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Take (5/18/03)


Kouji watched the man before him tilt his head up towards the sun like a flower seeking its warmth. He felt his breath catch as Izumi hummed tunelessly, his lips turned up slightly at the corners in contentment. The taller man ached to hold his lover, a large part of him not caring about Izumi's aversion to public displays of affection. Instead, Kouji shoved his hands into his pants pockets, clenching them in an effort to keep from reaching for the man basking in front of him.

As Kouji looked on, a single sakura petal drifted down to land on the tip of Izumi's nose. Izumi blinked, going cross-eyed to see it; the feathery touch tickling. The brown-haired man sneezed, shaking off the offending object. Izumi burst into laughter, the sound sending a pang through Kouji's heart. It was times like this one that he loved Izumi the most.

Still chuckling, Izumi turned to face him, his features alight with happiness. "Oi, Kouji. You just going to lurk in the shadows all day?" Izumi extended a sun-browned hand towards him.

Looking into Izumi's eyes, Kouji couldn't see any of the darkness that usually lingered there. In fact, all Kouji could see was happiness and. . . love. His gaze dropped to Izumi's outstretched hand and he felt his heart swell.

He'd been wrong.

Kouji slowly placed his hand in Izumi's waiting one and let the other man draw him into the sunlight.

He loved Izumi most at times like this.