Queen of Darkness

By: Wing Knight

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The X-Men locked up two of their former members, and waited for them to change. It really ached their heart to see both Scott and Jean locked behind bars and lying on the ground almost lifeless.

" We have to get Rogue! She's not herself anymore! If we let her live, if what she's doing right now is living that is, the whole world will be controlled by the vampires!"

They hoped for some counter opinion, but those who would give it were the reasons as to why they were having such a conversation in the first place. Without any argument in defense of Rogue, they were poised to strike back, and hopefully save themselves and the world from the terror that had apparently been unleashed to the world. They waited for a while when the two locked up behind the bars arose. Their eyes were red, and canines long and sharp. Kitty approached the bars, and tried to talk with them.

" Um… Jean?"

The two newly born vampires' ears perked. They looked at Kitty, and approached the barrier that separated them.

" Kitty? What's going on? Let us out!"

Kitty gestured the two to calm down.

" You guys are, like, vampires now. So we can't just get you guys out…"

Jean implored to Kitty, all the while fixating her eyes upon her former friend on the other side of the bars.

" Come on… Let us out…"

Kitty's eyes became unfocused as if she was under some spell. She slowly moved towards the bars where Jean reached out with her hand. Just before Kitty came within arm's reach, Logan pulled her away.

" It's obvious they can't stay here, Charles…"

Xavier nodded, and instructed everyone to go to the main hall. He closed the door behind him, and joined the others in the main hall.

" We can't let anyone go in there alone. If we're going to watch them, we all have to go in."

" Those bars would hold them, right? Why don't we just let them be?"

" We can't!"

While the surviving members argued each other, Rogue and Klaus hopped into the Lamborghini and looked back at the other vampires getting ready to follow them. Klaus took control of the wheels, and looked at Rogue.

" Now, my love, we shall proclaim our dominance over the world…"

Rogue nodded with a smile.

" Yes…"

The group of cars drove off, and dove at high speed towards the near by TV broadcasting station. Klaus began rehearsing the plan in his mind. He would enter, and take over the TV broadcasting station, and simultaneously, his minions all over the world would also take over the major TV broadcasting stations around the world. He would then appear in front of the cameras, and tell every mortals in the world that they will be ruled over by him. He stopped near the station, and let his minions do all of the work. The vampires poured into the building, and began eliminating any threat one by one. Through the open door, the horrible screams of the people dying echoed into Rogue, and Klaus' ears. While Klaus was enjoying the sound of death, Rogue sat almost untouched. Her eyes didn't sparkle with pleasure, nor her lips curled up. She remained in her seat like a statue. In her mind, however, another battle of morality waged.

' Okay, Rogue… Yah're now condemnin' innocent people all around da world into dis senseless tragedy… Destiny or not, yah have to stop it now…'

Rogue felt her heart slowly vibrate once more.

' But destiny is destiny… It's preordained, isn't it? Ah don't have any choice but to do dis… Ah am who Ah am. Ah am Klara Von Greiffenberg reborn…'

' But Ah should have a choice… Mah past is a past! Ah've been given a new life, a clean slate, and now Ah'm about to repeat da mistake once more!'

Rogue looked at Klaus and sighed.

" Do we have to do dis now? Ah mean, can't we wait? Time's on our side…"

Rogue's heart's vibration formed a definite, but slow heart beat. Her eyes soothed somewhat. Klaus saw this reaction and stiffened.

" What are you saying, my dear? The time is now. It's time for us to take over the world…"

Rogue implored.

" But Ah don't want da world right now… Ah want yah… Just yah…"

Klaus looked directly into Rogue's eyes, and his face began to cringe.

" Rogue, what's happening? I see that you've changed… You've changed back to what you were. You're pathetic, and weak mortal like. Don't tell me you don't like it?"

Rogue closed her eyes, and tried to decide once more. The destiny of every people on Earth depended upon her decision. She then remembered her first hunt, where she killed Frank Smith, a pleasant enough man who genuinely cared for her, and her step brother Kurt. Her eyes glistened with tears of regret, but her remorse didn't stop there. She turned two of her friends, Jean and Scott into a vampire, which there would be no return for them. She opened her eyes, and saw herself in the mirror. Her green eyes had returned to normal, and she felt her heart beating once again. Just then, she felt a firm grip to her right. Klaus opened the door, and yanked her out of the car. Sophia was waiting for them in front of the station.

" I'm sorry, Rogue, but you're my bride now. You don't have any choice but to be at my side when I rule the world, and you will like, no… you will love being a vampire. I've waited too long for this!"

Rogue resisted as much as she could. She planted her feet against the road, but her feet dragged through the rough concrete.

" Let meh go, Klaus! Let meh go!"

Klaus turned around with fire in his eyes, and slapped Rogue across her face. Rogue lost her consciousness from the powerful swing of the back of the hand augmented by the supernatural strength. Klaus then swooped up the unconscious body into his arms, and carried her inside. Sophia flinched as she saw her father slapping Rogue, but followed him. They entered the news broadcast room, and saw that the cameras were ready. He laid Rogue upon the anchor's table, and turned around.

" What are you standing for! Get to work!"

The vampires rapidly flipped the switches to get themselves on the air. The others around the world had already tuned the respective network onto the station where Klaus was. Soon, the live feed came on, and the people around the world saw A man standing in front of the news anchor's desk and what seemed to be a woman or a girl laid on the table.


The X-Men in the mansion were surprised as they saw the feed of Klaus in what appeared to be a local broadcasting station. What surprised them even further was that Rogue was seemingly unconscious on the table.

" What the hell?!"

Logan leaned closer to the television. Klaus was apparently giving instructions to his minions while Sophia was tending to Rogue.

" Did we miss something? What's that on Rogue's lips?"

Logan narrowed his eyes, and then let out a short gasp.

" That's blood… What the hell's going on here?"

Soon, the sound came on in addition to the image. They could hear the shouts, and other sound. In the middle of the chaos, they saw Rogue groan, and turn towards the camera. Her eyes opened slowly, and the X-Men saw her eyes had returned to normal, and that her teeth were no longer like that of a vampire.

" She's back to normal!"

Logan turned around.

" Well, what are you waiting, for? We have to get her out of there!"

Xavier nodded.

" I'll stay here. If something develops while you guys are on the way, I'll keep you informed."

Logan Nodded.

" Hey, you might need someone to protect you from Scott and Jean… Evan, you stay here with Kitty and protect the professor."

" Alright, man."

The rest ran to the X-Van. Soon, the black van came to life, and roared off into the streets. Just as they entered the roads, they were chased by two cars. Logan growled as he spotted them in his rear-view mirror.

" Damn it! Klaus must have kept them here to keep an eye on us!"

On the front passenger side, a figure popped out, and extended his right hand. Logan's eyes widened, and veered the van to the right. Just then, the ones who were chasing the van opened fire, hitting the concrete road in front. The two vampires quickly turned their aim to the van, and the glass shattered upon the impact of the bullets.

" Keep your heads down!"

Logan began swerving the van side by side to make the aim hard for the pursuers. He saw the storm drain to his right, and drove into it. The two cars followed, but one of them had lower height than its companion. As soon as it reached the bottom, the front bumper collapsed, and it stopped pursuing. The other one continued to follow the X-Van. They had specific order from Klaus that they will not interfere with what was going to happen today. The two cars' headlights glistened in shallow water heading out to the sea. Logan looked at the clock on the dash board and began wondering.

" It's 1:00:PM… Why isn't the sun up?"

He saw a chance to go back to the road. He quickly turned the steering wheel towards it. The van roared, then climbed up the 40 degree side, and leaped into the air. Just as the van landed on the road, his hands accidentally turned to the left, and the van's left wheels rose up. The van began rolling over, and continued to roll on the road. When it finally stopped, Logan yelled out to everyone.

" Get out! Get out of the van!"

The kids quickly crawled through the shattered windows, and got out of the van. Logan looked towards the car, and saw it roaring towards them with their guns blazing. He waved his arms to get the kids away and then looked again to the pursuers. They were still charging at the van, and it was now too late to stop. Logan jumped to the side as the two vampires rammed into the X-Van and exploded into a gigantic fireball.

" Whoa!"

Logan got back up, and looked at the X-Van utterly destroyed. He kicked the burning vehicle in frustration.

" Damn it!"

Bobby Drake looked to the east and pointed his hand.

" Mr. Logan! There's the station!"

Logan stopped to look at the direction that Bobby pointed out. Sure enough, the broadcasting station was there. Logan smirked, and walked towards it.

" Well, I guess there's still hope…"

They ran towards the building. It was apparent that the building has been taken over by the vampires. Logan looked back, and made sure that the other kids had the proper anti-vampire weapons.

" You all got the stakes, right?"

The other kids nodded with a gulp of fear. Logan took a deep breath, and let loose his claws.

" Let's go!"

The mutants ran out of the bushes, and charged straight at the vampires guarding the front entrance. Logan threw the first one over his shoulder, and charged towards the door. He then extended his arms to slash the two approaching Vampires' necks. He then stabbed the fourth vampire in his chest and stomach, then threw him over to the side. He stopped in front of the door, and held it for the kids who had just finished off the other vampires. He regrouped with the kids, then nodded.

" Let's go."

Rogue leaned against the table, and caressed her cheek. She was still dizzy from the slap what she received. Klaus stopped in front of her, and smiled.

" Well, my dear… You're awake… I was just about to declare my dominion over the world… I can't have my bride asleep during that time, can't I?"

Rogue's green eyes trembled.

" Klaus… Ah don't want da world…"

Klaus turned around.

" Save it! You're just having a momentary doubt. As soon as it's done, you'll come around… Don't tell me you're not going to miss all the thrill of hunting humans, and drinking their blood. Come on, Rogue. You can't fool me into thinking that you've changed back… What's more, don't fool yourself into thinking that you're back to normal. Soon, you'll feel the hunger again… I guarantee you that."

A vampire came through the doors.

" My lord, we have an intruder! They appear to by former friends of our queen."

Klaus smirked, and looked back at Rogue.

" Perhaps you're eager to taste their blood like what you did to two of your friends?"

Rogue closed her eyes.

" Don't…"

Klaus smiled.

" Don't what? Don't remind how you were? Don't remind you that you were blood thirsty vampire?"

Rogue sighed, and opened her eyes once more. The tears formed around her eyes once again.

" All Ah wanted was yah… Just yah as Klaus Von Greiffenberg. No, may beh da real person Ah wanted was Karl Von Grieg… Ah thought all of dis was somethin' that came in excess, bein' a vampire and everythin' else… But… But since Ah took mah friend's lives, and Ah killed mah brother, Ah don't know if it's all worth it…"

Klaus gestured to the one behind camera to cut the feed. He then walked towards Rogue. He caressed her face, then sighed.

" If you truly feel that way, I guess I have no choice…"

He grabbed Rogue by her hair, and jerked her head to the left. He looked at the bared throat that he had the pleasure of taking blood out from. Rogue looked down at Klaus with fear.

" What are yah doin'?"

" If you don't want to be my queen, then I'll let you do as you wish, but it will be with your death! Like you said… All I have is time, remember?"

Rogue gasped in fear. Klaus wrapped his powerful hands around her throat, and raised her high, lifting her off her feet. Rogue choked and gurgled to get air into her lungs. Her arms and legs flailed about in a futile attempt to get herself free. Just then the door broke open, and Logan and the others came in.

" Let go of her, Klaus!"

Klaus simply looked back, and smirked.

" Well, well, well… If it isn't the mutant boy scouts! Here to rescue their friend, no doubt!"

Logan took a step forward, Klaus loosened the grip, then quickly applied more pressure in response. Rogue choked once more, and Logan stopped.

" If you come near, I will kill her."

Logan growled with anger. He stared directly at Klaus' eyes, and sternly warned him.

" If you so much as harm her, I will kill you."

Klaus smirked, and scoffed.

" I doubt it…"

Just then Rogue used last bit of her breath to speak.

" Klaus…"

Klaus looked into Rogue's eyes, and smiled.

" Yes?"

" …Let meh go… Please, Ah'm beggin' yah…"

Klaus scoffed, and loosened his grip.

" Really? And you still want to be with just me without any of the extravagances?"

Rogue nodded slowly.

" Yes… Ah just want us to beh together…"

The fire in Klaus' eyes calmed down. He lowered Rogue, and let go of her.

" Is that what you really wish for?"

Rogue nodded to assure that she wished such.

" Yes… Ah do…"

Klaus hesitated, then sighed. His redness in his pupil began to fade little by little. He smirked, then it grew to a quiet chuckle.

" Damn you… Why couldn't I have met you sooner? You're even more different than my queens before you… You're even more different than Klara was… I guess I've been looking for someone like you to throw away all the burden of all the evil I've brought to this world over the millennia… The death, and the horror that I've brought to the people…"

Rogue caressed his face.

" Ah just wanted yah… Dat's all…"

Klaus continued to chuckle. He sat down on the floor and sighed.

" I've never seen anyone with such a simple desire… Everyone else wanted power and glory… I… I can't even think whether the things I'm hearing his real… I don't even know I deserve your presence now… You're like an angel while I'm the devil himself…"

Logan retracted his claws, and relaxed. The others, including Sophia became puzzled at the events that unfolded before them.

" What are you saying, father?"

Klaus looked back with tears in his eyes.

" I'm sorry, Sophia… Because of me, you've never had any chance to be a normal girl…"

Sophia sniffled, but kept her tears back.

" It's okay… You're my father. That'll suffice…"

Rogue walked over to the window on the wall, and opened the curtain. The darkness that covered up the sun had disappeared, and the ray of sunlight penetrated into the room. One of the vampires screamed as he felt the warm ray. However, he didn't turn into ashes.

" What's going on?"

Everyone began wondering as to what had transpired. All the vampires apparently had come back from the dead. Rogue looked into Klaus' eyes, and gently grabbed his face.

" Ah love yah, and dere ain't nothin' dat'll change dat…"

Rogue smiled.

" But Ah'd prefer yah like dis… As just a simple guy…"

Klaus sighed.

" You know why I wanted you to be my queen of darkness?"

Rogue placed her finger in front Klaus' lips.

" What?"

Klaus closed his eyes for a while, then opened them.

" Because frankly, I was alone… All that time, I was lonely, and I wanted someone who could be with me forever…"

Logan couldn't help but think that Klaus was still a child at heart. Though he was hundreds of years old, he was still a teenager who sought to find the focus in his life. While most others found them in decades, it had taken Klaus, over a thousand years. He closed his eyes, then opened them. He then saw a white light emitted from Rogue that enveloped Klaus and herself. He rubbed his eyes believing that he was seeing an illusion. By the time his eyes refocused to the couple, the light had grown out, and enveloped himself and seeped out of the building. Unknown to him, the light had already enveloped the world.


Xavier saw the white light enter through the windows, and the doors. Both Kitty and Evan wondered.

" What's with the light?"

They followed the light that flowed through the air like a spirit down to the room where they locked up Jean and Scott. As soon as the light enveloped them, they began to change back to how they were. Their eyes returned to normal, and their teeth had shortened. When the light moved away, they looked at themselves with wonder.

" What happened? Scott?"

" Yeah. I'm here, Jean…"

They saw the light touch upon Kurt's lifeless body. After a moment of complete envelopment, they heard the gasp of breath from Kurt. His eyes opened, and returned to life. He saw Kitty in front of him, and then looked at his body.

" Vhat happened? I remember Rogue drinking mein blood…"

The light had by now faded back out of the mansion, and rushed back towards the station. Soon, it returned to Rogue's body. She then fell unconscious on Klaus. He held her in his arms, and murmured.

" You were not the Queen of Darkness who was going to be at my side in my quest for destruction, but you were the Angel of Salvation… My salvation…"

Logan opened his eyes, and looked around.

" What happened? What was that light?"

Klaus turned his head towards Logan.

" Rogue has sacrificed herself to correct the wrongs that I've made… I…"

Just then, Rogue opened her eyes, and touched Klaus' face with her hand.

" Don't cry… Ah'm still here…"

Klaus Hugged Rogue in joy.

" I thought I've lost you…"

Rogue let out a weak smirk.

" Yah ain't gettin' rid of meh dat easily…"

Logan and the others helped Rogue and Klaus up. Sophia also helped her father as they carried the two out of the building.

" You know any ride that we can use? I mean our van's blown up…"

Sophia looked around until she saw a van that belonged to her.

" There. We can use that."

Everyone loaded into the van. Logan drove back to the mansion. On the way, He looked back in the rear view mirror, and saw Rogue fast asleep in Klaus' arms. He then looked at Sophia.

" So what's your take on what happened?"

Sophia shook her head.

" I don't know… I just don't know what happened…"

Soon, they arrived at the institute. When they arrived, Kitty and Kurt came running out of the door with the others. Logan's eyes opened wide as saucers when he saw Kurt walking around.

" What the? I thought…"

Kitty began explaining.

" A white light came into the institute, and enveloped Jean, Kurt, and Scott. When it left, well… You see the result…"

When the doors of the van opened up, Kitty became scared. She saw Rogue and Klaus sitting in the middle, surrounded by the others.

" What happened?"

Logan sighed.

" It's a long story…"

They carried Rogue and Klaus to the main hall, and let them rest on the sofa. Sophia got into the kitchen and sought to quench her thirst for water with the others. Logan, on the other hand, found himself talking with the ones left behind to explain the situation.

" …I'm telling you. After the sun light became visible, I saw a white light radiating from Rogue and it enveloped everything, and seeped out of the building. After the light retracted back into Rogue, she just passed out. And after hearing what that light had done, I don't know what it is… I don't even know who Rogue is anymore… I mean I heard Klaus mumbling about 'Angel of Salvation' stuff, but I don't believe that…"

Xavier rubbed his chin, and thought for a while. His thoughts have deviated him from the others, and he entered a world of his own. The subject was very controversial. He didn't know whether such a phenomenon was even possible. He thought that Logan and virtually everyone around the world had a spontaneous illusion regarding the matter. He, however, didn't think it was possible. First of all, Kurt, who was dead, came back to life, then things have continued as if the short duration of Rogue's reign as the Queen of Darkness was just a nightmare shared by everyone. Such thing was not possible to be just an illusion.

" Charles…"

Xavier came looked at Ororo and stammered.

" What is it?"

" About Rogue…"

Xavier sighed.

" Well, love can make anything possible…"

Logan and Hank shook their heads in disbelief. Ororo, herself, was skeptical, but placed the possibility upon the suggestion. Since the myth of vampires were real, it was possible that other supernatural phenomenon was possible in reality. Xavier continued.

" You said so yourself that Rogue desired nothing but simple, and pure idea of love from Klaus. I don't know, but it is possible that the phenomenon that we all saw came from that.

Logan scoffed.

" You mean to say there was a divine intervention?"

Xavier shook his head.

" I'm not saying that, but something like that could have transpired here. Without knowing what exactly happened from Rogue, we can't overrule anything."

Hank sighed.

" It could have been from regret more than love… Or may be it was combination of both."

Just as they wrapped up their talk, Sophia came in.

" They're awake."
Everyone rushed to the hall where Rogue and Klaus sat. Hank looked through them to find that both Rogue and Klaus no longer showed any signs of being a vampire.

" That's strange…"

Rogue looked around with puzzled look towards herself and the others.

" What happened? Why am Ah here?"

She touched herself on the chest and felt her heart beating stronger than ever.

" Wait! Ah'm not a vampire anymore?"

Klaus looked at himself with amazement.

" Am I human? Did I finally cast off my curse?"

Rogue and Klaus looked at each other, and smiled. Their smiles grew to a cheer and embracement. They shed tears of joy. Rogue was happy that she can love Klaus on her own accord without any ties to her past life, and Klaus was happy that his curse, the life of a vampire, had been lifted. Sophia stared at them for a while, then sighed.

" So, father… What do we do now?"

Klaus looked back, with a hint of bewilderment.

" I don't know… Maybe we'll just live like a family now…"

Xavier smiled.

" You're welcome to live with us, Klaus…"

Rogue and Klaus looked at Xavier with gratitude.

" Thanks, but no thanks… I mean you're offer is generous, but I wish to start fresh…"

Rogue nodded in agreement.

" Ah feel da same way…"

Kurt's smile soon disappeared.

" But…"

Rogue caressed Kurt's face with smile.

" Don't worry… We'll beh close by…"

Klaus nodded.

" The mansion where Rogue and I stayed will suffice. I can rent or lease out the other assets around the world… We'll live an honest life from now on…"

Their promise received a nod from everyone. Klaus then looked at Sophia.

" Well, what should I do with you? You must have a man in your life now… I mean I can't feed you forever…"

Sophia smirked.

" Well, there's pretty much no one in the world who would want to marry an 85 year old maid…"

Klaus smiled with Rogue.

" Oh, Ah doubt dat…"

Rogue's green eyes became fixed upon Logan. He stammered, and tried to weasel his way out of it.

" Why are you looking at me for, stripes? Okay, I'm about her age. I'll give you that. But I…"

Sophia came over, and gazed into Logan's eyes. He smirked with a nod.

" Aw, hell… Why not?"

Everyone burst into laughter. They all looked at outside where the bright sunlight illuminated the beauty of the world. Rogue leaned against Klaus, while Sophia finally wrapped her arm around Logan's and rested her face against his shoulder. Rogue smiled, and commented on the beauty that have found a new meaning for her.

" It's good to see da light again…"


Well, I guess that's it. I have to say that it saddens me to finish this story, but it must end… I want to thank the reviewers for the support given to this story, and every suggestions that came to me. I will continue to write X-Men: Evo fics, and may be if I find a time to go on, I may come back to this supernatural genre again. Thank you so much for your support.

Wing Knight

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