A spotlight shines in on Yami Malik in the middle of huge stage. "Hello and welcome to strange objects convention!" We have a lot of ..."

Everyone looks bored "Just get on with it already!"

Yami Malik: ....A lot of interesting things!

Yugi walks in "Hey do they have something that keeps annoying girls off you?"

Rebecca and Anzu come in and chase Yugi off the stage.

"Yeah well the first thing we have is a "Hot Rod"! yami malik said

"Err isn't that a car?" Joey asked

"No!. You fools...it's a rod that makes you hot..Bahahaha"

Everyone looks confused and Yugi's Grandpa comes running in "Where?!"

"Yugi your Grandpa is a perv!" Rebecca shouted

"....So is Yugi" Joey stated

"Hey so are you Joey!" Yugi shouted back.

"Yeah Pup..." said a familiar voice out of nowhere.

Joey: Shut up Kaiba!

"Why should I?" Seto said unaffected

Joey: "Because I'll tell them...EVERYTHING"

Seto walks away and grumbles with a huge sweat drop.

"So who's going to get this Rod?" Mai asked

"Its quite obvious I don't need that rod right pup?" Seto came back in winking at Joey

"Uhhh , yeah right.." Joey said walking off and tripping on a cord "Hey!"

Seto walks away whistling innocently.

"So its mine!" Yugi's Grandpa shouted

"No its mine!" said Weevil running in.

"Back off Bug Boy...its mine!" Yugi's Grandpa screamed.

"No way geezer!.."

Both of them attack Yami Malik, until all three of them are on top of each other on the floor.

"Fools get off me!"

Isis walks in "I'm terribly sorry, since I'm the only sane one here as usual. We will have a short break until then lets look at the next item shall we?"

Isis walks backstage and comes back "Ok the next object is a Slave Collar!"

"Huh...who would want that? Joey asked.

Seto comes in smirking and Joey runs off.

Rebecca and Anzu walk in all starry eyed. "We want that!"

~~~~Back room~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Joey is eating a bunch of food at the tables.

Seto: "Hey pup don't stuff your face too much.... don't want you sick."

Joey looks up, his mouth stuffed with donuts. "Yeah well I won't get sick as long as you're out of my sight!" Joey yelled

Seto walks off laughing insanely very amused.



"GET OFF!" Yami Malik yelled and kicked them both off.

"Bhahaha I have the Rod! I am the hotness!" Yugi' Grandpa shouts running around the stage, as everyone covers their eyes and sweat drops.

Weevil storms out "It's not fair ...I never get fangirls!"

Noa walks in " I know how you feel.... everyone hates me"


Noa: "Its true I couldn't even get a part in the manga!" runs away crying like a baby.

Isis: Now any bids on this lovely Slave Collar?"

Anzu, Rebecca, Seto come in followed by Tristan and Duke.

"Hmmm, we have quite a lot of bidders for this.." Yami Malik said surprised.


The bid is interrupted by a sudden noise coming from the halls.

Serenity comes in running "My shadow is chasing me! Save me Joey!" she screams just before crashing into a wall.

Seto: "Stupidity must get worse and worse down the line in the Wheeler family..."

"Hey she can be useful.... sometimes" Duke trailed off

Joey comes storming out from back room. "WHATS THAT MEAN DUKE !?" Joey Screeched.

Joey runs in back room and grabs a big pole off the wall, Duke runs off.


"That's my pup" Seto smirked

"I'M NOT YOUR PUP!" Joey said chasing off Seto too.

Seto and Duke are running across the stage being chased by a rabid looking Joey.

Serenity looks up off the ground" huh.... What are doing big brother?!"

"Oh he is playing ....tag" Mokuba said trying to cover up.

"With a big pole?...that sounds like fun!"

Mokuba just looks at Serenity like she's the dumbest thing on earth.

"Get back here!" Joey yelled.

Random voice from nowhere "Yes that's right its Joey's theme song!"

Get back here! You stupidstuckupCEO ***

You messedupfreakthatwantsmysista!!

Get back here! Yournotgonnagetawaywiththis!

I'm not your dog.

I ain't your monkey neither.

Or your toy.

Or amusement device.

So you'd better run away with those dice!

Or stupid person to insult.

Or abuse after I lose.

Or kick into the dirt .

So you'd better not flirt.

You stupid CEO jerk!

Get back here! Allofyoustupidpeoplethataresmarterthenme!

Get back here! I'mgoingtochaseincirclestillyoudie!

"SO GET BACK HERE SO I CAN BASH YOUR HEADS IN!" Joey screamed running around after both, while Serenity was going crazy.

Isis: Well now the Slave Collar anyone?

Anzu and Rebecca run up "We are still here!"

"Yeah...its ours since everyone else is gone!" they both take it and drag Yugi away.

Isis sighs and walks into the back room "I give up"

Seto comes up on stage and throws a bucket of ice on Joey's head "You need to stop your chasing hound dog...."


Joey runs around trying to chase Seto again, but trips on the ice and falls into the wall.

"Just as dense as your sister..." Seto said

Joey gets up angrily "Oh yeah Kaiba shut up! Or I'll tell them you watch Dragon Tales!"

Seto runs off crying like a baby

Duke: "Kaiba watches that? Hahaha"

Seto goes up and kicks Duke into a wall. "SHUT UP! It's none of your business! I never had a childhood ok?!" runs off crying like baby again.

Yami Malik comes out "Sorry about. ...distraction...but we ...still have a lot of messed up odd items to sell!"

Weevil comes back in with Rex " WE WANT SOMETHING!"

Weevil: Just because we are minor characters doesn't make us undeserving!


Both Rex and Weevil go up and beat up Yami Malik

Isis: "I'm sorry it seems we are having a random distraction again.... Come back a little awhile!"