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Chapter Twenty Two: Old Endings and New Beginnings

"And Weasley has the quaffle, she quickly passes to Bell who fakes to Thomas, back to Weasley to Thomas to, no intercepted by Boot, who passes to Chris back to Boot, who feints to the left, he shoots to the right and OH What a save by Weasley. Weasley passes to Thomas who is flying as fast as he can, he gets ready to shoot but oh no he didn't he passes to Weasley who is completely unguarded and she scores! Gryffindor 10 Ravenclaw 0.

The game was fast paced and there was excellent goal tending on both sides. About an hour into the match the score was Gryffindor 60 Ravenclaw 70. At that moment Cho and Harry both saw the snitch and started to chase after it. The Ravenclaw team was distracted for just a minute allowing Ginny to score again tying the game at 70 apiece. Harry and Cho were flying at unbelievable speeds. Harry was going faster because of his Firebolt, but Cho was not far behind on her Nimbus 3000. The snitch was flying around like a lunatic today but Harry and Cho were catching up. The snitch shot straight up as did Harry and Cho. While they were battling away in the sky, play down below had pretty much come to a halt. The score was still tied at 70 and everyone was just watching the battle that is until one of the Ravenclaw beaters belted a bludger right at Harry. The bludger was on the way to Harry when the new Gryffindor beater flew right in the path of it and whacked it right back at the Ravenclaw team. His act alone caused the Gryffindor team to get very angry and as such started flying again. Ginny passed to Dean who passed to Katie, back to Ginny and a goal before the keeper even knew what happened.

All of a sudden the snitch that had just flew straight up decided to go straight down. Harry and Cho went into a dive as fast as they could. They were only about 10 meters from the ground and Cho was not as comfortable in a dive as Harry was who continued to dive. That mistake by Cho led to Harry grabbing the snitch and pulling out with inches to spare.

Harry raised his hand above his head in celebration and the Gryffindor team along with the whole house came charging onto the field. Spike Lee was yelling,

"GRYFFINDOR WINS!! GRYFFINDOR WINS! 250 to 80, OH what a game!!!"

The team headed over to Dumbledore who proudly presented Harry with the Quidditch Cup, who then passed it to everyone on the team. The team then disappeared to the common room for the grandest party of them all. Gryffindor House was on cloud nine for the rest of the week, but soon everyone settled down and began their last minute studying. 5th years and 7th years were the majority of people going crazy along with Hermione, who insisted that Ron and Harry study hard every day. After going over everything twice Harry quietly told her that he was not going to kill himself this year over studying. That was what next year was for. He didn't want to hurt her feelings, so he didn't mention that Tidus had prepared him for both sixth and seventh year.

The weeks seemed to just float away and soon everyone was sitting his or her exams. The golden quartet left afterwards in high spirits, even Sky thought she had done very well. Ron and Harry convinced Sky and Hermione to go flying with them and they all had excellent afternoon after the exams. Soon everyone was done and tomorrow would be the much-anticipated ball. Harry was going with Hermione, while Ron would be taking Sky. The boys took a lie in while the girls got themselves prepared. Ron and Harry got up about midday and played some chess after a light lunch. The ball was not scheduled until 7pm so the Gryffindor boys just relaxed and did nothing. Today was the last day of school and tomorrow everyone would be on the way home. Harry and Ron had already discussed that Harry would spend most of his time with the Weasleys, as Harry really didn't have anyone at his house. Though after driving his Viper and watching some muggle movie about street racing and custom cars, he wanted to start on his own project. Harry and Ron finally decided to go and get ready. So they trudged upstairs where Ron got changed into the new dress robes the twins had gotten him, which were a sparkling water blue with a black cape behind. He told Harry he would wait for him downstairs. At the time Hope appeared in her true colors.

"Hey Hope, what's up?"

"Good evening Harry, nothing much, you?"

"Nothing, hey any chance you would like to go to the ball with me and Hermione?"

"Oh! Yes please, I have heard from Fawkes, it is supposed to be a grand event. Fawkes himself will be accompanying Dumbledore."

"Whoa, I don't thing Fawkes has ever accompanied Dumbledore anywhere. Cool, well give me a minute while I change."

"Hold on, I have an idea."

And so Hope told Harry her idea in which he quickly agreed. So Harry got dressed and saw that only Ron and Sky were there in the common room. Sky was flabbergasted because she was aware of Arthur and his knights. She however said nothing, as Hermione decided to emerge and head down the stairs. Harry watched, as a goddess seemed to float down the stairs. Her dress was a dark aqua color that seemed to move on its accord. She had straightened her hair as she had for the fourth year ball. She paused a minute as she saw Harry but smiled when he stepped forward and asked,

"Milady, you are absolutely stunning, shall we go to the ball?"

She giggled. "Why yes my lord, I would be honored."

The linked arms and left with Ron and Sky. They together walked to the Great Hall where they saw the doors closed and Dobby waiting outside.

"Dobby! How's it going? I haven't seen you for a while."

"Master Harry, Dobby is sorry for not visiting, but Dobby has been very busy as of late."

"Ha, not worries Dobby, say what are you doing out here tonight?"

"Ah, Professor Dumbledore has asked Dobby to announce each couple as they arrive, you four are the last to arrive, and I daresay they are looking forward to it."

"Oh, bloody Hell," Harry replied.

"Harry! Language."

"Sorry Mione."

Ron and Sky were laughing until Dobby opened the doors and announced, "Mr. Weasley accompanied by Miss. Dawn." then he ushered them in amongst the applause. Both parties were red as Ron's hair but stepped in. The doors then shut and Dobby stood waiting outside the doors.

"Umm, Dobby, what about us?"

"Oh, sorry Master Harry, but Dobby is told to wait five minutes before announcing the next guest."

"Well that makes sense, say Dobby can you announce me the proper way?"

Hermione looked at Harry questionably who simply smiled.

"Of course Harry Potter sir, Dobby will do a good job."

Five minutes ended and the doors opened. Dobby walked in and the whole Hall grew silent knowing who was next. Dobby spoke in a clear and loud voice that rang through the hall.

"Presenting the Heir of Gryffindor, of Merlin, and of the Great King Arthur, his lordship Harry James Black Potter, accompanied by Miss Hermione Granger."

The hall was silent as a graveyard as the couple walked in heads held high; it was then that the crowd saw what Harry was wearing. He was wearing black pants with dragon hide boots, and a rich black cloak with a dark forest green trim and everyone gasped as they saw the symbols on the back. It had two symbols; the main symbol was a huge castle standing on a cliff with turrets that were bigger than Hogwarts. In front of the castle was a black stone with a silver sword sticking out of it. The second symbol was a bright red and orange Phoenix flying from the castle towards the stone. He was wearing a dark red vest under the cloak. On his belt was the now infamous Gryffindor Sword. Around Harry's neck was a silver pendant of a lion roaring on it's hind legs, and the front legs were holding a red sword that would turn blue and a lightning bolt with an onyx background. Around his finger was a gold and red band with a roaring lion set in an emerald. And that same hand carried a silver and wood staff, with phoenix's, Griffins, and swords carved into it. A flying Phoenix similar to Harry's animagus form was on top. In his other hand was none other that Hermione's hand. But the strangest thing Harry was "wearing" was his green and white Phoenix on his shoulders who thrilled a good evening to Fawkes. Shortly after they arrived applause rang through the hall as they walked regally to their table where Ron and Sky were laughing and clapping.

Harry smiled and pulled out Hermione's chair. She sat down as did Sky, then Ron and Harry sat down.

"Harry I've got to ask, why did you have your name announced like that?"

"Well Ron, now there will be no secrets now, so everyone will know and you guys aren't in jeopardy. Well no more than you already are."

"Cool, good idea, but why bring Hope with you?"

"Oh, this crazy old phoenix accepted my invitation, but I think she would have come anyway."

Forks dropped at the table and everyone looked at him.

"You mean that you can talk to phoenix's?"

"Ah, well yes but I will explain later, but it's got to do with my summons."

"Cool, say where are they?"

"Well Bahamunt is outside and Phoenix is flying around inside."

The table continued to eat along with the Great Hall. When everyone was done Dumbledore stood up and the notice disappeared.

"Good evening one and all, before the dancing commences, I have the distinct honor an privilege to announce Minister of Magic Arthur Weasley who with my limited help will induct the newest members into the Order of Merlin, both 3rd and 2nd class. So without further ado, Minister Weasley."

Polite applause and cheering from the Gryffindors.

"Thank you, well lets not waste anytime. For protected of Hogwarts and the capture of several death eaters I award the entire seventh year body Order of Merlin 3rd class. Please come to the front as you name is called."

Applause rose for each student as they were called up. Then Arthur stood up again.

"For their heroic efforts in the fight against death eaters and Voldemort and in Ms. Changs case saving our dear headmaster, we award the following Order of Merlin 2nd class. Miss Cho Chang, Miss Hermione Granger, Miss Sky Dawn, Professor McGonagall, Professor Rubious Hagrid, Mr. Ronald Weasley, Miss Ginny Weasley, Miss Luna Lovegood, Mr. Neville Longbottom, and Mr. Harry Potter."

Everyone stood to their feet and clapped while the student's received their awards. Mr. Weasley then spoke again as everyone sat down again.

"Congratulations to you all and welcome to the Order of Merlin. Now I believe that I have taken enough of your time, so headmaster thank you and students enjoy your ball and summer vacation. Oh and one more serious note, due to the possible threats from Voldemort and death eaters the decree of underage magic had been lifted under certain circumstances. The ministry does not want you to believe that you get expelled if you try to defend yourself in the case of attack. So goodnight and enjoy."

Applause rang through and Dumbledore then got to the podium.

"May I say congratulations to the recipiants of the Order of Merlin. So without further ado let the dancing begin."

A band rose up from the floor and the hall went crazy for the weird sisters. People started to dance. Harry reluctantly asked Hermione to dance and after a while started to enjoy himself. So did Ron and Sky, but soon the dance was over and everyone was on their way back to their dorms for a few hours before they had to leave for the summer.

How everyone got up and got ready on time was a mystery to everyone but at 11:00 am sharp the train left with all of it's occupants. The gang pretty much slept the whole way there. They didn't have to deal with Malfoy and his cronies as they had been suspended until next year, but they were given home tests so they would be in their seventh year. The friends got off the train, and the Weasleys, Grangers, and Dawns were waiting for their children. Lupin would be meeting up with Harry later at the mansion.

Greetings were made and Ron promised Sky to firecall her everyday and visit often. Then Harry and the Weasleys hopped in a Minster car along with the Grangers and headed home.

About two weeks later after Harry had spent most of his time with the Weasley but he was feeling homesick so he headed to the mansion. He flooed in and let go a sigh. It felt good to be home. He took his trunk to his room and was on his way to the garage when someone spoke behind him.

"It's about time you got here kid. I've been waiting her for weeks."

Harry whirled around with his wand in his hand.

"Who the? NO, It can't be? Can it?

"What? No hug for your Godfather?" The man then stepped out of the shadows and Harry gave a gasp, then stuttered out.


"The one and only, Kid. Welcome home."


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