You Want Sango...

Fifth Chapter

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Chapter 5 -

Small Voices


The voice seems like a distant dream. Sango faintly feels the pain thrumming through her body. The pain, too, just does not seem real. Her unfocused eyes stare into the stars--those silent, twinkling bodies above her. They are as distant and unreal to her as the call of her name and the pain wrapping around her body. Her dulled eyes continue to scan the skies, searching for the answers to her confusion, answers to what went wrong, answers to everything.

What was that voice I heard?

Her heart begins crying, No, no, you didn't really hear the voice. It came from the wind, the fire, the wolf, even. It was not him; it was not Miroku. The stars chime in, Yes, that's right. Miroku is gone.

And she still does not know why. The stars never held any answers for her before. Why do they answer her now?

The pain continues to melt away as she thinks about what had happened. You were sleeping, the voice of her heart scratches. She mentally knods in response. Then I heard something. It woke me up. What was it?

The sound of howling, the stars answer. Two howls.

Yes, I hid at the first. Kirara got hurt with the second. Oh, Kirara! Is she okay? Where is she? Not dead! Never!

But now, she interrupts the digression. Where am I now?

Her heart murmers, Now you are here--in the cold.

She ponders that. True, she is cold, but she does not feel the bite from the snow and the wind. She does not feel anything from her body. She only feels tears, dullness, and vague anger at the almost mocking indifference from the stars.

Inu-yasha, her mind sparks. She turns her head to see what is happening to him. She struggles, trying to focus her eyes. No. That's not him. He should not look like that. With a jolt of pain, her mind is thrown back to the reality that she is severly wounded. The lightning bolts thrashing her body become unbearabley surreal. The thick scent of her own blood confuses her mind, and a surge of fear strikes her body.

Inu-yasha should not be a youkai.

She twists her head and looks at her bloodied hand. Three silent flakes fall into her curved palm and delicately melt away into red.

"Sango!!" sounds in her ears again, but her consciousness is slipping into nothingness--melting away like those wisps of snow. The stars slip back into her quick-dimming mind, chiming in coldly, There is nothing now but silence; nothing now but red.

But, she fights, it's... that voice again. His voice.

Her struggle against the stars comes too late. The darkness covers her completely. She slowly closes her eyes, her mind falling away from all thoughts and consciousness, leaving only the fleeting image of the scenery flying away from her.

Inu-yasha awakens, mind whirling, very disoriented. His body has reverted back to its normal form.

Wiping his mouth, he stares at the blood on his hand; it is not his own. He looks around for a clue as to whose blood it is. The snow, stained with dark blood, is trampled and violated with a dance of his prints and the prints of a large wolf. A memory flashes into his mind, manifesting the image of a white she-wolf attacking Sango. He turns to the scent of blood, the same scent of the blood from his hand. He traces the scent to the wolf lying silently under a thin layer of new snow, dead.

He growls a curse and stands with a stretch. Man, what happened? A shout from behind pricks his ears.


The hanyou turns hastily to see Miroku whisking Lady Sango away from a pool of blood, now cold. A pounding anger floods his mind. Before he can question why, he leaps after the monk, blocking his path.

"Where are you going?" Inu-yasha says quietly.

"Where's your sword, Inu-yasha?"

He poises his body, ready to strike. "Sango should not be touched," he warns in a deadly whisper.

"She's dying, you idiot!"

Inu-yasha tenses. "Not to be touched by you," he continues.

"But I can help her," Miroku says, putting Sango down into the snow.

Inu-yasha eyes narrow. "How can you help her? By running away? All because you saw something in my eyes?" The anger in his voice confuses him, but he cannot stop himself.


Both males leap at the sound of a female's voice.


She has not moved.

The voice calls again. It is Kagome. "H-help me."

The hanyou does not move. His mind will not let him move, and his body will not let him leave Sango.

End Fifth Chapter

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