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Warning! This is an EVIL Brad fic... there is complete and utter bastardization of that man in this fic... If you LIKE Brad, then this is not the fiction for you.
You have been warned... EVIL BRAD FIC...

Chapter nine.


Waking in the middle of the night, the blonde wonders if what happened to him was some sort of horrible nightmare. Looking up at the ceiling he tries to distinguish if there are any sorts of designs that he could see without his glasses. . . Slowly it dawns on him that the entire experience definitely wasn't... at least not with the discomfort that is making itself known as a low muted pain in his backside.

He can hear the soft sounds of someone breathing nearby... but not SO nearby that he's in the same bed. Rolling over... somewhat painfully... he can see Crawford in the other bed.

Slipping off the bed, Watari wanders into the lavatory, where he comes face to face with his reflection. Even without his glasses he can see the difference in his eyes. . . how could he be so weak to let something like that happen to him? Shutting the door, he turns the lock into place.


The American woke with a start. It was always disconcerting when a dream switched to a vision. Speaking of which... he looked over... the other bed was empty. Shit... he climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Seeing the future was of no help if he wasn't awake to change it... From behind the closed bathroom door the sound of shattering glass can be heard.

Crawford grabbed his bag... and the set of lock picks he carried. He wasn't as good as Schuldich, and Nagi could have done it with his powers... but he managed to unlock the door within a couple minutes.

When the door swings open, it reveals Watari sitting on the floor with his head bowed. Shards of glass glitter all around the blonde, mingled with blood. Red streaks are plastered across the robe that hangs loosely on that lithe frame.

The brunette sighed and carefully approached the blond. He had dealt with this before... it was a frequent occurrence when Farfarello couldn't get out to release the chaos inside him. Schuldich too had been known to do really stupid stuff when on one of his 'trips'. He didn't look forward to the day when Nagi tried something this moronic either. "Watari..."

Holding up an unmarred wrist, Watari gives no indication that he even noticed the American in the room. Blood stains the blonde's flesh, but no wounds are visible. With his other hand, the blond uses a shard of the broken mirror to slice vertically, making the incision from wrist to just a few inches shy of his elbow. . . and watches as the blood runs across the already stained skin.

Crawford stared... then moved forward to take the glass from the blonde's hand. "How do you do that?"

"I don't know..."

The American nodded. "Can you stand up?"

Slowly the blonde nods his head. "hei..."

"Then lets get you cleaned up..." Moving as if he were in a dream, Watari lets Brad manipulate his body... not really acting of his own accord, but not resisting the motions he is being put through. Mindful of the glass... Crawford cleans the blood from Watari's skin... marveling at the lack of injury... He then steers the blond back to bed. "Sleep... we'll leave for Tokyo in a couple of hours."


Above the dragon a word bubble can be seen filled with 'ZZZzzz' as the program 'sleeps' on Nagi's desktop. The teenager yawned... and opened another file... last one... his homework for English.

Rolling over, the dragon makes a feeble attempt at grabbing the file. . . but collapses back into its makeshift bed.

Nagi chuckled... then got to work... he was almost done translating this passage. THEN he could go to bed... not that he would get much sleep before he had to get up again.


Watari watches the scenery as it rushes past his window with little interest. Crawford glances over from time to time... this report was going to be very interesting.

The only noticeable reaction that the blonde gives, is when Brad strokes Watari's thigh. Stiffening slightly, he readjusts himself in the seat... but doesn't bother to remove the 'offending' hand. He miscalculated... obviously... but Schuldich was always so... so... willing... This dealing with nearly virgins was difficult.

Closing in on having been in the car for nearly three hours, Watari finally reacts to some outside stimulus as they pass a small outcropping of buildings... "there's a good restaurant in there..." he says in a flat voice as he watches the buildings pass his window.


Driving into the parking lot, Brad calls up Schuldig on his cell to let the telepath know that they are on their way up. Next to the American, Watari draws himself a little bit closer in on himself at the completely unfamiliar surroundings. The blond stared blankly at his hands... clasping and unclasping in his lap. He numbly allowed the brunette to undo the seat belt and pull him from the car. He walked where Crawford steered him, looking down at the floor. Reaching the elevator, he hugs the corner. . . instinctively trying to put some distance between himself and Brad while in such an enclosed area.

The redhead was waiting as the elevator reached their floor. He took one look at the blond and scowled at the American. /what the FUCK did you do/

/I had a little fun with him last night/ Brad thinks to his scowling subordinate as he takes the blonde by the shoulder and steers him towards Schuldig. /Now fix what ever is wrong with him./

/Fix? You fucked up this badly and I have to 'fix' it? You REALLY did it this time.../

/would you rather I have taken him back to his family in this shape. . . and let them deal with another interesting bathroom incident/

/bathroom? show me/

Opening his mind momentarily, Brad lets Schuldig be privy to the after effects of Watari's failed attempt at suicide. . . how he looked just sitting there, covered in blood, surrounded by the shattered mirror . . .and how the blonde's skin was completely flawless as he cleaned the blood from the man's body.

/Oh... that's just wonderful... shit Brad... even you should have been able to tell he'd been abused before... have a LITTLE empathy in that stone cold heart of yours.../

/That's why I keep you around./ Turning, the American heads for the door, "I have a meeting with Mr. Takatori. . . When I return, I expect him to be well enough to return to his family."

"Asshole..." He comments to the shut door... then Schuldich turns toward Watari. "Hey... Blondie... you in there?"

Slowly, Watari nods his head... not bothering to make any other indication that he is even aware of another person in the room with him.

/come on... sit down.../ Schu sat on the couch and patted the space next to him.

He hesitates before moving towards the couch... stopping about halfway there and wraps his arms around himself even tighter before continuing to the couch. Once there, the blonde instead of sitting next to Schuldig, he takes the seat farthest from the German, while still remaining on the piece of furniture.

The redhead sighed... but didn't force the issue. /I know what he did... he was wrong... he should NEVER have done that. However... he also doesn't have an empathic bone in his body and doesn't realize when he has gone beyond someone's boundaries. Part of that is my fault... I always just let him take whatever he wants.../

"He said he wanted to. . . that i was beautiful," the blonde suppresses the urge to shudder at the word. . . having heard something similar before yet not sure when, where or why the phrasing makes his skin crawl, "and that he could see why you wanted me. . . "

"Damn him... Look... I do want you and you are beautiful... but I would NEVER do something without your permission. What he did was wrong, no matter what reason he gave you. He's a prick."



Uncurling somewhat, the blonde draws his knees up closer to his body, "hontou?"

"Hai. Have you had anything to eat?"

"iie. . . i wasn't really hungry."

"Will you eat something if I make it?"

Nodding his head, Watari wonders why the thought of food brings to mind the image of twin amethysts. "hei..."


Endo watches the scene playing out in front of him, knowing full well that there is no chance that this work will make it to the art show that is supposed to start tonight, he starts to paint anyway; not that he really lived for the shows anyway, or even aver really bothered to stay for long around the gallery. Only bothering to stay any decent amount of time at the openings, since that is what was expected of him, and the gallery owners once said that he had to be there... if not, they would stop showing and selling his work if the public couldn't have a chance to interact with the artist.

Hearing the siren's call of his muse, he focused on the painting again. This one would make it's way into his next show after all...


As the blonde sits eating the pasta alfredo that Schuldig made, alfredo sauce direct from a jar, the telepath is able to get a better idea of just how much the scientist doesn't want to remember as he subconsciously continues to suppress more and more memories that attempt to rise to the surface. There was... something in the blonde's past... something long buried... that Crawford the Bastard's violation had nearly unearthed. It was that something that Watari was trying desperately to hide... at all costs.

Taking another bite of pasta, Watari starts trying to see if he can fill the void in any of his memories. . .

Schuldich concentrates on his meal... letting the blond have time to sort himself out. Good thing Nagi was at school... and wouldn't be back until after doing work at Takatori's office too. Farf was sleeping off his meds, trying to be stable for tonight's gallery opening. It was the perfect time to just let Watari think.

Thinking back, he tries to see what he does remember about himself. A memory from his childhood rises... of when his parents had died in a car accident. He could remember the funeral, and then how his brother had looked after him...

Schuldich took the dish when Watari was done... placing a piece of cake in front of him. He took the dishes over and dumped them in the sink... it was Nagi's turn to do them.

A soft thank you can be heard from the blonde as he absentmindedly starts eating the cake with the phrase 'dessert is the most important part of the meal' echoing in the back of his mind. Where did he hear that one?

"You're welcome. Do you want coffee?"

The memory of someone complaining that he should never be allowed within ten feet of a coffee maker ever again suddenly pops up. "Hei."

Schuldich nodded and poured a pair of cups. He pushed creamer powder and sugar at the blond. "Here... fix it how you like it..."

Mixing in two spoonfuls of the powdered creamer and one of sugar into the coffee, Watari takes a sip of the opaque liquid. "thank you..."

"no problem... how are you feeling?"

"Fine. . .I guess. . . "

"Good... when are you going to move to Kyoto?"

"Taka and I are supposed to start looking for an apartment next week." Stirring the coffee, Watari watches the steam coming from the cup. "Oniisan didn't sound happy about my deciding on Kyoto. . ."

"Why's that? I would think he'd be happy for you..."

"I don't remember exactly... something happened there." Watari suddenly remembers running... scared and accidentally ducking into a dead end... "something really bad."

"Aaah... how's Taka doing?" He directed the conversation away from that pain... not wanting to have to pull the blond out again.

Chuckling lightly, Watari shakes his head, "he started looking at apartments online in kyoto... he can't move out fast enough."

"With a harpy like THAT for a stepmother... I don't blame him."

"I can't even believe that he agreed to all of my conditions for him to come with me... Kyoko must be worse to him, than I originally thought... "

"She's a complete and total bitch... inside and out. She hasn't had a nice thought when I've seen her yet."

"It's hard to look at her sometimes. . . she looks so much like Mariko-chan, Taka's mother."

"Is that why your brother married her?"

"Perhaps... maybe when they first met she wasn't so vicious?" the blonde comments while playing with a napkin.

"A leopard doesn't change it's spots... she's just a damn good actress."

"The odd thing is... there were no photos around the house of me or Mariko... "

Schuldich frowned... "That is odd..."

"Mariko-chan's photo was at least in the shrine," he comments, taking another drink, "but mine wasn't... and from what everyone has said, they believed me dead."

"Hmmm... maybe with whatever they thought happened... it was too painful for them..."

"A car accident... oniisan said that it was a hit and run..." the image of what the doctors said were his x-rays flashes in the blonde's mind for a fraction of an instant along with the hospital room that he was in. "but I can't remember any car accident... "

"Not surprising... if there was a brain injury..."

The door opened as Brad walked back into the penthouse apartment. As soon as the blonde sees the American, he stiffens slightly and the coffee cup in his hand explodes from the additional pressure that it suddenly found itself under.

The redhead shoots Crawford a hard look, then cleans up the spilled coffee. "Look what the cat dragged in..."

Watari remains nearly frozen, watching the american. "hei..."

/be nice/

The initial shock wears off of Watari... to be replaced by fear masquerading as anger. Slipping down from the chair he was on, the blonde continues to watch Brad.

/and watch yourself... our kitten has claws and would just LOVE to scratch you/

Brad sidesteps the blow easily and uses the blonde's own momentum to send him to the floor. Twisting Watari's arm back, he pins the slender man. . . /our kitten has more than just claws. . . he is more of a saber-toothed tiger disguised as a domestic feline./

/its your own damn fault now LET HIM UP... or I'll hit you myself/

/If I let him up now, he'll attack me again. Any of his wild swings connects, and they will cause serious injury./