You Want Sango...

First Chapter

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On with the story!


Chapter 1 -


"No no no no!" he waves his hand frantically above him, ineffectively trying to guard himself from the pissed girl above him. "It... It's not how it looks! I... I thought you were Kagome!"

Flames spurt from her eyes, gleaming as red as her cheeks. She brings the boulder down one final time on to Inu-yasha's now-bumpy coconut of a head. "Next time, I get the clippers and rid you of that mane of yours, you pervert!"

"Honestly, Sango! I would never go after you! Not when I have Kagome..." Then he says something despite himself and his instincts. He just wanted to make Kagome angry instead of Sango. "...or Kikyo."

A scream spins him around and he dodges a hurtling pineapple juice box just in the nick of time! "What?! What do you mean '...or Kikyo'?"

"No no no no!" Crap!

The onlookers, a kitsune kit and a rather unamused monk, are on the side-lines, staying out of this odd fight. Miroku looks on, his chin resting on his hand, and he is not laughing. He sits up and walks away. I can't believe how the tables have turned, he thinks.

Shippou, perched on the houshi's shoulder, is laughing his childish head off. "Inu-yasha! What's wrong?! Got cooties or somethin'?!"

Inu-yasha picks himself up. "Keh! What do you know?"

"Good point, Inu-yasha," a pissed miko spits out. "What do you know yourself? Even if it was me, what were you planning to do in the first place?"

Sango stands over the poor, confused pup. "Exactly. What's the big idea waking me up, staring at me so closely?!"

"I forgot you were in her sleeping bag thing!"

"C'mon, you fool! My scent is different from hers! And you kissed me anyway!"

Kagome stands there, dumbfounded. She is thrust into way-past-confused mode. She finds her mind is somewhere between lost down a hole after a rabbit who is late and wearing a checkered dress calling out "Auntie Em! Auntie Em!"

"H-he did that?! Inu-yasha! What the hell is going on here?"

"Keh! Like I owe you any answers. If it really was you, you'd have gone along with--"


* WHAM! *

Inu-yasha looks up, watching that brat walk off. Keh. Who needs her?

Shippou goes off to console the rumpled girls, leaving Miroku and Inu-yasha behind in the rubble of juice boxes, broken boulders, and deep Inu-yasha-shaped imprints in the ground.

"So, what were you really doing?"

With a "Keh!" Inu-yasha rolls over, away from all the others. He did not want to tell anyone what he was really doing, that he was falling for a demon exterminator named Sango.

He sits up and crosses him arms, letting them hide in his sleeves.

"Did you really mean '...or Kikyo.'?"

He twists his neck to face Miroku. He sees the sincerity in Miroku's eyes; he was really trying to help. Inu-yasha's eyes soften and he sighs. "No, I didn't mean it. I don't want Kikyo."

"Then you want Kagome?"

"No... not Kagome."

" . . . . "

Miroku is silent. Inu-yasha stands up, annoyed, his temper already beginning to simmer again, speeding to its tired boiling point. "What?"

"You want Sango..."

Inu-yasha looks down, and Miroku sees it all in his eyes and in his blush.

The hanyou closes his eyes and curses. He looks up and the houshi is gone. Even Inu-yasha's ears did not hear Miroku trudge away.


End First Chapter


lilkoisuru: It was short. It's just a taste for now, since it is the first chapter.