CHAPTER FOUR: The Night Of Rape

When Draco and Harry got better, Snape said they could have three extra days to work on our assignment. HE told the class they had been out for "personal" problems, but everybody knew what really had went on, and they thought it was hilarious. Oh, I felt so vulnerable and naked when he told us to back into our groups and Draco headed toward me. Determined not to let him know he had hurt me, I eyed him heatedly, and locked eyes with his. I'm going to make you suffer. I thought, and it put a weak smile on my lips. "Well, while you were gone, I took the time to do some extra work. Here are three feet worth of notes I've taken. Since there are no *secrets* between us."

He snatched the notes from me, before I shoved them at his chest. "Swell," he stated, not even looking at them. "And, don't think you were the *only* one who bothered to do anything, because *I* took notes, too." and he handed me his, which was almost as long as mine.

There was silence, for a moment, and so he looked over my notes. I didn't want to watch him, but I couldn't look away. I had taken so many, and added additional thoughts, just hoping to impress him. I already knew he wanted a girl who was smart and beautiful, and I was determined to become just that. I was winning over his affection, I could see it in the way some of the ice in his eyes was melting - then he smirked.

"What is wrong with my notes, Malfoy?" I snapped.

"We copied from the same book."

I rolled my eyes at him, and opened up his rolled parchment. He was watching me, still with that stupid smirk on his face, and it was annoying everything in me! How could he still have that stupid anger in hi towards me, when I had tried to give him everything to make it disappear?! I scanned them, then.

Oh, damn him to hell! He was right! "Well that's just great. We've missed out on a full day of work." I snapped. I like doing work. But when I have to do *more* it drives me mad. "Bloody hell . . ." I muttered, and looked over at Harry, for no apparent reason.

It seemed he was having some trouble getting along with Pansy. He was snapping at her, in a low voice, and she was elbowing him in the side. He told me that was a major pet-peeve of his, so I knew he was just trying to hide his anger. How handsome he looked, with his cheeks red, and his green eyes shinning. And then, he looked up and saw me.

Through the corner of my eyes, I saw Draco watching me, so I took it as an opportunity to smile at Harry and blow a kiss.

True, I was digging myself deeper into a hole, playing Harry and Ron the way I was, but it would be worth it . . . Eventually.

Harry frowned once more. Clearly, he wasn't yet used to my sudden affection on I lavished on him. The way I was putting him on a pedestal. Maybe, in the end, his heart would be broken. Or maybe, it would me mine. It didn't matter. We still had a few more days left.

"A book I got you, Malfoy, that might be of some service to you. " and I handed him: Spells You've Never Heard of by: Nadia Lemstrong.

He took it, and scanned it, as I looked through another book of mine that I truly enjoyed. It had everything from Azkaban, down to Zonko's, and it had mysterious spells, as well. It seemed Snape had worked long and hard to find a project that would stump his class. Something that he could gloat about. And there he was, walking over to Ron and Millicent, deducting house points from us Gryffindors. He had that old, shadowy appearance. He was cold, and angry, and it scared the hell out of me. Of course, he *would* be the one who would love to fail us all.

"Class, since nobody seems to be getting anywhere with this assignment, we are going to work on something else during the day, and you can finish everything else at night. Now, if you would kindly look at these papers-" they magically appeared in our hands, "- and you'll find the ingredients inside the cupboard. Get to work."

Draco sighed, and in a bored, and somewhat whinny voice, he began to read. "Okay, that's twenty strands of dragon hairs, an eye of a newt, three frog legs, and a . . . a bolethrawt?"

"Bolethrawt, Malfoy," I explained. "It's a type of potion mix that deduces boils . . ."

He made a disgusted look, and watched as I picked out the ingredients. "What the fuck are we making, anyway?" he asked, more to himself.
"Beats me. Isn't it on that slip?"

He shook his head. "Honestly, Granger, if it was *on* the fucking slip would I *ask* you?"

"CONTRARY to what you ignorant Slytherin's believe, I *don't* know everything," and I angrily threw them into the boiling cauldron. "It has to set for twenty minutes . . . so, we can do anything, now . . ."

And he spent his time talking to Crabbe, who was a two places behind us. I watched him, as he absentmindedly moved his hand towards the cauldron. "Um - Malfoy -" I began.

"OW! God damn fucking Christ!" he exclaimed as his finger slung itself into the searing potion. He pulled it out, and went to stick it in his mouth, a natural reaction to a burn.

"Don't! Are you *crazy*?! You don't know what's in there and you're going to shove it in your *mouth*?!" he froze, and I watched his eyes water. His poor finger, it was deteriorating, blood was dripping on the floor like a faucet. "I can fix it . . ." and I thought a moment. "The blood potion - Here - give it to me." he hadn't looked at it yet, and once he did, he paled more. Now I know what he's afraid of . . . And I took his finger lightly in my hand.

Snape was walking towards us, everybody seemed to want to know what had happened to cause Draco's outburst. The blood, that kept pouring into my palm, felt warm and sticky, and I felt sick to my stomach, as I whispered some well chosen words. His finger grew back, but the dark blood stayed in my hand, and all over the floor. People around us were getting sick, and most of them were leaving the classroom.

Soon, it was only Draco, me, and Snape, who glared at us hatefully. "You two will clean up this mess, and I'll take fifty points from Gryffindor for ruining my lesson. While you're cleaning up this . . . vomit . . and blood - I'll be gathering up my class." and he walked out of the room, closing the door tightly behind him.

Draco looked at me, and I whimpered at the blood in my hands. Truthfully, I hated it too, and - as stupid as I feel to say this - I began to cry.

Not loudly, and with lots of tears, but more of a whinny - teary thing. Draco only watched me, and then sighed. "Don't cry, Granger." he snapped. "Not *now*," and then he wiped off the blood with a napkin. There is no spell in the wizarding world, that can clean up blood. So, he did as best as he could on my hand, and on the floor, while I cleaned up the vomit.

All the potions in the class room had turned to huge bowls of dark blood. I couldn't tell if they get sick because of Draco's finger, or their potion. And it didn't matter anymore, for I was already tired of this class.

I didn't want to say anything to anyone, but I felt terribly ill. My fingers shook, my head and stomach ached, and bile kept rising up my throat. Draco noticed my trembling fingers when class was almost over. Snape had told us we would have to stay after everyone else left, and he was more than angry with me. "If you had of *warned* me, Granger," he hissed, while I buried my head in my arms. My back burned, it seemed. I was beginning to wonder then, if maybe his blood had done something to me.

I didn't reply to him, I just tried to keep working, although every few seconds my brain would black out, and I'd have to do it over again. "Are you alright, Granger?" it wasn't with any concern. Just . . . . I don't know . . . curiosity. Draco *loved* to see me sweat.

I nodded, though my brain felt like it was bumping against my skull. My brain, sensing my lack of control. Why Hermione, why????

He watched me a moment longer. "Are you sure? Because-"

"I'm fine *purey*" I snapped. A 'purey' is a bad name for a full wizard. I never said it before, because I never felt it. But sometimes . . . Your brain takes over.

He just stared at me, somewhat outraged. Somewhat humoured. Somewhat hurt.

Nothing else was said, as the class ended, and we gathered out books.

Harry and Ron walked over to me, ignoring Draco, and smiled. "Well, have fun with Snape." Ron said, grinning at me sympathetically.

"And if Malfoy does anything to you . . . We'll hex him." Harry said to me, so that Malfoy didn't hear. Maybe he had finally gotten across that I "liked" him, for he winked at me, and passed me a slip of paper. "Don't read it until Midnight." he warned, before leaving with everybody else.

Nobody came over to Draco. Nobody even looked at him, as he glanced around the room. Out of all the years I had known him - I hadn't ever considered he had any emotions besides hate in him. Now, I knew a lot of them, and we had only been "together" for three days. I knew he was angry when he was, as I could tell with fear, and affection, and sarcasm . . . It seemed . . . he was human.

But I had never considered that he was lonely.

"Malfoy-" I began, after watching him watch the back of Crabbe's head. "You-"

"Shut up." he snapped. "No. I didn't have any friends who come to talk to me. We aren't all like *you*."

I blinked. "No . . . I'm not . . . Me and Ron and Harry are friends . . . But they like each other more. I'm kind of just . . . there . . ." and I instantly regretted that I had said it. Something that had bugged me since the fifth year., when Harry grabbed Ron out of the lake rather than me . . . And the way they acted when they were talking to just me . .. I was a tag along.

And stupid enough to tell every damn thing to Malfoy!

Curse him to hell!

Snape gave us a lecture about being careless, and showing off, and being silly, and then dismissed us.

And once I walked out into the corridor - that was when *it* happened.

I purged up my insides, and blacked out, falling right onto something soft.


When I finally woke up, someone was standing over me and holding my hand. At the moment, I couldn't see who it was. I couldn't feel anything but the hand that was entwined with mine.

I knew it belonged to a guy. It was soft, but it was rough feeling too. My finger absentmindedly traced the line across the thumb nail, that had been chewed on lately. I could see, but couldn't really comprehend what was going on, or what I was seeing . . . And then . . . when my eyes were focused, I saw a flash of emerald green. "Harry?"


"Well, well, Ms. Granger, it's about time you came back to me. I've been waiting for hours for you to get up." Madame Pomfrey said, with a slight smile on her face. "You can sleep a full day if you wanted to! Which you did! And so many visitors you had. Gryffindors came and went. And a Slytherin even came -" my heart soared "- to drop off your homework."

"Oh . . ." and every happy, silly, hope I had inside a bubble in my brain just popped. Draco wouldn't come to see me if his life depended on it.

"Now then, I suppose you'd like to hear what was wrong with you, eh? Seems you had a small scratch on your hand, and when Mr. Malfoy's blood touched it, it sent . . . some blood potion into you. Now, that is why I tell Professor Snape not to allow that potion. He does it every year with the upper class kids . . . I suppose he enjoys laughing at them or something-"

"Madame? If you don't mind . . . What did that do to me?"

She looked down at me, her old blue eyes shiny with the water that never went away. "Yes, of course . . . Well, supposedly, there is something in actual blood, that causes the potion to . . . come alive - I guess you could say. When it reached your blood, it made the fake grow inside of you . . . as Muggles would call it - you 'eternally bled' -" I gasped! For I *was* a Muggle! "Now, now, dear! It seems you gave Mr. Malfoy quiet a scare. Coughing up blood and passing out. He managed to catch you just in time, you know, which saved your life. If you had hit your head once more . . . I wouldn't have been able to save you . . . He carried you hear, laid you down, and stayed with you until friends arrived. . . If I didn't know better I'd say you were-"

"My friends came? That was sweet . . . When am I allowed out?"

"You can leave whenever you feel up to it, I guess. Though I wouldn't recommend it, until night fall."

And so, I had to wait.

Harry was my only visitor during the day. He told me Ron couldn't get out of class, and he said his "get-wells", and then Harry sat down to talk to me. His hand stayed close to mine, but never held it. I saw that his thumb nail had chipped, and something on the inside of my soared. So, if I couldn't get Draco . . . there was Harry . . . right?

"Glad you didn't die, Hermione, that would be . . "

"Awkward?" I questioned, staring into his green eyes.

"No . . . " he said, laughing. "It'd be upsetting, though. You're my best friend. And - you help me with my homework . . ." he gave off a nervous chuckle.

"Harry? Did Draco - *Malfoy* come during the night?"

He scowled. "Yeah. He was here. Told you he cancelled you're studying tonight, so you could 'rest' . . . Hermione . . . why are you suddenly caring about him?"

"I'm not!" I cried, too quickly, "Just go away, Harry, I don't want to talk right now."

And he left, angrily.


That night, I went for a walk across the campus. I didn't want Harry or Ron to come, so I excused myself at dinner and left. There was just something about . . . the night air, and the moon . . . that made all my troubles go away.

Sure, I knew Harry and Ron and Draco hated each other. I had known it all along. But I hadn't realized how *bad* it had been, until recently. There was no way of us *ever* making it together. Not with my friends being Gryffindors, and his being Slytherins. And he doesn't even have any friends. I thought, and chuckled at it.

Suddenly, there he was. He had his broom stick, and was flying around. The moon shone onto his hair, and silvered his face. He looked devilishly handsome, and I could only watch. I didn't want him to see me. I didn't want to see him . . . But I never noticed how graceful someone looked on a broom. Harry had skill . . . But Draco had a lissom thing going on for him. His body was well developed, and his movements were quick. In a snap - I've-got-you manner . . . And I could only watch.

"IS that you Granger?" he cried, from way above me. "Fuck, do you have to stalk me all the time? Let *me* stalk *you* once in awhile." and he grinned, and landed.

Maybe the moonlight makes him friendly.

"I'm glad you're okay." he stated. "But you got blood all over me." and he laughed.

"Well . . . thanks for saving my life . . ."

"Hey . . . Fly with me. If you can ride your own broom, I'll let you share mine." and, sensing I didn't know how, he grabbed my arm and pulled me onto his.

"No, Malfoy!" I cried, before he leapt off the ground and we were flying through the air. "Malfoy!" I cried, impatiently, my finger nails digging into his hand. I was good at Quidditch, but I didn't want anyone to know - because I was also afraid of heights. And, to make matters worse - I was riding on a broom with *Draco*! My sworn enemy . . . also, the object of my affection . . .. But someone who could kill me and not feel any remorse! And it scared me.

"Relax, would you?" he snapped, soaring us higher and higher into the night sky. The way I felt, looking down - oh, I'll never forget. Everything about the castle looked romantic. Everything about the way moonlight shown onto it's exterior making it silver - and the way we could look into lit rooms and see people doing things . . . And oh, it was a tingling sensation that rippled across me. Not only because we weren't supposed to be going in that direction, but also because of Draco's being so close. "Don't drop me . . ." I pleaded, finally letting up my nails from his skin. They had drawn blood.

"I don't want to drop you, Granger . . . I just want you to see something . . ." and he said it so stiffly and sarcastically, that I grew afraid, and held tightly onto the broom beneath me.


"Because we're partners," as if that made all the difference. As if we rode on brooms together every day of our lives, and for me to question it now was crazy. And when i was going to protest again, I felt his cheek collide with mine. His eye lashes tickled the side of my face when he blinked, and made my face burn. His lips weren't touching mine . . . but if I dared to move turn my head slightly to the right . . . His cheek was so smooth . .. .

And, my body shivered with anticipation as he silently kissed behind my ear, and down to my neck. "Stop!" I cried, fearful. For how could riding on a broom, nearly a mile above then ground, and not watching where you were going be safe?

"Isn't this what you *wanted*, Granger?" he questioned, smirking at me. "I thought if I fucked you, you'd get off my back. Tell me, *darling*, is that what you asked for?"

"No!' I cried, frightened of his words.

"Then maybe I'll just rape you," said Draco, devilishly, and turned around so quickly I almost lost my balance. He had a Firebolt 2, something they had come up with the summer of our fifth year, and it flew faster than any broom made yet. It could almost read your thoughts, someone once told me. And Draco's thoughts were to take me to the Greenhouse, were nobody ever went, and he could have his way with me there.

I thought, at first, maybe he was only joking. But when we headed straight down, in an almost spiral, I realized he wasn't kidding.

My insides rose to my throat! Oh, I didn't want *this*! He *wanted* to scare me! He even wanted me to fly off that broom and die. It would end my dumb obsession for him. And people would believe if he said it was only an accident. People died on brooms each year. "scared yet, Mudblood?" he nearly shouted over the wind. We kept going down, down, down - never slowing. It seemed we were actually falling - as if he wasn't leading us towards the glassy shape only a few feet away from us.

My hands were growing slick from the sweat, and I could hardly keep hold on the Firebolt. 2!

I believe that was when the big orange glow passed by my face. The burning ball that burned my lip and caught a piece of my hair on fire. The wind put it out - but then another hit Draco's hand, and caught it to fire almost instantly. "What the *fuck*?!" he cried, as he lost control of the broomstick.

At first, there had only been a few, but now that we had stopped, while Draco tried to heal his hand - more came. And faster. We couldn't see where they were coming from - who was shooting them at us . . . And lucky Draco was a handy flyer.

We ducked and flew, and spiralled around like there was no tomorrow, and only tiny parts of us got hit. For some odd reason, I turned my head to see Draco's burnt hand. It was blackening, and blistering. Some of it was a bright red. I could tell it was painful, by the expression on his face. In his eyes. He was truly terrified of this. He was having trouble steering when - "Christ, Granger!" he yelled frantically.

His strong arms grabbed me. His left one covered my face and neck, whilst his right was on my waist and close to my breasts. Obviously, he couldn't save me *and* the broom, so he let go of it completely, and we fell down . . . . But always together - only by his hands.

I kept screaming, while he remained silent. We didn't have *very* far to fall . . . At least, it wasn't so high as to we would die of the impact. Maybe shatter a bone, or break something - but it didn't seem fatal. Though it felt it. And once we hit, I was thrown from him by the force of the ground, and my body rolled and I choked on dirt, until i hit the trunk of a tree and laid there. It winded me, and it seemed to take forever for me to breathed again.

I looked, through swollen eyes, at Malfoy, who was laying there, but trying to get up. That was when the voice cried throughout the air," Get rid of her, Draco, or die!" and it was so unfamiliar. A males, I knew that much - but never had I heard it before.

It seemed Draco had, for he began to shake, and breathe just as hard and fast as I was.

And that was when we watched, in terror, as his broomstick crashed through the Greenhouse glass, and sent it flying toward us.

He covered his face, and I covered mine, but our hands cut open from it.

Nothing was spoke for awhile, and then the clouds moved to cover up the sky. No longer could I see him. "Draco?" I said, in a voice even *I* could barely hear. "Draco??"

He grunted and groaned. "Here, Granger . . . I think that saving your life cost me a broken arm *and* a new Greenhouse. Did you here it break?" I assumed he was talking about his arm, and I answered in a shaky voice, "No."

He neared me, and soon our shoulders were touching. Oh, when his fingers laced with mine, I felt I could cry . . . . And then, I did. Small, pitiful sobs that made my shoulders shake and my face burn. But he only hugged me awkwardly, and mumbled. "My dad will fucking *kill* me . . ."

And leave it to Harry to be the one who found and rescued us.


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