From the Documentaries of Prof. J. Argon:


Ever since Artemis Fowl II was mind-wiped five years ago, the People have enjoyed a greater sense of security. Close observation for at least three years afterward has demonstrated that neither he, nor his cronies Butler or Juliet, have successfully attempted to discover the ways of the People.

And so, once again, the identity of the People remains, once again, a secret.

Shortly after his forgetting of the People, Artemis Fowl I passed away. At the young age of fourteen, Artemis Fowl the Second lost a father, and opened a new business empire in the family name. Named Fowl Enterprises, within a year of its founding, already had established a vast empire stretching from northern Ireland all the way to Egypt. Today, five years after its founding, Fowl Enterprises now is a worldwide empire, with over twenty thousand branches worldwide, employing over five million people, and basically dominating the world of Mud Men today. The company today deals in totally legal affairs, with Artemis Fowl II as its president and founder. Moreover, it appears as though Artemis has made a point to not meddle in black-market or illegal affairs.

Fowl Enterprises has but one rival: one company large enough to be called the equivalent of Fowl Enterprises, though it attained its empire through black market dealings.

Swallow Industries is a vast black-market empire, dominating the black market worldwide. Its president, Umbra R. Swallow, however, seems bent on "destroying" the company name by bringing it into legitimate practises. Umbra Swallow is a seventeen-year-old genius, who runs the company as its president. Her father, Rourke Swallow, is a black-market pirate, whose only choice was either to let his headstrong daughter run his company, or watch his daughter's private firm destroy his company. He chose the former, and Umbra collaborated her firm under the banner of Swallow Industries, and now, with a seventeen-year-old running its affairs, Umbra seems determined to bring Swallow Industries above the ground. Rather like the story of Opal Koboi, only this time, Umbra seems determined to join with Fowl Enterprises.

Rourke Swallow is outraged that his daughter even dare mention collaborating his company with Fowl Enterprises. Umbra's reaction was stating that the company is now hers, and she would do what she felt fit to do with it. Rourke counteracted by formulating a plan to overthrow Fowl Enterprises once and for all (viewed by technical genius Foaly).

It seems like the best for the world of Mud Men if Swallow Industries goes aboveground and joins with Fowl Enterprises. It also seems that this is Umbra R. Swallow's plan. But will Artemis Fowl let someone almost, if not, as notorious as he is himself, join hands with him and quite literally rule the world? Do people share power?

Most importantly, the genius behind all the LEP technological advancements, the centaur Foaly, has discovered that Umbra R. Swallow has done excessive research on what seems to be Artemis Fowl's early teenage years – namely his activities during age twelve and thirteen – possibly fourteen. Could it be possible that she too, is looking for traces of the People, and is this Umbra another threat to the People?

All the People must do now is to keep still, and keep a close eye on Artemis Fowl, and, yet another threat, Umbra R. Swallow…

Disclaimer: I own no one, save Umbra R. Swallow, and Rourke Swallow. Everyone else belongs to the great Eoin Colfer.