Title: Bed Ridden

Author: Snacky

Summary: Sam is ill and stuck home. Let's e-mail her and see how she's doing shall we?

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Stargate Sg-1 or any of it characters are not mine. Also if fastmail is real I'm sorry but when I created it I wouldn't have known so, don't sue!

Authors notes: Written at approximately 3.00am, so surprised it came out so well. I even tried to get the times right for all you picky people out there! Hope you enjoy. Feedback is the writer's best friend - remember this, now read on my friend, read on.

Bed Ridden

Date: 04-06-03 09.13.45

From: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Subject: ill, Carter?

To: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net

I heard from Hammond today that you have the flu, is this true or are you just trying to get some time off?!

Hammond has given the rest of us time off until you return.

Daniel is going on a mission with SG-9 to another interesting planet full of rocks and T' is going home for a couple of days. So I will be getting all my paperwork done.

Hope you feel better!


Date: 04-06-03 11.20.32

From: Samantha Carter majorC@fastmailnet

Subject: get the yo-yo's out

To: Jack O'Neill gonefishin@fastmail.net

Dear Sir,

Faking the flu? Really Sir!

I can already see you are getting your paperwork done, I know it's boring but I do hope you don't spend your entire free time emailing me and playing with your yo-yo :-D

I am feeling better already; I should be back in shortly.

Speak soon,


Date: 04-06-03 10.43.53

From: Daniel Jackson Greek_tragedy@fastmail.net

Subject: Be back soon

To: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net


Sorry to hear you are ill, hope you get well soon. I am going to be on a mission with SG-9. Jack's annoyed because he doesn't have anyone to bug! (Teal'c is visiting his family) Got to go I have to be briefed and kitted (you know the usual)

Get some rest,

Love Daniel.

Date: 04-06-03 11.31.34

From: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net

Subject: Have Fun!

To: Daniel Jackson Greek_tragedy@fastmail.net

Dear Daniel,

Have a good mission! Don't worry about me I'm already on the mend. I knew about the Colonel, he's already started to email me - I don't mind though I have nothing better to do :-D!

Speak soon,


Date: 04-06-03 11.12.56

From: T' Murry Tmaster@fastmail.net

Subject: Get well soon

To: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net

Major carter,

I am going to visit my family for a few days; I will be back soon.

I hope you make a fast recovery, Colonel O'Neil is already bored.


Date: 04-06-03 11.39.23

From: Samantha Carter MajorC@fastmail.net

Subject: RE: Get well soon

To: T' Murry Tmaster@fastmail.net

Dear Teal'c,

Thanks, I will try to get well as fast as possible, have a nice trip!

Say hi to Rya'c and Drey'ac for me,