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Chapter Eleven: Inheritance

Ryu's mood had worsened since his encounter with the Senator and his guards, the only times he had ever met with politicians under this many guards was when he was going to be sent to the gallows or prison. Unfortunately this time he wasn't in the middle of a larger war with troops to assist him or among a collection of rag-tag soldiers that barely knew one side of the sword from the other. This time he had to deal with well trained soldiers and Dragons to boot. Why did I listen to that voice inside my head? Ryu thought glowering at the gleaming armor of the Legionnaire in front of him.

Gerczek walked beside him in silence, his blue hair tinged with gray the only sign of his age. He made no motion to speak to Ryu and Ryu certainly wasn't going to strike up a conversation with his captor, so onward the procession marched, a silent bubble in an otherwise lively city. Every time the guard passed by a merchant or passerby the Dragons would fall silent and watch with an air of interest, or perhaps fear. Maybe they had heard something of Ryu this far away from the mainland, but Ryu immediately dismissed that notion. Mainlanders hadn't seen a Dragon since after the Dragon Wars two thousand years ago and most wanted to keep it that way. They probably just don't like the idea of people tainted by the Followers. Ryu supposed he could call them that now that he was a Dragon Clansmen.

"The acropolis should be coming into view in a few moments." Gerczek said in that insufferably amiable tone. It was almost like the Legionnaires and the silence did not exist for him and that the two were walking along in some park in companionable silence. Ryu would have liked to see how amiable this senator would be if Ryu had wanted to skip the reception process.

Ryu was tempted to make a derisive remark but the appearance of the acropolis forced his throat to seize with a mixture of anger and fear. The Voice was quite pleased with the turn of events and was humming contentedly while the building took shape as it rose out of the horizon. It was placed atop a hill, theoretically in the exact center of the city. Twelve pillars rose up at the hills rise with a larger obelisk like construction to form a large sundial. How useful Ryu thought cynically as he watched the shadow from the center obelisk mark out the fourth hour of the latter part of the day.

The closer Ryu and his "entourage" got to the acropolis the more Dragons and the more guards there were. Just about everyone in sight carried a sword or long-knife of some kind. Armor was worn just as often as a tunic and by the looks of it was worn with the same amount of comfort. "Gerczek, what's with all the armed people around here? For that matter, what's with all the troops?" Ryu asked bluntly.

Gerczek seemed almost surprised at the question, which made sense considering he was used to a large amount of armed Dragons wandering about like regular citizens. "The Clansmen need something to occupy their time while they're waiting, why not have them study warfare." He said with ambivalence coating his voice.

"I suppose that makes sense." If you're fucking crazy. Ryu added mentally, continuing to eye the armed Dragons with distrust. They finally reached the foot of the hill and began their assent using a marble staircase with sentries posted every ten feet. The other Legionnaires took up a protective formation right at the stairs and looked at each of the Dragons with intense scrutiny. "Just a little paranoid don't you think?" Ryu asked, his eyebrows rising with the question.

Gerczek shrugged it off and continued walking in silence until they reached the end of the stairs and the beginning of the large amphitheater built into the hill, the obelisk was much taller that Ryu had originally given credit with it being at the base of the bowl carved into the hill. Row upon row of the amphitheater was filled with other Dragons dressed in a similar fashion to Gerczek with different colors or emblems on their robes. "You'll have to leave your weapons out here with the guards." Gerczek said gesturing to the sword on Ryu's back. If this had been any other place, and the guards anyone but Dragons, Ryu would have resisted and cut down anyone who would have disagreed.

Ryu sighed in disgust as he unbuckled the sword from his back and handed it to the guard. Bile rose in his throat at the very idea of being with a weapon of some kind but he handed it over anyways. The Voice was chortling at Ryu's reaction to this request and no matter how much it had clamored for death in the castle it laughed at his desire to kill now.

Relieved of his weapons Ryu slowly walked down the steps behind Gerczek, his eyes glancing from side to side taking in all the Senators already seated in the amphitheater. Gerczek continued on till the nadir of the hill was reached and the raised dais, presumably for speaking, stood before the two. "You can take a seat here while I introduce you to the rest of the senators." Gerczek said as he stepped up onto the platform. Silence fell over the assembled Dragons as Gerczek cleared his throat and prepared to speak. "Senators, as you have heard from the General's report a Dragon has arrived by way of the ferry. He will speak his circumstances to you now." He curtly bowed and stepped off the dais and jerked his head signaling for Ryu to get up on the platform. "Start from the beginning, the very beginning."

Ryu stood up slowly, not expecting the speech to be over so soon nor to have to speak himself. Scowling up at the collection of senators reclining in comfortable wooden chairs Ryu bent over and picked up the chair he had been sitting in. He was mildly surprised at the weight but he ignored it as he hefted it onto the dais and placed it dead center. Ryu sat back down and tossed one leg over the arm casually. "I'll be damned if I have to stand while I tell you this story, 'cause it's long, and not that interesting." Ryu said, tipping the chair back with the foot he had on the ground. "It all started when my mother got knocked up by the 'love of her life' who consequently disappeared proving once again that easy sex is infinitely more desirable than love...

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Fact of the Chapter: Did you know that while the word ambidextrous means to be equally able to use left and right, the Latin word dexter means "right", so ambidextrous would literally translate and into two right hands.