Changes: Street Blader Gift Fic

Rating's will cahnge for each of the mini fic's. (Kristy and the Bishie's age's wil vairy also) Warning: AU fic.


The Poem of couples:

Love forms in many ways, and in many places,

It doesn't matter when or how,

The light of shining crimson blood pulses faster,

Breath quickens at the slightest touch,

Attraction needs no reason,

Love comes with no intellect.

-by mystic_water


Winner - "And the winner is...."


Welcome backies!! I'm here to announce the winner!!

And the winner is.....

Drum roll please.... *drums begin to play*


Arcos/Kristy - Define Love


Ah, so it seems you've all fallen for the sexy evil bishounen!!! XD heh i dont blame you :P Wow, all the votes for Arcos. XD who woulda thought? Not me... well ok ya, me and Lunar XPP

So I will be continuing on the Story of Define Love, please check my profile and keep a watch for, Define Love, chap 3 "Toddler Troubles".

Thanx for all your wonderful reviews!! *blows kissies* (K)MUAH(K) domo arigatou.... *winks* kay, go read chap 3 !! Shoo!! BWAH!!

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