They all warned me. Even Angel said to be careful. And Cordelia told me all about how she was involved with a girl named Buffy before her. But I was too struck to listen to anyone. Wesley warned me to make sure I never gave her a chance to get me into a situation when I couldn't defend myself. So I never did. To bad no one else followed their own advice.

I'm the only one of Angel's staff she left alive.

Sure, Charles and Connor are still here, but Charles is in the hospital and Connor is on her side.

The moment Angel turned his back to her, he had a stake embedded in his heart. Then she went after Cordy and Wesley because Cordelia had dumped her for him. She completely played her part as Little-Miss-Psychopath when she killed Cordy. Faith carved up her face, and made a deep slash on the inside of Cordelia's thigh for each time QueenC had ever called Faith anything other then her name. With Wesley, she fulfilled an apparent promise to introduce the watcher to all five torture groups.

I found Lorn the next day, stabbed a ton of times, and his green blood had been used as finger-paint on the walls of his bar.

She took Charles out hand-to-hand with no problem, but let him live because I happened to walk into her apartment while she was beating on him, and I begged her to let him live.

She kept me because she says I'm innocent, plus 'too cute to kill'.

And after that, she added, 'for now, anyway.'