Blue eyes, golden eyes

Warnings/notes : Seto + Joey, slightly dark, canon-inspired AU, weirdness, Mokuba

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written at 28th november 2003, by Misura, part 4 of 4

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Chapter note : flashbacks to an Ancient Egyptian AU, very slight hints at possible Yami + Seto

Second note : part of this takes place at the end of BEBE, before the epilogues.


"Big brother! You're safe!" Seto had about half a second to brace himself as Mokuba hurled himself at him. He smiled, ruffling Mokuba's hair.

"Of course I'm safe. And you had better had a very good reason for looking so tired." It was true ; Mokuba looked like he hadn't been sleeping for a week.

"I was worried about you. When Croquet told me there was a storm that kept you on the island - " Mokuba shook his head. "I simply *knew* you'd insist on coming back anyway, just to keep that promise you made me." He hugged Seto more closely, until the CEO was sure Mokuba was trying to crush him. "You could have had an accident and it'd have been all my fault!"

"And who is Croquet?" Seto inquired, not recognizing the name.

The man who had accompanied him out of the castle coughed. "I am, sir. If you don't mind, I'll return to the castle now. Master Pegasus will be most pleased to hear of your safe arrival back home."

"Will he really?" Seto asked, his voice cold. Mokuba stared at him questioningly, but the expression on Seto's face told him it wasn't the right time to ask for an explanation.

"I assure you Master Pegasus values his relationship with you most highly." Croquet replied, the expression in his eyes hidden by his sunglasses. "It would greatly grieve him to hear you'd have come to any harm."

Seto snorted, chosing not to respond to that unlikely statement. "Come on, Mokuba. Let's go home. I want you to be awake enough to enjoy your ice-cream tomorrow."

Mokuba whooped and showed he still had enough energy to bounce to the car. Seto followed him more slowly, his thoughts on what he was to do now. He was mostly unharmed, save for a few bruises, but ... With a sigh he decided he'd simply have to stay away from Pegasus. He couldn't prove anything at the moment. Though one day, he'd get to the bottom of this whole affair.

Croquet stared after the two brothers until they had vanished into the limo Mokuba had ordered. He had no idea what Pegasus had been trying to accomplish by his actions or why he had released the headstrong CEO so suddenly. It didn't matter anyway. It wasn't his job to understand his orders. All he had to do was obey them.


The knock on his door came unexpected. He hadn't counted on receiving any visitors this night which would probably be the last night he spent in these quarters.

The face staring at him was an even bigger surprise. "Yami ... "

"Seto ... can we talk?" There was a pleading note in the Pharaoh's voice that prevented him from slamming the door shut right away.

"I'm not going to withdraw the challenge. If you came to try to convince me to do that, you can spare your breath." His own voice was harsh, cold even.

Yami flinched, then shook his head slowly. "I know that. There's just something I wanted to ask you and since I probably won't get the chance anymore after tomorrow ... "

"Come on in then." He reluctantly stepped aside to allow Yami to enter.

"Thank you." Yami sat down gingerly, seeming ill at ease. "He lived here too, didn't he?"

No need to ask which 'he' Yami was referring to. "For a few weeks."

Yami nodded. "You didn't want him to leave." He wondered where this conversation was headed, what Yami was trying to accomplish by this.

"He did so anyway." Yami continued. "Why didn't you stop him? Why didn't you use the magic of the Rod to force him to stay with you? It'd have been so simple, so easy."

He was trembling. With anger, he hoped. "Are you telling me it's *my* fault he's dead? Is that what you're trying to do, make me feel too guilty to defeat you?"

"NO!" Yami jumped up, looking upset. Vulnerable. "I just want to understand."

He forced himself to calm down and consider the question. The answer was not hard at all.

"Because I loved him. It'd have been wrong to do that to him."

Yami smiled sadly, then nodded. "I see. I ... am sure the two of you will meet again."

The door softly fell shut behind the Pharaoh as he left, before he could say another word.


[a few months later]

"Seto! Over here!" Joey waved enthusiastically from the other end of the cafetaria. Seated next to him was a brown-haired girl Seto didn't immediately recognize.

"This is Shizuka." Ah. The famous sister Joey had told him about. She didn't look very happy with meeting him, though he guessed it'd have been even worse if she'd been one of those girls who seemed to think he hung the moon.

"Pleased to meet you." He could manage to be polite.

"Joey has told me a lot about you." Her face lit up all of a sudden as she noticed someone else having entered the cafetaria. "Yugi! Over here!"

Seto sighed, none too eager to have yet another person sharing their table. The things he put up with for his puppy's sake! Ah well, he'd survive. And Mokuba would be proud to hear he had managed to meet some new people.

"Hi Joey, hi Shizuka, hi ... uhm, I mean, hi! My name is Yugi Mutou." Seto turned around to come face to face with a small boy with tri-colored hair who was looking at him friendly, holding out his hand. And around his neck, on a chain ...


The boy blinked. Joey looked confused, while Shizuka seemed angry at his lack of a more polite response.

"His name is Yugi. And he's a whole lot nicer than you'll ever be." Shizuka snapped, picking up her tray to move to another table. "Come on, Yugi, there are still two free seats at Anzu's table."

"But - " Joey began. Seto merely shrugged. It seemed he wasn't going to be able to impress Mokuba after all. Ah well, as long as he had Joey, it wouldn't matter too much to his little brother.

As long as he had Joey ...

Seto shivered, wondering if it was true that history tended to repeat itself.


Endnote : About the whole Pegasus-thing ... his symptoms (sudden moodswings, memory-gaps and a glowing object) were kind of supposed to signify his having a yami, born from the despair about Cecelia. Sorry for not making that clearer. ^^;