at that pace, you're going to hurt yourself."

He paused and looked up at the man... then back to the plate. He ate a little more slowly this time... but still as if he was afraid someone was going to take it from him.

"There's more on the stove. . . If you want more. . . get Nan-kun to get it for you. I don't want you to accidentally burn yourself. Help yourself to the juice. . . . When I get back from my shower, I'm going to take a better look at your injuries."

Nagi took the glass of juice drinking that down quickly as well. His eyes flickered up to the blond... then back down to his meal, acknowledging the man but not stopping.

The third plate is halfway finished when Nagi sees the small bird flit across the room, and land on the counter... large eyes look up at him, and the thing hoots. He skitters back... away from the creature. It was small, but that beak looked sharp. It could have the food if it wanted it... he wasn't going near that thing.

"You don't have to worry about 003, she isn't going to take your food." Nagi hears a voice say, turning he sees the blonde, dressed in casual clothes with a towel thrown across his shoulders. In the man's hand, the brunette can see a small white box with a red cross on it. "She was just trying to be friendly."

Nagi plainly didn't believe the man, standing where he was against the wall. He watched the blond with wary eyes.

"Sorry 003. . . you're making Nagi uncomfortable." Watari says as he pets the owl. "Go and see about playing with Nanjiro for a bit, ne?"

Without further instruction, 003 flies out of the room with a small hoot of indignation.


The boy nods, but doesn't move. His stomach was starting to hurt a little... and his shoulder hurt a lot. There were any number of places that hurt, from the rocks... and the previous night.

"Stomach hurts?"

He wondered how much he should tell this guy... deciding it must be obvious, Nagi nodded.

Wandering into the kitchen, another glass is pulled out and Watari mixed together a fizzy drink. "here, drink this. . . It'll make you let out a large burp, but then your stomach should feel a lot better."

For the first time since arriving... he hesitated. He'd been too hungry to think about it earlier... but what if this guy was trying to drug him?

"If you want to keep an upset stomach, feel free to do so, but I'm going to see about patching up your injuries." Putting the still fizzing glass down, Watari goes over and plucks Nagi from his spot on the wall, deposits him on the chair where he had been previously and starts to tend to the wounds.

Midnight eyes went wide as the man simply picked him up. He cringed a bit, not certain what the blond meant by 'patching up' his injuries. Stripping the old shirt that used to belong to Nanjiro off of the boy, Watari opens up the small but useful medical kit and brings out an antibacterial wash along with some cotton balls and several types of bandages.

The child shivered... more from fear than cold. The slash on his right shoulder was bleeding sluggishly again. In addition, up and down his torso were bruises of all sizes and colors. Some were obviously fresh, other showing the green and brown of older injuries.

Methodically and professionally, the blond goes about tending to each injury, taking care not to aggravate them further. Cleaning out the slash, he wraps gauze around it and fastens it into place to make sure that it isn't going to come loose. The boy watches him... something like curiosity on his pale, bruised face.

The shirt is pulled back onto Nagi's thin frame. "Feeling better now?"

He rubbed at his stomach... his shoulder felt better but his insides felt worse. He looked at the fizzy stuff... maybe... he seemed to be nice enough. So far.

"Drink it or don't. . . but you'll sleep much better without your stomach protesting so much." Watari says with a yawn.

Sleep? They were going to let him sleep? He must mean AFTER they were done with him. Well, that was nice of them... to let him sleep someplace warm for a change. He slid off the chair and walked stiffly over to the counter, reaching for the glass.

Waiting till the boy has finished drinking down the medicine, the blonde goes over and picks him up again. . . After Nagi has burped, they can hear Nanjiro complain to them from the other room about the scare he got from that sudden noise. "I take it that you are feeling all better now?"

He nods. "do you want payment now?"

"No, because you are not going to pay us back for this. . . "

Nagi frowned. "what do you want then?" What kind of game were these guys playing? Maybe they were brokers... he didn't want to get sold! That was worse than standing on the corner. He started to struggle a bit. "no! lemme go!"

Immediately Nagi finds himself standing on the floor. "I don't want anything from you. . . "

Immediately Nagi finds himself standing on the floor.

"I don't want anything from you. . . Anyone that would take something or do anything towards a child should be ashamed of themselves."

Midnight eyes peered up through overgrown bangs. "you... don't want to... do that to me?"

"Not in the slightest, and don't even think about Nanjiro. . . poor kid has an overprotective lover." Watari says with a wink.

"what do you want then? want to sell me?"

Crouching down so that hazel eyes meet midnight, "Nagi, we're not going to sell you, use you, or harm you. We're not going to force you to do anything. . . if you want to stay, you can stay. If you want to leave, the door is over there and no one will stop you from leaving."

He turned that over in his head for a minute. When he finally did speak... his voice was a whisper. "really?"


The boy bit his lip... eyes searching Watari's for the truth. He suddenly sat down, hugging his knees to his chest and ducking his face into his arms to hide his tears. Nagi doesn't remember how long he stayed there crying silent tears. . . or when the blonde picked him up again and carried him to a bed. . . or even when he fell asleep that night. Waking in the middle of the night, the small child looks up into the still sleeping face of the man that saved him, and realizes that for the first time in over two years, he feels safe in someone else's arms.

Not wanting to waste what must surely be a great dream, Nagi snuggles back down and wills himself back to sleep.


Within a few more days, Nagi is overwhelmed by the fact that Watari and Nanjiro have gotten him new clothes, and his own futon! Though, to be honest, he preferred cuddling up to the blonde.

He stared at Nanjiro, working away on some electronic thing. "What is that?"

Closing a few windows after saving the data, Nanjiro looks back at the child. "It's a computer. I use it to keep information safe for me."

"How can it keep information?" He was truly puzzled, he knew of a few older kids that could read... but he'd never had the chance to learn such a thing.

"Well, it helps if you can read and write." Opening a new text file, the blue haired shinigami types in a few characters... "There, those symbols are your name... Nagi."

He got closer... staring at the arcane symbols. "That's... my name?"

"Yup." Going a few more spaces down, he types in a few more characters, and repeats the process again. "The one under your name is my name... Nanjiro... and under that is Yutaka."

"How... do you make them?"

"By pressing down on these buttons here." he says, pointing out the keyboard. "Want to try just pushing a few random buttons?"

The boy nodded eagerly. He poked at a couple buttons... a little roughly, then leaned back again.

"Okay, have fun?"

"What did I do?"

Nanjiro points out the new characters on the screen. "Those right there." A tiny smile dawns on the boy's face.

Outside, the sound of a car horn can be heard, interrupting the impromptu computer lesson. "Sorry, Nagi. . . Atsumi's here, I gotta get going. When Watari gets back, he'd probably be happy to teach you a bit more about the computer. . . and most importantly, how to read." Jumping up, Nanjiro grabs his backpack and heads out the door waving to the seven year old.

Nagi moved his hand a bit... imitating the wave a bit. He went to the window to see Nan-kun climbing into a car. He couldn't really see in the car too well. He wondered what he was supposed to do now...

Sitting down in front of the computer, Nagi just examines the appearance of the machine as he waits for Watari to return. . . An hour later the blonde walks in the door carrying Italian take-out.


Nagi looked up at the man. He scrambled to go over and help. "You're back."

"Hei, thank you for the warm welcome little one."

The boy didn't comment, just followed the blond into the kitchen, helping to carry one of the bags.

"Oy, where's Nan-kun?" the blonde asks after looking around a little.

"He left... with, Atsumi-san?" Nagi thought he remembered the name correctly... but he wasn't sure.

"Atsumi?" Watari asks, confirming that he heard the name correctly... and for the first time, Nagi sees a dark expression cross the normally cheerful man's face. "I wish that he wouldn't see that person. . . . "

The boy frowned. "Why?" He looked at the food curiously.

Preparing a serving for Nagi, Watari replies, "he used to be a nice person, but lately he's just gotten spiteful. . . . but Nan is just too involved to realize the damage that is really happening."

"Is he mean?" Nagi licked his lips... it smelled so good...

"Yes, he does seem to have a tendency to get mean." A fork and a knife are handed over to Nagi, "and this, little one, is Italian food. . . in my opinion some of the best food you can find."

The boy looked at the utensils in confusion. He had been totally bewildered by the chopsticks the night before as well. The only thing he had known how to use was a spoon.


Nagi wasn't sure what had woken him, but looking across the futon he realizes that it is probably because for the first time since he's been with Watari and Nanjiro he is alone in bed. The boy sat up and yawned fisting one eye. Crawling out of bed, the oversized shirt falling off one shoulder, he padded over to the door on silent feet. He just wanted to check... to make sure he wasn't alone...

As he nears the door, he can hear Watari quietly scolding Nanjiro.

'I can't see why you keep going back to him. . . this is the second time that he's broken your arm. . . '

He yanked open the door. Nan was hurt? He had to see...

Both blonde and blue haired occupants look up as soon as the door was flung open. Nanjiro's arm wrapped in a splint, a faint puffiness and redness around those mismatched green eyes from where the youth had been previously crying.

Questions flitted across Nagi's face... he hesitated in the doorway... maybe they didn't want him to interfere. They were busy, he'd only be in the way.

A look passes from green to hazel and Watari goes over and pulls Nagi up into his arms, "What's my little one doing awake at this hour?" he asks with a gentle smile as Nan yawns in the background.

Nagi shook his head. "Don't know... What happened to Nan-kun's arm?" His eyes locked on other's bandages.

"Nothing, I just got into a little accident," Nanjiro says holding his arm up for the child to see. "It'll be fine in a bit."

"But I heard Watari-san say it's broken... was Atsumi mean to you again?" Midnight eyes flashed a bit in anger. "He shouldn't be mean... you're nice."

"Thank you kiddo," Standing up, the blue haired teen ruffles Nagi's hair and plants a feather light kiss on the boy's head. "No, Atsumi would never do something like that to me. . . "

The look on Nagi's face shows that he doesn't truly believe the teen. He'd seen some of the worst that humanity could do to another... he knew what men were capable of. He sighed and lay his head on Watari's shoulder... he was tired.


During the next few days, Watari and Nanjiro start teaching Nagi how to read and write, as well as tutor him in basic computer skills. . . . Thrilling the boy when the blonde appears with a small computer that contains a few assorted learning apps and some games. . . . most of the programming having been coded by Watari himself.

The boy is fascinated by the concept of learning, and makes progress at an amazing rate. His quick mind and excellent memory help make up for the lack of previous schooling.

One thing that took the small child by complete surprise was when they asked him if he would like to live with either of them permanently. . . since they were only at this location temporarily.

"You want me? Why would you want me?"

"How could I not want my little one around anymore?" Watari asks as he types around the figure sitting in his lap.

On the other side of the room, Nanjiro tosses a softball up in the air while he lays on his back, "You're a cute kid kiddo. . . . who wouldn't want something as sweet as you around?"

Nagi went really quiet and kind of huddled against the blond. "they didn't want me..."

"Naaaagi. . . we aren't your parents." Nan comments

The boy turned his face more into Watari's shirt. "why didn't they want me?"

Stopping his typing, Watari wraps his arms around the small brunette, "because they didn't realize what a wonderful person you are. . . "

He shivered a bit. "no I'm not... I break things..."

"You don't do that on purpose," the blonde murmurs as he strokes the boy's head.

"but... mama would yell at me and i would get mad and things would break and she said it was all my fault and lock me in the closet..."

"You can make things move without touching them." the blue haired boy comments without sounding impressed.

The boy nodded into the blonde's chest.

"Kiddo, that's not a bad thing... Watari and I know a few people that can do that too... "

Nagi pulled away, to peer around at Nan, a couple tears escaping his control. "honto ni?"

Nodding, Watari smiles down at the child. "Honto."

For once the boy smiled, fully... the expression completely transforming his face. Wiping away the remaining tears, Watari can't help but smile. . . . "Now little one, Nanjiro and I don't live together. I have a home, and he has a home. . . So you can either live with me, or Nanjiro, or you can move back and forth between our houses till you chose where you want to stay."

Nagi hugs the blond, as far as he can reach. "both of you..."


The next day after Nanjiro has left to take some of their belongings back to wherever it was that would be Nagi's new home... 'little one' hears a knock at the door, followed by gunshots after Watari had opened it.

"Watari-san?!" Against all his instincts and better judgment... Nagi runs out of the bedroom.

Arriving in the living room, he is in time to see one of the three gunmen put another round into the blonde's barely moving form on the ground... pooling even more blood around the figure in the blue turtleneck. "There's the brat... "

He's frozen for a moment, watching the blood steadily spreading from Watari's body. "IYADA!!!!!" He screamed... and every window in the place shattered...