NOTE:This is a one chapter fanfic based on Joe and Lily's realashionship.

Lily had just finished writing in her diary like she did after every case.

"Lily you want to go to lunch with me?"Marcy asked.

"Sure"Lily said jumping up and leaving with Marcy.

Heather slinked over to Lily's desk and lifted the leather diary.

"HHHMMM What secrets do you have Lily?"Heather wondered out loud.

Heather slowly turnded the page.

~*~*~*~*AN HOUR LATER*~*~*~*~

"what is everyone laughing at?"Lily asked Marcy as they stepped into the office.

A small crowd had gathered around Heather.

"Dear Diary Joe says I got potential if only he knew how I felt"Heather read aloud.

When Lily pushed her way to Heather everyone pionted and laughed harder.

Lily looked at Heather with teary eyes.

"Please give that back"Lily begged.

Heather smiled.

"Diary I would give anything to kiss Joe and have him kiss me back"

Lily couldn't breathe and she soon began to cry and gasp for air.

It felt like her lungs had collapsed.

When eveyone continued laughing Lily's instincts kicked in and told her to run.

Lily closed her eyes and spun around to run away right when she picked up speed somebody caught her holding her back.

'great somebody wants me to hear more'Lily thought

But the person who caught Lily was so very gentle and took her in their arms gentley.

FOr some reason being in this person's arms made her feel better and she relaxed to put her head on their shoulder.

Lily could hear everyone gasp.

When Lily opened her eyes she wished she hadn't

The person holding her so carefully was Joe.

Lily tried ot break free and run again.

Joe simply tightened his grip on her even though he was still being very gentle.

"Please...."Lily started but was cut off when Joe put his hand softly on her mouth.

Joe removed his hand only to replace it with his lips before she could say anything.

Even in kissing her Joe was extremely careful not to hurt her.

"I've wanted to do that since the minute I first saw you"Joe whispered.

"me too"Lily replied with a smile.

Joe leaned over and kissed her again.

Heather screeched and through the diary and stormed off.

Lily and Joe never noticed.