Omi no Kiken, part 37 Bruderschaft

Eyes flickering open, Omi realized three things, one- Ran was going to chew him out for making such a costly rookie-mistake, two- he was chained to a bed yet again and it still didn't excite him or make him happy, and three- Sakura-chan and Aya-chan were sitting in the corner tied up with each other. He realized Sakura-chan was about as awake as he was.

Guten morgen, Katzchen. (Good morning, kitten.) Schuldig purred himself, investigating Omi's glock in his hand. He pointed the barrel at Omi's face, allowing him to see down the tube.

Omi felt a nervous sweat, "Why did you take us?" Omi hissed temperamentally, he wasn't the sort to shake in fear just for having a gun drawn on him.

"Well, I took them so you'd sit still, and we took you to awaken a god." Schuldig explained, opting to verbalize the complex set of ideas in a way Omi could understand.

Omi's eyes went wide.

"Oh don't give me that wounded look," he turned the gun to point it at Aya-chan and Sakura-chan, moving back and forth between the targets. "We even made sure Aya's sister has a babysitter for you."

Swallowing hard, Omi pulled at his shackled wrists, "You have me, so let them go."

Nicht jetzen. Haltzen Sie mit dass, oder ich werde Tote sind. (Not now. Cut that out, or I'll kill them.)

Arms immediately relaxed.

Gute, dieser abend dein blut werde bin der blut von die Gotte, es ist sehr interessierent, ja? Jetzen SCHLAFEN! (Good, this evening your blood will be the blood of the gods, it is very interesting, yes? Now SLEEP!)

Omi fell back limply, eyes rolling under as blood pooled at the edges of his nostrils and ears, Schuldig wiped his hand under his own nares in order to wipe away his own nosebleed. Er ist bereit, Crawfish. (He is ready, Crawfish.)

"Good, tonight really is a night to witness." Crawford fixed his glasses. "The other pets should be here soon. Get him dressed for the ritual."


Ran's fist clenched around the glowing homing beacon, he took his keys from the ignition and pocketed them, at least Omi had been good enough to park in a convenient exit-point, but that hardly made up for his own idiotic tendencies to rush head-first into an ambush. Ran chided himself, no, Omi didn't fool-heartedly decided upon this, he was manipulated into this too.

How much control did Omi have over himself at this point? It was as if he was infected by some divine control, though Ran had to admit Omi was a beautiful puppet he still hated the idea that someone else was playing with his boy-toy lover.

Ran inserted his earpiece before testing it, "Manx, have you reached Siberian and Balinese?"

"Yes. They will be there in another five minutes, as will the troops. Persia is dispensing Rook, Knight and Queen for back-up, they will handle the perimeter. Your team is to recover the hostages and kill the three targets."

Ran nodded to himself, "Manx… about Birman…"

"I know. Birman, she was happy, I'm just sad that it ended like that for her but she knew the risks."

"I'm sorry."

"Make it up to me by making sure nothing happens to Bombay. If something were to… Persia would be devastated." Manx knew she shouldn't say such a thing, but it was the truth, and she couldn't even bear to think about Persia in that much pain; or Omi for that matter. Omi was dear to her in his own rights.

"I'll protect Bombay with my life, you have my word. I'm moving in. From here on, I'll be radio-silent."


Ran motioned for the strategic weak-points of the amphitheater, stopping when he saw motion. The blur of white hair told him just what he had stumbled into until he spotted a brown tuft and four silver streaks move through the air. "Siberian…" Ran nodded, so Ken would face off against Farfarello, huh?

"Abyssinian, we'll head in behind you. Head through the front, it's empty."

Ran nodded silently even though he knew Ken hadn't seen him, turning around, he made his way for the main entrance.

"Crawford?" Nagi asked, looking at his leader, the black-haired businessman smiled.

"Don't worry, it's fine." He put a hand on Nagi's shoulder, "Schuldig finished the preparations, the old bats will want to start the ritual now anyway. Everything is moving according to the timeline."

Nagi nodded, "I understand."


Schuldig smirked as he undressed and re-dressed Omi, Ach so, Katzchen weiss ist dein farbe! (Oh, kitten white is your color!) Lifting the limp Omi in his arms he carried the light teenager to the gurney. Omi's tunic fell loose around his thin limbs showing off each contour of his fleshy features. Licking his lips, Schuldig mentally asked Brad, Ist regen im der Wetter Vorhersage fur heute Nacht? (Is rain in the weather forecast for tonight?)

Brad made a snide laugh which made Nagi look at him, nervously.

Schuldig put the gun next to Omi's hand before wheeling the gurney to the center of the theater upon prompt of the elders.

"Schuldig, bring him to the altar."

Bowing, the redhead lifted Omi in his arms, making sure the teen kept hold of the gun even in his sleep. Glancing at Omi's knee, he smirked, rather entertained at the idea.

"His purity has been confirmed. He'll be the perfect vessel to bring in the new era." One of the elders mentioned, approaching the altar to pet Omi's unconscious features. "And so handsome too, when our god decides to let us imbibe his power…" he suggestively looked in between Omi's legs, "I'm glad we chose such an appropriate vessel. You, you can go now." He glared at Schuldig, giving the redhead a mental blow.

Schuldig smirked at the challenge, his shields up to deflect, bowing he backed up three steps. "Ich werde in unserem Zimmer sein. Bis bald." (I will be in our room. Later.) He flipped his wrist at the edge to wave from over his shoulder, exiting.

Once in Schwartz'es private room, Schuldig threw a chair across the way, "Old bastard! Trying to kill me like that…" He brooded before turning to spot Crawford, the black-haired man wore a full smile.

"You handled it well, the old fools have no idea what they've just gotten themselves into."

"It hardly matters to me. It's all over tonight, right?"

"Almost. It is a shame we'll miss seeing his resurrection, though it isn't exactly a one-trick pony." Crawford turned to face Aya-chan, "bring the girls outside, Manx is waiting for them now."

Oh-ho, das wird spaB machen, das Spielen von Doppelagenten. (Oh-ho, this will be fun, playing double-agents.)

"Well, we do only get to play it once."

"Ja, ich kenne." (Yeah, I know.) Schuldig took up a cigarette, putting it into his lips, Zeit, um, Mädchen zu gehen. (Time to go, girls.) Schuldig paused, looking at the unconscious Aya for a moment, Und bezüglich Ihrer, aufwachen. (And as for you, wake up.)

Tossing her over his shoulder, he glanced at the other girl. "Your ride is here. Go home safely."

Sakura's hollowed eyes met his before she nodded, taking Aya-chan's hand. As they approached the exit, several guards approached them, as did one of the three elders.

"Why Schuldig, when did you become so powerful?"

Schuldig recognized it as the oldest of the three, the man who had just tried to kill him, he smirked in as condescending of a fashion as he felt like, "Probably when you were drinking prune-juice, Alter Mann." (Old man.)

Nagi, jetze! (Nagi, now!)

A blow of psychokinetic energy sent splinters flying through the air as the wall to their left exploded, shooting powder of plaster and dry-wall.

Zeit um zur gehe, macht schnell! (Time to go, hurry!)

Schuldig disappeared down the hallway before coming to a balcony. "This is a two story drop. Self-hypnosis says that if you believe you can survive it without injury, you won't get hurt. Start auto-suggesting that." Schuldig nodded to Sakura before shoving her over it, her eyes gained clarity as she hit the ground, rolling onto her side she spotted four-inch pumps and very pale legs as her eyes traveled up. The woman glanced up at the balcony in time to spot Schuldig lowering Aya-chan the entirety of his arm's stretch before dropping her.

Manx rushed the three paces to get below the girl to catch her as the signs of the first explosion lit up the air.

"Tch, es ist Starten, groB, auf wieder sehen, Fraulein Manx." (Tch, it's starting, great, see you later, Miss Manx.)

Manx watched as Schuldig's back retreated, she looked back at the girl in her arms as she felt the comatose blue-haired girl twitch. "…We have to get back a safe distance, come on." She smiled down at Aya-chan, "…Good morning, the world's been waiting for you to wake up again, moon princess."


A scream ripped through Omi's body as he tensed, chest pulled upward as waves of energy poured through him.

His eyes opened wide, unseeing, before he crashed back onto the altar panting. Smoke rose from his knee as his skin sizzled and crackled. Over his swollen knee, the abrasions on his shoulders, scars, all producing smoke.

Ran's ear picked up on that familiar noise causing him to race toward the direction.

"IYAAAA!" Omi's eyes fell shut as he fainted for only a moment. His breathing softening as his skin became translucent, showing the skeleton below before that too was over, his skin returned to a healthier pallor just as Ran reached the room, sword drawn. He spotted the rising smoke, his body instantly scanning to see what they were using to torture him with, he saw three points of contact on the large-scale magical alchemic circle.

He did a double-take when he saw the smoke that had arose from Omi's knee leave with a perfectly functioning, healthy looking knee that had been the size of a grapefruit no more than twenty minutes ago. Gaping, he looked at the other areas of smoke, and true enough, after each lifted, the injury itself was also gone, even the scars disappeared. Schuldig appeared behind Ran, lighting up his cigarette.

"Amazing, isn't it? His ability to rejuvenate, that's why we liked him for it. That kid just keeps bouncing back, like there's a reset-button. Ah, before you do that… I just left your sister with Manx. We're on your side today, and from now on."

Ran's eyebrow twitched, "If that's true, why is he still over there."

"Because this will take a cooperative effort, don't think I'm so cruel as to leave him in enemy hands unarmed. Katzchen, stehen auf." (Kitten, get up.)

Omi's eyes flickered open, at first unseeing, within instances they were fully alert, he looked at his hand spotting the gun before drawing it. Taking aim at the three separate pillars, he shot each one withstanding the recoil.

Ran's eyes widened, a 45 magnum glock and Omi didn't even show any kick- that wasn't normal…

"When I said rejuvenate did I forget to mention that it also improves?" Schuldig licked his lips. "Kitty just got an upgrade. We better hurry to kill the targets before they start to doubt his status as a deity though."

Yoji flung a wire through the air at the woman approaching Omi, the younger blond turned to spot the wire watching it as if the wire moved past.

All the sounds, experiences, sights, it was all playing in some sort of slow-motion, nothing going amiss as he took it in.

"Master, you've finally revived! Fuse us with your power, master! We've given you a vessel still young and strong, pure…"

Omi turned to face her, his eyes flashed red before he heard her scream, her body on fire. Omi covered his eyes before bowing his head. How the hell did she just catch on fire?!

Crawford approached Omi, pulling a sheet from the gurney to cover his shoulders providing more coverage than the tunic, "You're about to go berserk, with psychic power you've never had. Just go with it for now. It'll be over soon."

The sprinkler system kicked in, just in time for the woman to drop, burnt to death.

"We'll explain things simply… they summoned a god into his body, a god that doesn't have the ability to live anymore, but he's still a god with a massive amount of power, it's going to make him blow a circuit, we're going to take that time to kill the members of Essett, and after that… when he resets, he probably won't remember even going crazy with power, though it isn't really him doing it at this point."

Ran grabbed Schuldig's collar, "What the hell do you mean by that?!"

"Well whose fault do you think it is he's going berserk?" Schuldig smirked guiltily, "After all, a virgin has the sort of purity to keep those carnal feelings in check, but someone who is just pure of heart… and not of body…" He winked suggestively, "It happened just in time, too. If he was still a virgin with all of this, there would be much more of a mess to expel the god from his body without any lingering effects. You could've made the poor boy immortal, how horrible do you think that would have been for him. Now, you just managed to give him the ability to heal."

Crawford mentally nudged Schuldig, Knock it off.

"Fine, be boring and keep them in suspense. Sorry, the boss-man doesn't want me spoiling anymore surprises."

Ran's eyes locked on to the next target, all of this information floating around begging to be understood, and all of this at the most inopportune time, "We kill them and then we all talk, and share."

No one was at a loss for the irony in that statement.

Omi leaned forward, holding his head, chanting, "Itai… itai… itai… itai… itai…"

"…The vessel isn't pure?" The two remaining elders glared at Schwartz, "What's the meaning of this! You could have destroyed our chance to resurrect a god, if we don't hurry to rectify this he could be banished for another millennium!"

Farfarello licked his blade, Ken coming in behind him, both sporting some sizable cuts and scrapes, "God is dead." Farfarello looked at Omi, "Hee hee hee." Gleaming eyes, Farfarello approached Omi, putting his hand on the teen's shoulder appreciatively, ignoring how it was suddenly bleeding from invisible lacerations, deep ones, he pushed the boy forward, toward the two men. "And this is his new incarnation until it dies again."

Drop-kicking Omi's back, Farfarello managed to 'score a goal' by pushing Omi into one of the two remaining targets as Ken and Yoji fought to suppress the growing reinforcements, Ran rushed forward as he spotted the older men going for assorted weapons including a knife.

A brush of cold air moved past as a pillar cracked, Omi stumbled back, the elder man panting as he looked at the blood now gathering at his center before he shot another spear of psychic energy. This time, he managed to topple the pillar, bringing it down into another as it started a domino-effect on the left side of the atrium.

As he looked at the blood then back to Omi he took up a handful of the fluid making it glow before projecting it forward, Ran lunged forward as Crawford signaled Farfarello to pull Omi back.

Ran's sword sliced into the man in time for his blood-spear to pierce Omi's side, cutting through the sheet and producing a slash across his abs.

Twisting the blade before pulling up, Ran took the blade past the man's shoulder-blade before pulling it out. "Omi!"

"He's fine." Crawford said, looking at the teen from afar, "Keep fighting and keep back from him for a bit longer."

Ran fumed, but knowing the other man's agenda enough to know he really would be on their side for now, he had no choice but to trust the precog's abilities.

Nagi turned to face the pillars, "Shall I start to bring the house down?"

Farfarello smiled, having seen better days, or perhaps not as the sadomasochist seemed to be having a field-day with his left-side collapsing in on him.

Crawford merely nodded once. "Farfarello, make an exit path for us. Nagi, collapse the right side then make us a hallway. Schuldig, play with the kitty." He fixed his glasses, rolling up his sleeves. Now that he had a chance to 'play' with the 'big boss' he was about to enjoy himself.

Ran gave Crawford a contempt glower, "Balinese, Siberian, how many are left?"

"Only another ten or so."

"That would be members of Rosen-kreuz, leave them be, focus on the remaining target, once he's dead they'll leave. No money, no point after all. Once we finish him off, you'll need to snap kitty out of it the rest of the way. Hear that Schu- don't get too close or kitty'll claw you up bad."

Schuldig laughed nasally. "I'm just going to play in his mental recesses and help him flip the circuit completely."

"I should mention now, when he comes to, you'll be given a chance… a choice to make him into a new being. Do with that what you want." Crawford cracked his knuckles before charging the final of the three targets.

"You insolent little brat, when did you become so cocky as to think you could ever defeat me?" He pounded his own chest, "Like I would ever let someone like you beat me!" Summoning a wave of psychic energy, he began to alter the aura of the arena, making the room's magnetics shift.

Brad stepped closed to Ran, the red-head's battle aura doing well to prevent itself from shifting to his opponent's whims.

"When I stopped to strategize and realize I couldn't do it alone. Idiot. The real question is when did you stop realizing your need for others with power? From here, I see only one of three… And you can't control near enough power for you to win." Brad whispered to Ran, "Dodge left, now."

The two separated for only an instance as a wave of a psychic whip cut between them, missing Ran's head, shaving off one of the few split-ends on Ran's right ear-tail. Brad stepped back, near Ran and smirked smugly.

"Advance to your heart's content. Just remember, this is the guy who wanted to take your Omitchi sexually."

A vein in Ran's forehead twitched, he really didn't need to be more angry, all of this was more than enough and yet… with that, the sudden dam of pent-up rage allowed him to summon a furious string of attacks, each precisely timed and placed.

The old man doing his best to dodge, still wound up being struck by a handful as the assault rained down.


Schuldig touched his own forehead, penetrating the confused aura to fully penetrate Omi's psyche was a rather difficult task, and the boy's pinging was beginning to become a hassle.

He decided to make a triple assault with psychic energy, so that he'd have smooth sailing against the resistance on the third on his own counter-pings.

Omi leaned forward over his knees, his toes keeping in him an upright fetal-position as he clutched the sheet in both hands, pressed to his temples, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet.

Get out, get out, get out, you aren't me, you aren't me so get out… Omi continued as he attempted to find himself within the mess. His mind had become some frightful maze, snagging roots of information, some ringing true, others completely non-sensible, others still merely empty thoughts that just took up space to jumble the mess further.

Do you want out, kitten? You look lost. Schuldig pried gently, now that he had pierced the first few layers. Knowing he wasn't seeking to control or over-ride, so much as to guide, he decided to drop the German.

I want out. I want to go home. I'm lost, I'm scared, and I want to go back! Omi continued to rock back and forth, more roots were growing out, making the imagery turn into an English hedge-maze, parts looking more sinister than others.

Then you have to find your way out of this maze, now don't you? Schuldig prompted. Now how do you expect to do that?

Omi stopped shifting on his feet as his head slowly picked up, eyes hollow. "I have to get out."

Schuldig smirked, "Ja, du musst." (Yes you must.)

How do I get out? Every time I turn, more starts to grow in! Omi explained.

Nagi, how's that path coming? Schuldig asked.

"Almost… done… Those Rosen-Kreuz freaks are interfering though…" Nagi answered aloud, not like keeping it in between a psychic channel would help prevent anyone else from 'hearing'.

If you can't turn you have to just slice through, and make a straight path, now don't you? Now, where oh where could the exit be, can you sense it? Schuldig glanced at Crawford, Macht schnell, mein fuhrer! (Hurry it up, my leader!)

Crawford glanced over at Schuldig, partly pleased with the nickname.


"He would have done it, too… he'd have forced himself on your Omitchi if you hadn't been there in time… and the three, if they were all together and alive could have suppressed him before he went berserk to do it to him. They would have loved to gang-rape him, you know."

And that was all that was needed to make Ran reach to that bottom bit of reserve to slice across the man's cheek then pierce his left lung, slicing down at an angle just enough to pierce through the diaphragm and into the spleen, causing massive bleeding as he pulled the blade out to repeatedly slice across his stomach and chest.


Nagi threw a psychic bubble forward into Rosen Kreuz, the three stopped after dodging it, looking back and forth.

"He's dead."


They looked at Nagi before looking at each other, one of them blew him a kiss, the one with green hair and an outfit that tied with Schuldig's second-most gay clubbing attire. "Tschuss." (Bye.) Winking, the man waved and left, the team seemingly teleported with the speed they moved in which to exit.

Nagi let out a sigh before pushing another bubble forward, cracking the foundation to make that final doorway leading them outside.

The hallway is cleared. Nagi informed across the board, Schuldig smirked.

Gut, viele danke. (Good, many thanks.) Schuldig looked at Omi then Crawford, "Send his lover over already. I'm not touching him and risking that." He pointed at Farfarello's arm.

Ran rushed to Omi's side before Crawford could even concur. "Omi!"

Omi's eyes slitted open as he stood up, not focusing on anything as he turned to 'see' Ran.

"Don't touch him, stand in front of him, and call him through the corridor. He still has to get out of his mental trappings." Schuldig mentioned, well aware of the images shooting through Omi's mind as he spoke, he felt blood at the bottom of his nose pouring out steadily. Taking out a handkerchief he pressed it against his upper lip to block it off as he continued to bear witness.

Nodding, Ran stood before Omi, "Hidaka, Kudou, we're getting the hell out of here, come on."

Reaching his hand forward but not quite touching Omi's, he locked eyes with the cerulean hazed orbs, "Omitchi, come on… we're getting you out of here."

Omi took a step toward the voice.

Is this is the way? Omi's head glanced left and right as he moved straight, forward toward the suddenly warm sensation facing him.

He let out a muffled, "Mm," in confirmation as he was led through the debris. The sounds of cracking concrete and settling building told them the place was about to come down any minute. Ran spaced them so the blond had two meters between them to walk at a realistic pace.

Three quarters through the corridor, a piece of ceiling fell, interrupting Ran and Omi's visual field, landing between the two, Omi stumbled, tripping over the sudden obstacle.

"Eh…!" Omi's face squinted.

"Omi!" Ran reached forward, only to be grabbed by Schuldig's outstretched hand.

"No touching until he gets out on his own!" Schuldig glanced at Farfarello's arm, "Unless that is to say you are a masochist, and then by all means go right on ahead. I'd love to drive your Porsche again, this time in my own body."

Ran's stomach tightened, "You won't be driving my car ever in your natural life."

"Fine, then don't…" Schuldig paused, though Ran interrupted him before sensing that. Schuldig spotted what he had been waiting for.

Ran pulled his arm free, "And I will not leave him like that." He took hold of Omi's hand, pulling him up. "Come on Omi, we have to go."

Spinning around, Schuldig took a few paces to meet up with his team, "Fine. I don't plan on babysitting anymore. He's awake, heh, kind of."

Omi's eyes opened wide, "We have to go." Omi reverberated, looking at Ran.

Ran smiled, "Omitchi!" He nodded once, "Yes, we have to get out of here, this place is coming down."

"…Where are we?" The blond responded, following Ran's hastening steps even as the redhead turned his face to speak with him.

"The path out of hell, I'd say." Ran took a step over some debris, "Careful."

Omi nodded, taking a step over a rather sizable piece of concrete. "…Who are we?"

Ran's hand tightened, so that's what those bastards meant… "…Omi, right now you're still confused. A lot of strange things happened, but you… you are Tsukiyono Omi, you are 18 years old… kind of… well, you were born on February 29th so you haven't had 18 true birthdays, but…" Ran shook his head, "I am Fujiyama Ran, we are both lovers and assassins in Weiss. I can tell you more later, once we get somewhere safer."

"…Ah, hai."

Ran smiled gently, "Come on, let's hurry."

That said, the pair started to run, more cracking and rumbling sounds could be heard. As they got outside of the hallway, the section collapsed, as did a massive portion of the amphitheater. Omi and Ran looked at each other before looking at the small gathering of people on the outside.

"We're going back, Kudou, Hidaka, tell Manx to meet us at the safe-house but first we're heading to the shop."

"At the shop, Aya, that place is a wreck, besides we need to…"

"Omi needs to see where we live first, we'll get some provisions and meet you at the safe house then."

Ken fumed, "No, he needs to get to the hospital, who knows what the hell they did to him, and with how banged up he is how should we know if it's…"

Ran pointed to Omi's knee, "Do you see anything wrong with it now?"

Ken blinked, "Holy hand-grenade how is that possible?"

Schuldig smirked, "Oh, shall we tag along and explain? After all, we are allies now."

Ken turned to face him sharply, then Farfarello, that little 'friendly fight' was anything but friendly… he thought that had been a truce to get out alive not anything more… that run through the corridor…

"We can explain things better at the safe-house, Manx and Persia already know we are now on their side." Crawford stated, fixing his glasses to remove a smudge, "Besides, we might as well spot where our new HQ will be, and as it looks like it will be that safe-house, we'll just tag along. I don't see any reasons to complain."

Yoji opened his mouth, "I can. Damn, why couldn't you have some girl members, I wouldn't mind being allies with them."

Schuldig stepped on Crawford's foot, "Arschlocke don't you dare say it! I know what you're thinking!" (Asshole)

Crawford pushed his glasses further up, How can I help it, your hair is long enough for the role.

Schuldig wiped the blood from under his nose completely clean. "Wherever we wind up, it had better have some schnapps and beer, cigarettes and food would be a plus."

To Be Continued.