Queen of Darkness

By: Wing Knight

Note: I do not own the X-Men: Evolution, and don't have money, so suing is ill-advised. You just won't get anything.


The mist filled the night street of Bayville, which was occupied by the people enjoying their lives. Men and women laughed in joy, celebrating their lives. A figure stood on top of a mall, and gazed down at the street. His cold blue eyes observed everyone down below, often brushing his shoulder length blonde hair away to continue his observation. He was interrupted by a small man, who approached him rather clumsily.

" Master. The dawn approaches…"

The man turned around, and waved his hand.

" Nice job, Ivan…"

The small, clumsy man spoke again in his rather raspy voice.

" Did Master find who he's looking for?"

The man shook his head.

" Not yet, but I can feel it. I'm very close…"

With those words, the man and Ivan left the roof, and disappeared into the darkness.

In a mansion, where the young mutants engaged in a little fun outside, a girl with the striped hair sat far away, reading a book. She often looked up to see what the commotion was about, and then went back to her reading. A girl with the brown ponytails arrived at her spot, and lowered the book.

" God, like, can't you have at least some fun, Rogue?"

The girl called Rogue closed her book, and waved it in fury.

" Why don't yah leave meh alone, Kitty?"

Kitty smirked.

" Aw, come on Rogue… You should have some fun…"

Rogue gazed at the others, then turned back to Kitty.

" Mah power's not exactly for fun…"

Kitty scoffed.

" You're no fun!"

She went back to the others, and Rogue opened the book again, and continued. She was almost done, and she didn't want to be interrupted until she was finished.

' Damn! Feels like everyone's plottin' against mah readin'.'

She flipped to the last page, and quickly read through the last paragraph before the others could interrupt her again. When she was finished, she carried the book back into the mansion and came back out. She needed the outside air, since she had been stuck inside for a while due to the round of tests. Just then, Tabitha, Kitty, and Jean came to her.

" Hey, Rogue."

Rogue turned around.

" What?"

" You wanna go to the concert? It's gonna be fun!"

Rogue considered Tabitha's suggestion. She needed to blow off some steam, but the concert seemed like a bad idea.

" No. Yah know Ah don't do well with da crowd…"

Jean shrugged.

" Then we'll go to the dance club."

Rogue nodded at the suggestion. She could just sit around, watch the others. And there was less danger of making skin contact.

" Okay. Ah need to blow off some steam anyways…"

Jean smiled at the answer.

" It's this Saturday night. See ya!"

After they left, Rogue stood alone, gazing at the night sky. She had always felt comfortable at night, which was a strange thing. The other girls were somewhat afraid of it. She often made jokes about the others being scared of ghosts, but she felt at ease with the darkness. She sighed, and breathed the night air. She felt herself excited at the plan for Saturday night.

' Come on… It's just dance… Besides…Ah'll just sit around…'

Rogue turned around and returned to the mansion. She laid on her bed, and closed her eyes, letting her conscience fall asleep.

* * *

Rogue spent the rest of the week uneventfully. It was boring as usual, with everyone else hanging around with their usual friends. She didn't have anyone to hang out with, actually. She sat around in her usual place, reading yet another book. This time, it was Dracula. She was reading yet again when someone knocked on her door.

" Comin'!"

She opened it with some frustration. She was getting to the first exciting part in the book, the introduction of the vampire count; Dracula.

" Dance, remember?"

Rogue gasped.

" Ah forgot!"

She quickly grabbed her things and a trench coat. After checking the door, and window, she followed her friends into Jean's SUV.

" So, where're we goin'?"

Tabitha turned around from the shotgun seat.

" It's Club Meteor. I heard there's these cute guys who're gonna play today…"

Rogue sighed.

" Yah and yahr 'cute guys'…."

The SUV stopped at the parking lot, and the four girls stepped out. From the moment they placed their foot on the floor, few boys whistled like wolves from the cartoons.

" Awoof! Join us, girls!"

Kitty and Tabitha went for the boys while Jean hesitated for a while. Rogue watched this and let out a frustrated sigh, and went into the club alone. She found herself a seat away from the dance floor, and watched her friends dance away with the boys.

' God, why da hell did Ah come with them?'

Rogue sighed and ordered a bottle of soda. She gazed at her friends with some jealousy, and for some extent, anger as the night went by. She felt angry towards her own powers, her inability to touch anyone that made her anti-social. She wanted someone who she could touch and feel directly with her skin… but there was no such person… She knew that she would never find a person she can touch. It was impossible.

The man with cold blue eyes, and long blonde hair stepped out of a black Lamborghini, attracting people's attention. He closed his eyes and silently sniffed the air. There were a lot of fresh blood out. He then felt a strange sensation, that made him think that he was going to have a wonderful night tonight.

' Interesting…'

He walked into the club. He didn't have to worry about his rather formal dressing, since he saw many others with such clothes as well. He looked around the club, searching for his possible meal. His thirst for blood seemed to have increased at the sight of the crowd. Behind his lips, he licked his sharp canine teeth. He took a seat on the second floor balcony. He gazed down at the dance floor right underneath him. There were many girls on the floor, dancing rather seductively. His eyes swept through the floor below slowly as to not to miss any details. His eyes stopped at a girl sitting alone behind a table, looking rather depressed. At that moment, he also felt something comforting, a sensation he has been searching for a hundred years…

' I have found you…'

He grabbed his drink and walked, rather gently glided down the spiral stairs, keeping his eyes on the girl as he came down. He dodged the people in his way, and stopped next to the girl.

" Hello…"

The girl, who had been looking at the painting in front of her, turned her head, and saw him.

" Hi."

The man smiled, and eyed the empty seat.

" May I?"

The girl was hesitating for a moment, then gazed at the red head, blonde, and brunet in the dance floor. She nodded.

" Go ahead…"

The man sat and placed his drink on the table.

" My name is Karl, with K."

The girl raised her eyebrow, wondering what kind of name it was. Before she could ask though, he explained.

" I'm from Germany."

The girl nodded.

Karl looked at the girl once again. She had a peculiar color of hair. She had white bangs, and the rest was brown.

" Well, what is your name?"

The girl smiled nervously.

" Ah'm sorry… Mah name's Rogue…"

Karl smiled.

" Well, Rogue… Nice to meet you…"

He offered his hand, but Rogue didn't shake it. Karl withdrew his hand.

" Have I offended you by asking to shake your hand this early of acquaintance?"

Rogue shook her head.

" No. Ah'm not used to shakin' hands…"

Karl offered his drink to Rogue. She looked at the glass, which was filled with alcohol.

" Sorry. Ah'm underage…"

Karl chuckled.

" I'm sorry. I didn't know. You look old enough to drink to me…"

Rogue let out a nervous smile. She didn't know that she looked that mature. Karl saw it, and furthered his approach.

" Well, what do you do?"

Rogue sighed.

" Well, Ah'm a student… in high school…"

Karl smiled.

" Well, I'm a student too. In college though…"

Rogue had her eyes wide open. She never expected herself to be attractive, never the less by a college student. She looked around the dance floor, and saw Jean and the others sitting on the bar table, talking to the boys they probably picked up. Rogue felt another wave of jealousy, and committed herself to may be start a relation with this Karl. She wasn't much worried about her powers. This man seemed to be the only person who really liked her. She then worried about whether this Karl would mind that she was a mutant.

' Should Ah tell him? Would it matter to him?'

She looked at her admirer's eyes, then saw what appeared to be happiness. She didn't want to break that. She felt obliged to protect his happiness.

' May be later…'

Karl looked at the clock, and panicked. It was five in the morning.

" If you'll excuse me, Ms. Rogue… I need to get back."

Rogue broke out of her trance like state of dreaming.

" But it's Sunday…"

Karl paused for a moment, then nodded.

" I have a meeting with my professor."

With that Karl left the club, leaving Rogue to wonder whether she'll ever meet him again. She then saw Jean and the others signaling her to follow them. The boys were with them.

' Oh, well…'

She got up and joined her friends. They walked out to the parking lot, and Rogue grabbed the wheels. She adjusted the seats and the steering wheels then rear view mirrors. She saw the others cuddling with the boys out of the car, which made her feel disgusted. She started the car and honked to get their attention. One of the boys saw Rogue and whispered to Tabitha's ears.

" Jealous, ain't she?"

Tabitha smiled.

" You have no idea…"

The three girls got into the car, rather disappointed. Rogue stepped on the gas and left the club.

" Yah girls are real help… Yah left meh alone in there!"

Rogue then realized they weren't paying attention. They were talking about the boys. She let out a frustrated sigh and continued driving. After they arrived at the mansion, they snuck back into their rooms. Rogue thought about Karl. She knew she was attracted to him, and he was attracted to her. Even though that was the case, she knew there was pretty much no chance of seeing him again. They didn't know each other's phone number, nor addresses. All they knew was each other's name, which mean almost nothing because it was first name. She couldn't even use phone book to search.

' Darn it… Ah don't know why, but Ah wanna see him again already…'

With disappointment, she closed her eyes to get some sleep. She knew she'll sleep late, but that was fine.

* * *

Rogue waited eagerly until the next time they went to the dance club, which was a week after her first.. Jean and Tabitha weren't aware, but Kitty noticed that something had happened to Rogue in the club the last time they were there. She saw her roommate dressing more feminine, which was the first time she had seen her friend done so. Kitty also noticed Rogue wearing the red lipstick.

' Where'd she, like, get the lipstick?'

They walked to the SUV, and Rogue sat on the back. She felt her heart race as she thought about another chance to meet Karl. Jean noticed the changed look of Rogue and asked a question.

" Is there someone we should know about?"

Rogue snapped out of her daydream.

" Um… Nothing. Ah just felt like it…"

Tabitha turned around from the shotgun.

" Come on… There's something going on…"

Rogue sighed.

" Alright… While yah girls were cuddlin' with dose boys, Ah met somebody. He's Karl… Ah was just wonderin' whether Ah'll meet him again…"

Tabitha shrieked.

" You mean you have a boyfriend?"

" Well… Possible…boyfriend…"

Jean busted out laughing.

" A boyfriend?! Hahaha! You're joking right?"

She saw the seriousness in Rogue's eyes.

" Oh, you're serious…"

Tabitha now tried to pick up the mood that sank low.

" So, what does he do? Is he working?"

" No… He's a college student."

Kitty smirked.

" A college boy is interested in you, Rogue? My god, like, now I don't know what they like anymore…"

They arrived at the club, and as usual, the bouncer let them pass without trouble.

" Go ahead…"

The four girls walked into the club, and looked around the dance floor. Tabitha saw the boy she hung out with last time, and waved at him. It prompted an immediate response from the boy; an enthusiastic wave with a cup of drink.

" Well, see ya!"

The blonde girl ran to the boy. Kitty on the other hand, saw her friend on the dance floor tapping his feet to get her attention.

" Well, there's Josh. I'll see you later, girls!"

With Kitty gone, Jean sighed, and continued her desperate efforts to find the boy she met. Rogue looked around, but couldn't find Karl. Jean saw the desperate look on her face.

" Don't worry, I'm sure he'll show up…"

Rogue nodded rather bitterly. She felt that she didn't need sympathy from her. She needed to find Karl.

" Ah'll check upstairs…"

Rogue walked off and dashed up the spiral stairs and looked around. Meanwhile, Jean found the boy she looked around for. She was about to walk up when she saw him with another girl, looking quite intimate.

' Ooohh!'

Her face reddened with anger, almost to the same shade as her hair. She pulled out her cell phone, and decided to call Scott.

" Scott? Yeah… Wanna come to Club Meteor? I'll wait in front."

She hung up, and walked to the front door The bouncer eyed her.

" Are you leaving?"

" No. My boyfriend should be here soon…"

The bouncer smirked.

" Did he forget?"

Jean shook her head and lied.

" No. I forgot to call him…"

Jean saw a black Lamborghini stop on the parking lot, which made her curious. She didn't know anyone who could afford it. The person who came out surprised her. He looked so young, and cute… The man was nicely dressed, almost on the border line of being too formally dressed. He came to the front door and the bouncer's face lightened up, sending back the long line to let the man through.

" Welcome, Mr. VG…"

The man handed a generous tip for the help and went in, making the others curious as to why would someone this rich come to Club Meteor, where students mostly gathered. Jean was one of them. She couldn't even think of any last name that just consisted of letters 'V' and 'G'. She looked back, continuing her gaze to follow the man's footsteps. He gently glided up the spiral stairs, and she was about to walk back in when Scott called out.

" Jean!"

She turned around and whispered to the bouncer.

" He's with me…"

Scott smiled and joined his friend.

" Well, I certainly didn't think you'd go to here…"

Jean smirked.

" Well, if you're curious… Rogue, Tabitha, and Kitty are here too."

Scott's eyes went wide.

" Rogue's here too?"

Jean laughed, and led him inside.

" Come on, let's go in."

Scott went in, and grabbed a seat behind a table close to the dance floor. It had clear view to the upstairs as well. Jean sat down, and the waiter came, asking for the order.

" What would you have?"

Scott looked at Jean. She ordered for both.

" Two vanilla cokes, please."

The waiter nodded, and went back. Scott was looking around, checking the place out. This was the first time he was in here, and it all looked strange to him. While looking around, he saw Kitty in the dance floor, having fun with a boy with red spiked hair. His eyes continued to move, and spotted Tabitha with two boys near by the bar.

" Well, we better be careful about Tabitha…"

Jean looked over and saw her.

" I don't think so… I think she can handle it…"

Scott smiled, and looked up. He saw Rogue, dressed quite attractively. He then saw the man in front of her. They seemed to be enjoying each other's presence.

" Jean, look."

He eyes upstairs, and Jean's eyes went up. She was surprised at what she saw.

' Karl is that man? Wow!'

Scott leaned closer.

" Something wrong?"

Jean took her eyes off and shook her head.

" Nothing. Nothing's wrong."

Scott looked up again.

" That guy looks quite rich… I wonder what he sees in Rogue…"

Jean smirked.

" Jealous?"

Scott shook his head.

" No… Just surprised."

Jean felt compelled to tell the story.

" His name is Karl, according to Rogue… He's a college student. I saw him walk in here while waiting for you… He drove a black Lamborghini."

Scott's eyes became wide.

" That car's expensive!"

While Jean and Scott were discussing about the new character in their lives, Rogue was having fun talking to Karl.

" …My roommate borrowed my car to pick up a girl, right? He left the girl alone in the car for a while, and found a document with my pictures on it. He still insisted that it was his car, which earned him a smack on the face…"

Rogue busted out laughing, but most of the sound was absorbed by the loud techno music.

" Ah never thought someone would beh dat stubborn…"

Karl stopped his stories and leaned closer.

" When do you have to leave?"

Rogue shook her head.

" Ah can stay as long as Ah want… Dat's if mah friends want dat too."

Karl looked at his watch. It was still around mid-night.

" I forgot to give you my phone number, didn't I?"

Rogue nodded.

" Yep, yah did…"

Karl slipped a card, and leaned closer to Rogue and whispered.

" Call me on this number. It's my cell phone number… I won't be able to answer during the day though, but I'll make sure to answer it during the night…"

Rogue looked at Karl half suspiciously.

" Night person, aren't yah?"

Karl nodded.

" I got tons of things to do in the day, and I relax in the night. It's my favorite time of the day…"

Rogue smiled.

" It's mah favorite time too."

Karl was having a nice feeling.

' Yes… She's the one…'

Rogue handed him a napkin with a number written on it.

" It's mah number… Yah can call meh anytime…except durin' school…"

Karl nodded.

" Okay…"

He looked at the dance floor. It wasn't crowded.

" You wanna dance?"

He eyed the floor, and Rogue saw it.

" Well…"

Karl got up, and bowed.

" May I have this dance?"

Rogue's eyes lit up, and smiled.

" Alright… Yah may…"

She took his hand and walked down the spiral stairs. The music changed as they entered the dance floor. It was a slow music. Rogue hesitated for a moment, then looked into the assuring blue eyes of Karl. They faded into the middle of the dance floor. Just outside, Jean and Scott were surprised at what they saw.

" She's going to dance?"

Jean shrugged.

" Well, I guess so…"

Karl raised his hands with his left palm up. Rogue placed her right hand on top, and took his open palm. She placed her left hand on Karl's shoulder, while he took his around her waist. Slowly, they swayed side by side, following the rhythm of the music. As the time went by, Rogue drew in closer, and finally rested her head on Karl's chest. She couldn't help but feel comfortable. It was as if some mysterious power had taken over her. Not far away, Kitty noticed this as well, and gave a little hesitation. This prompted Josh to stop as well. He looked into her eyes and asked in his sincere, and child like voice.

" Is there something wrong?"

Kitty shook her head.

" No. I never seen her dance before."

Josh looked over, and saw Rogue.

" What's wrong with that?"

Kitty smirked.

" She… Well, it's nothing. Let's just dance…"

Josh smiled.

" Yeah…"

* * *

Rogue finished her dance and went back upstairs, and sat with Karl. She was starting to sweat with her body temperature risen from her activity. She ordered another bottle of cola, and looked at Karl, and sighed.

" Ah don't know, how yah're not sweatin'! It was hot down dere."

Karl smiled, and gazed at Rogue. His cold blue eyes were fixed on her, as though he was under some spell, or rather, obsessed at her.

" I don't sweat easily. It's a strange thing, actually… It has me wondering for years now…"

Rogue grabbed the bottle that the waiter brought and began chugging it down by the bottle. She stopped half way through and laid the bottle down on the table.

" Sorry… Ah look like a pig, or a slut in a bar, huh?"

Karl shook his head.

" No. I don't think so. Besides, I believe a thirst must be quenched. Much like life itself. If you thirst for something, quench it."

Rogue smirked, and wiped her sweat off. She looked at the clock on the near by wall.

" It's three, but it feels like it's only mid-night…"

Karl laughed, and leaned closer.

" You know, you're not like other girls at the college…"

Rogue stiffened for a moment.

" Why do yah say dat?"

Karl kept his charming smile, and explained.

" You're different. The way you act, is very different. It's more of a challenge…"

Rogue thought about smacking him on the face, but she couldn't help at her reaction, which was to laugh.

" Okay, tell meh about yahr self…"

Karl backed up and leaned against the chair.

" Okay. My name is Karl von Grieg. I'm a student from Germany, more specifically, Berlin, and I'm twenty-one years old. I'm majoring in Psychology."

Rogue rested her chin on her left hand, which was supported by her left elbow that rested on the table. Her green eyes shone with curiosity, and fascination.

" Psychology, huh? Sounds kinda borin'."

Karl shook his head.

" No, quite the contrary. We still don't know how a mind works, so many aspect is still unexplored…"

He then looked at Rogue, and raised his right eyebrow. Rogue raised hers as well.

" Well, Rogue?"

Rogue smiled.

" Well, what?"

Karl smiled.

" Tell me about yourself."

Rogue gasped and laughed nervously.

" Sorry… Mah name's Rogue… Don't know mah last name 'cause Ah was adopted… Ah'm a junior in high school… Ah'm seventeen years old… God, Ah'm so nervous…"

Karl tilted his head.

" Well, if it's something embarrassing, you don't have to tell me…"

Rogue shook her head. She made up her mind, and spoke softly.

" …And Ah'm a mutant…"

She looked at Karl's eyes to see his reaction. She expected a rather violent reaction; getting up from the table, and walking out on her, and calling her a freak or something.

" So? We're all mutants one way or another…"

Rogue had a blank look, and her eyes were filled with curiosity.

" What do yah mean by dat?"

Karl smiled. She was, indeed, young.

" My study in psychology has led me to think that to a person, everyone else is a mutant because they think differently, therefore, act differently. It's okay. I bet I'm a mutant to you…"

Rogue sighed.

" Ah think yahr thinkin' about strange, not mutant…"

Karl shook his head.

" It's alright. Even if you're a mutant, or whatever it is, I don't care. Frankly, I don't give a damn."

Rogue's heart leaped with joy. The walls that she built within herself was starting to break down, and she never felt this happy ever since her mutation showed up.

" Thanks…"

Karl became amused.

" Don't thank me… Thank yourself for being truthful. It will guide you…"

The clock shifted to five, and Karl rose up.

" Well, see you later, mein Rogue…"

" See yah later, Karl…"

Karl got up, and on his way out, paid for Rogue's drinks. At the front door, he looked back at Rogue, and blew a kiss, which Rogue thought was quite charming. She walked down with the rest of her soda, and joined Jean.

" Well, you certainly had a wonderful night…"

Rogue sighed, and visualized Karl in front of her. She felt at ease with him…

" So, Rogue? Should we go?"
Rogue grunted, as though she didn't care.

" Whatever…"

She finished her soda, and laid the bottle on the table. Scott saw the others joining as well.

" Time to go home…"

Rogue got up, and poked her hands into the pockets of her trench coat. She walked out, and got into Jean's SUV. The sun was rising again to symbolize a new day.

* * *

Rogue talked with Karl almost every night, and met every weekend for two weeks. The break was coming up soon, and Rogue was talking with Karl again.

" …So, what do yah wanna do?"

" Well… How about I ask you on a formal date?"

Rogue let out a smile, and purposefully played hard to get.

" Well, why should Ah accept it?"

She heard Karl chuckling quietly.

" Well… Because you can't resist me…"

Rogue giggled.

" Well, you're not as charmin' as yah think…"

Karl let out a laugh.

" Oh, but I am…"

Karl waited for Rogue's answer.

" Alright… Ah'll go."

" Okay. I'll pick you up at six."

Rogue acknowledged and hung up. Kitty had a sly look on her face.

" My… You're going on a date with the prince charming?"

Rogue made a sarcastic expression, but Kitty became concerned.

" Wait! Does he know about your powers? I mean the specifics… I know you mentioned that you told him you were a mutant…"

Rogue sighed.

" Ah'll tell him soon… Don't worry about it. Besides, Ah don't want him to be scared to date meh dis late in da game…"

Kitty sighed.

" Okay…"

Rogue went to her bed, and covered herself with the blanket.

" Well, Ah'm gonna sleep now…"

Kitty nodded.

" Good night, Rogue…"

" G'night…"


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