The Lord of the Rings

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Rivendell Riot

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Part IV in the "Presta Chronicles."

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By, LegolasLover2003


~*[ ]*~ -Anything in brackets is the English translation of the Elvish. Smaller one or two word pieces can be found at the bottom of this chapter. However, the longer sentences and paragraphs have their translations directly after they are spoken.


"Feeling better, tithen Greenleaf?" the mirthful voice of Elladan asked as he stood just within the chamber's doorway.

"Must you tease me like your brother?" Legolas asked as he rolled his eyes from the bed.

With a laugh, the lone twin son of Elrond entered the room and sat down in a large overstuffed chair near the roaring fireplace. The seat had been vacated by Aragorn not long ago, after much insistence by the Elven Prince. The archer had convinced his friend that he was quite well and did not need the human watching over him day and night any longer. Through everything, the Ranger had constantly looked over him, and had hardly slept for the past few days. So, on this fine morning, Legolas had finally shooed Aragorn away and practically ordered him to get some much needed sleep. Elrohir had visited the prince just after, teasing the poor archer mercilessly. However, Elladan's twin had left shortly on an errand to get Legolas some much wanted breakfast.

"Contrary to popular belief, Elladan, I have regained much of my strength. In fact, perhaps I could visit the gardens this evening?"

The raven haired Elf shook his head, "Nay. By ada's orders you are to remain in bed for one week. Sadly, that time is not yet come."

There was a knock on the now closed door and Legolas sighed.

"If that is your brother, I swear I will..." but before he could finish the sentence, the door was opened and in walked Lord, Elrond.

There was a smile upon the elder Elf's face as he took in the atmosphere of the chamber. "'Tis good to see you so much better, tithen Greenleaf."

Elladan could not keep himself from laughing, nearly falling from his chair in the process. The Elven Lord cocked an eyebrow at his son, but said nothing.

"Lord Elrond, Elladan has told me that I am not allowed out of bed for a full week. I am much better now, you just said it yourself. Could I be permitted to at least visit the gardens today?"

The elder Elf smiled once more as Elladan finally got his laughter under control.

Elrond nodded, "Of course, Legolas. However, you should have Estel accompany you... speaking of which, where is that man?"

The twin began to laugh once more. "He has hardly left Legolas' side. Perhaps Estel finally got on my good friend's nerves? In retaliation, Legolas tied him up and shoved him under the bed, perhaps?" Elladan was grinning mischievously at the prince. "'Tis the only explanation I can think of." he said, kneeling next to the bed and making a show of searching underneath.

Legolas let out a frustrated sigh and, as Elladan's head popped up from the bedside, the prince threw one of his pillows at the twin. Elladan fell back, catching the pillow with a smile.

He then looked up at his father and shrugged, "Apparently, Legolas hid him somewhere else."

Elrond smiled slightly, "Indeed..."

"Elladan, I sent Estel to his room to get some sleep. He has hardly rested these past few days." the archer replied, taking back his pillow as the twin threw it.

The Elven Lord turned, "You may be out of bed. I see no injuries which could cause you any danger. However, take things easy for the next few days, Legolas. I would hate for you to injure yourself once more. One other thing... Please refrain from throwing the pillows." but before Elladan could reply he continued. "Or the furniture or the linens. In fact, refrain from throwing anything. If you pick it up with said intention, put it down. I do not need this house to appear as if a whirlwind resides in the valley. I will not tolerate a repeat of your escapades such as the ones which occurred this time last year."

With that, Elrond left, though with a smile upon his face. Elladan took up the chair once more, smiling as he sat. Legolas however bounded out of bed and immediately rushed over to the oak closet across the room. He began to pull out a tunic and a fresh pair of leggings, and quickly began to dress.

Elladan shook his head and sighed, "Take it easy, mellon nin."

"I am." came the reply from behind a dressing screen. "But if I am to go to the gardens, I cannot go in my night clothes."

After a few moments, the prince stepped out. He was wearing dark blue leggings with a tunic which mimicked the pale shades of blue just after the sun rise. His hair was not braided, and hung freely upon his shoulders as he pulled on his brown suede boots.

"I feel like going out." he simply said with a smile.

Elladan could only shake his head with laughter.


"Legolas!" Estel's voice echoed through Rivendell's corridors. "Legolas!"

"What is the problem, gwador?" Elrohir asked, stepping out of the kitchen. "You shall be heard all the way to the Ford if you continue shouting like that."

"It would be well if I was." The man said with a sigh, "Have you seen Legolas, Elrohir?"

"I have." he replied, turning as if to go back the way he had come, "Though I think he wishes to be left alone."

"But ada said he should stay in bed." Estel spoke.

The Elf nodded, "Aye. Iston. However, ada also said he could visit the gardens." he set down the towel in his hands, "He is there now."

"Hannon le!" Aragorn replied, turning and running in the said direction.

Elrohir called after him, "He wishes not to be found!"

"Iston! But he must be! His father has sent word to him!" came his brother's reply.


There were whispers all about him. They were not foreboding, nor were they sympathetic. The sounds were simply glad. When a Wood Elf is present among familiar trees, they rejoice.

Legolas smiled as he touched the trunk of a nearby tree. "Hannon le, lalorn. Im gelir an lin glass."

~*[Thank you, Elm. I am glad for your joy.]*~

He sighed happily before looking high up into the branches.

Without any thought to his injury, Legolas leapt into the tree and sat amidst it's boughs.

The sweet smell of Imladris' garden wafted up to him and, just when he was finally beginning to relax, he distinctly heard someone calling his name.

The prince sighed, "Estel... Only Estel..."

A few moments later the spoken of man entered the garden.

"Legolas!" the Ranger called, looking up into the same Elm which his friend had jumped into only a while ago. "Legolas, I know you are up there. I need to speak with you."

The Elf closed his eyes before jumping down and landing not a foot from the man.

"Estel... I finally found some peace and quiet. What is so important that it can not wait?"

Aragorn withdrew a sealed envelope, upon which it read...

'An Caun Laegolas Thranduilion.'

~*[To Prince Legolas, Son of Thranduil.]*~

The archer took the envelope with a look of both surprise and confusion. "'Tis directly from my father. This is his seal!"

Estel knew what this meant. It was a summons of some sort. Though the Prince of Mirkwood had only been in Rivendell for little over three fortnights, his father was sending for him to return.

Legolas quickly opened the letter, his blue eyes absorbing every word if it's contents.

It read...

'Ion nin, ha naeg nin na canle bar, gerin na. Lin aranarth thang le. Um ulunn o Dol Guldur garo echui a garo annant ammen dran. I duath o i Necromancer a in morgul pelio or Taur e-Ndeadelos. I Fain Hud iest na edledhia-sen fuin o i dor. Im boe le si ah nin, Laegolas.

Hir a Aran o Taur e-Ndeadelos,


~*[My son, it pains me to call you home but, I have to. Your kingdom needs you. Evil creatures from Dol Guldur have awoken and have given us a heavy blow. The shadow of the Necromancer and his sorcery spreads over Mirkwood. The White Council [assembly] wishes to exile this darkness from the land. I need you here with me, Legolas.

Lord and King of Mirkwood,



"Legolas, we wish to come with you. From your father's letter, Mirkwood could be in real danger." Elrohir protested as he stood in the prince's room.

The archer shook his head, "This is Mirkwood's problem. Imladris should not get involved for reasons of needed secrecy." he replied, changing into his traveling tunic of green and brown. "You need to turn the attention of evil to this place. Let it be preserved as long as it is possible." Legolas picked up a discarded blanket from the floor, draping it over the back of one of the room's chairs as he was speaking.

In walked Aragorn not a moment later, carrying a tray with four filled glasses of wine.

"Estel..." Elladan began, looking at him quizzically, "What are you doing?"

The Ranger smiled, "I thought that we could toast to the success of The White Council and for Mirkwood's warriors. It is good to hear that there could be a great assault upon Dol Guldur sometime in the near future, and I believe we should toast to that assault's success."

Legolas began to laugh, "'Tis an excellent idea, mellon nin." he said, taking a glass from the tray.

Elladan and Elrohir both took a goblet as well, while Estel set the tray down and picked up his own wine.

There was a smile on the prince's face as he held his glass up, "To Mirkwood, and to the destruction of Dol Guldur once and for all!"

"Here! Here!" came the voices of the other three.

The glasses clinked together and everyone took a drink before the twins continued trying to convince Legolas that they needed to come along.

"Estel will be going with you." Elrohir protested.

Aragorn held his hands up, "Sidh, gwador." he said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Let us enjoy one another's company before the prince leaves us."

"Well spoken, Estel." Legolas replied, sitting at the head of the bed.

The twins sat down as well, their protests silenced for the time being. With that, they talked about old times and about recent history.


"I can not believe you did that to your own brothers, Estel!" Legolas laughed as he urged his mount to move even faster.

The two friends were quickly making their way through the passes of the Misty Mountains. Day was fading, and they eagerly kept a sharp eye out for a good area to camp. Just earlier, they had bid farewell to Rivendell and to Lord Elrond, and set out as fast as possible for Mirkwood.

"I truly appreciate you accompanying me, Estel... but was it really necessary to drug your brothers into sleep before we left?" the prince asked, reigning in his horse as they stopped to setup camp for the night.

Aragorn began to pull his pack from his own mount. "Of course it was necessary. They would have come no matter what you told them, Legolas." he sighed, pilling their packs in a heap against one of the rocks.

They had stopped in a crevice with boulders walling them in on either side. A path ran through them. This same path would lead the friends to the boarders of the forest of Mirkwood.

"Besides," the man continued. "You were right. Rivendell needs to stay from any enemy eyes as long as it can. Ada agreed with me... once he found out what I had done."

Legolas smiled, pulling out a small pouch of dried venison and handing a piece to the Ranger. "I just have one question."


"Was it in the wine?"

At this, Aragorn gave him a look of feigned innocence before the archer burst with laughter.

"Ai! Estel! I will never drink something you give me again, not without you testing it first!" He smiled, leaning back against the rock wall. "At least this time, Lord Elrond's pillows came through my visit safely."

Estel smiled, "For once... though I am certain my brothers have awoken by now and are quite upset."

"Mellon nin... I fear the vengeance they shall plan upon the both of us when we return."

With that, Aragorn and Legolas enjoyed the rest of the evening, light hearted even during such a pressing crisis.



Back in Rivendell...

The voices of both Elladan and Elrohir could clearly be heard all the way to the Ford of Bruinen.






* Presta - Trouble

* Tithen - Little

* Ada - Father

* Mellon Nin - My Friend

* Gwador - Brother (of the type not by blood but sworn by.)

* Iston - I Know

* Hannon Le - Thank You

* Sidh - Peace


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