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"I won't leave you Aeris..." Zack whispered, his Mako eyes glowing brightly in the moonlight.

He brushed a bang out of her face, "Not ever."

He was so handsome and sweet...so kind and nice....so perfect....

"I'll never leave you....."

Chapter 1: First meeting

A beautiful, long haired, brunette, tended to her flowers in an old church. The church was the only place they would grow in this wretched city...Midgar...oh, if only she could get out!

Oh Zack...if only you'd come back and take me out of this place....

The large cathedral doors creaked loudly behind her, and the woman turned her head quickly to see who had entered the church.

A tall, pale man stood in the doorway, his left hand warily grazing the hilt of an incredibly long katana. The man's piercing gaze cooly surveyed the nearly empty church, before turning to her.
His long platinum hair spilled down his back to his knees, perfectly groomed, and one lustrous bang partially covered his chiseled face.
The dark leather he wore about him, and the heavy iron belt around his abdomen contrasted vividly with the shockingly white pauldrons he wore over his shoulders. Most of the man's features were hidden by a flowing black cloak, clipped to his pauldrons

The woman felt her throat tighten as it dawned on her who he must be...

But how? The Great Sephiroth is dead..isn't he?

"Get out." Came the cold voice of the man.

"Wh-" The woman started, but before she could finish, the blade of the legendary sword 'Masamune' was pressed against her neck, and the imposing man was standing just inches in front of her.

"I won't ask again."

"I-I..." The woman stuttered, terror gripping her throat, she noticed his grip tighten on the blade, and cringed unconsciously, " I-if it's shelter you want...m-my house w-would do better..."

The woman shut her eyes tightly, bracing herself, when she saw the man tense slightly, as if to finish her.

I am ready to return to my mother...She thought to herself, unconvinced

The death blow did not come. Instead, she felt the cool blade on her neck move away, and heard the scape of metal on leather.

"Where?" Came the cold voice.

The woman barely peeked an eye open, to see an emotionless face staring at her intensely.

"Th-this way.." She mumbled nervously, heading towards the door of the church. Though she couldn't hear him behind her, she could feel his presence, and knew he was following.

It was not long before they made it to her little house, nestled in a little peice of heaven, sheltered mysteriously away from the filth of the rest of the slums.

She paused to glance behind her, sure enough, he was standing directly behind her, striking an impatient posture. She had already known he was there; on the walk to her house, a couple of Hell Houses had attacked. Before she could react, she saw the flash of steel, and saw Sephiroth standing over two dead Hell Houses, with a bored look on his face.

"I-I'll have to tell my mother..." She whispered, too quietly for most ears to hear.

All she got in reply was a low growl. Quickly, She hurried inside to inform her mother of the special company.

"Mom! I have a visitor!"

" Oh, Aeris! Is He a-" Her mother started, smiling, then cut off with a strangled gasp.

Sephiroth, if it truly was him, had decided not to wait outside.

"Mom...meet Sephiroth...." Aeris sighed, then looked towards the annoyed general. " We have an extra room-"

"Whatever!" The man snapped, cutting her off. "I will not be disturbed."

Aeris nodded weakly, but the general was already walking up the steps.


Sephiroth surveyed his surroundings cooly, he had decided he would need some form of shelter to avoid those pesky ShinRa patrols while he rested. It was not that he minded the killing, not in the least.
He simply felt that to properly contact his 'Mother', he needed solitude.

Usually it was easy to find solitude, but today...today was different, he felt driven to find something different.

How irritating it is that I don't know what kind of different...

His eyes fell on a lone church, leaning against the sector gate.

Without thought, he calmly walked up to the door, it was slightly ajar, and there was a soft, almost pleasant, humming coming from inside.

Wonderful....people. Sephiroth thought to himself, frustrated.

He cracked the door open slightly, and scanned the interior of the rundown church. His hand rested softly on his trusted katana.

There were several rows of old, worn out, pews. The only light in the church filtered in curiously through the small circular stained glass window; creating a ray of light that filtered down onto a patch of flowers.

The whole scene was very odd, seeing as no flowers were supposed to bloom in the dark city of Midgar.

Instantly after registering the flowers, his aquamarine eyes fell on a slight and oddly attractive woman.

She was wearing a drab pink dress, and had her long luscious brown hair was tied up in a braid.
Her large, beautiful, emerald eyes were wide with shock, and her small mouth was hanging agape.

A quick glance told him she was harmless, and another told him she was young and fit.

Why in the world am I noticing these things?

She is obviously a caretaker of this place.... If I kill her, I doubt she will be missed.

For some reason, he felt like giving a rare show of mercy.

Instead of killing her outright, he ordered her to leave.

Rather than obey him, she started to speak. Not in the mood to converse with a peasant, he decided to it better to simply kill her anyway. Just as his blade was about to slit her delicate throat, something stopped him. Perhaps he would spare her...again.

What is getting into me?

"I won't ask again." He said levelly, noting with satisfaction that her brilliant emerald eyes were glazed with terror.

The girl breathed something incoherent, and he was ever so tempted to cut through her soft flesh and rip out her voice-box with 'Masamune'. So tempted was he, that he tensed his muscles ever so slightly. The girl noticed his movement, and snapped her eyes shut, a bead of sweat running down her face. Sephiroth couldn't help but smirk slightly.

" If your looking for shelter...I'll take you home..." She blurted suddenly

Sephiroth raised a thin eyebrow slightly, considering her offer,

INo...she is far too much an annoyance to endure any longer.

He was about to kill her, when something caught him. There was a flash of materia in her luscious brown hair...Manipulate?...No...this was something else...

As he watched her small chest rise and fall shakily, his interest was piqued, and he decided to follow after all.

Giving a final glance to the dilapidated church, it was hardly a proper place to contact his 'mother'. Carefully, he sheathed his sword, noting the small dot of blood on her neck left from the tip of Masamune.

"Where?" He asked. The girl opened one eye slightly, trembling, then whispered for him to follow her, scurrying towards the door.

Silently, Sephiroth followed, swatting the monsters that attacked during their trip.

When they finally made it to what appeared to be her house, she glanced back at him, and ordered him to wait a moment.

Angered by the fact that a girl was ordering him, and overall being frustrated that his plans were now off-kilter, he almost killed her....again.

Once more, he caught himself, and settled for a dangerous growl instead. The girl jumped slightly, and scurried inside.

Quickly, he lost patience and entered anyways.

A woman, who bore absolutely no resemblance to the pink-clad one standing directly in front of him, cut off what she was saying, and stared at him in shock.

What an annoying woman.

The one in pink turned to him with beautiful emerald eyes, and said, "We have a room--"

What is wrong with me? Why am I acting like this? I shouldn't get so worked up over a girl's voice, no matter how perfect–No! Why am I acting like this??

"Whatever. I don't care." He growled, fighting away his confusing thoughts.

Irritably, he charged up the stairs to the obvious bedrooms. When he opened the door, his eyes were assaulted with bright pink, and various other 'girly' things.

It figured that her rooms would look this way.

Grudgingly, he sat on the bed to contact his 'mother'.

Suddenly, the door clicked.


"I can't believe your taste in men." Her step-mother, Elmyra sighed, " First that SOLDIER, and now?.."

"I-it's not like that mother!" Aeris insisted. She glanced at the clock, it'd been an hour since she put the bread rolls in, so she got up and arranged them on a plate, to take up to their guest.

What a couple that would make. Me, the mother-in-law to Sephiroth...Elmyra thought, as she watched her adopted daughter climb the steps to 'Sephiroth's' room, with breakfast.


When Aeris opened her bedroom door, she saw a flash, and the now all-too-familiar Masamune was once again at her throat. The General seemed to realize who it was, and his feral look was replaced by one of surprise, an instant before it melted into a cool emotionless mask.

"What are you doing here?"

"I..This is my room. You've been sleeping 5 hours now."

The man narrowed his eyes, before saying, "Oh? And how would you know if I was sleeping or not?"

"Because I had to turn off the lamp you left on. Unlike you, we have to pay for our power. Now, are you hungry or not?" Aeris huffed angrily.

'Sephiroth' seemed to only now notice the fresh, buttered biscuits on her plate. Arbitrarily, he plucked one up with his free hand. He sheathed Masamune, and said curtly, "You may go now."


Sephiroth unsheathed Masamune with inhuman speed and grace, and had the blade at the offender's throat by the time the door had opened enough for him to see who it was. To his surprise, the pink-clad woman stood there with a startled expression on her face. Quickly, he stopped himself from spilling her crimson blood any further, " What are you doing here?"

The woman seemed to bristle slightly, and stated that it was her room, apparently he had 'slept' 5 hours.

And how would this girl know if I had slept or not?

He decided to voice the question.

"Because I had to turn off the lamp...It's not free you know. Now, are you hungry or not?" The girl huffed. She pointed to some fresh-smelling rolls on a platter that had previously gone unnoticed by him.

He slapped himself mentally for being so careless. He then grabbed a random roll, and told her to leave, closing the door before she could reply.

Am I ill, that I am slipping up so much?

He wondered, taking a bite of the plump biscuit. The biscuit was warm, soft, and amazingly buttery. The biscuit was one of the best pieces of food he'd had in a while, actually.
Absently, he glanced at it, wondering if she had baked it herself, before clipping Masamune to his belt, and walking out the bedroom door.

As he walked down the poorly carpeted stairs, he could hear the girls' annoying mother say something in his direction. Pointedly he ignored it, and walked towards the door.

"NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME YOU UNGRATEFUL WRETCH!" Came the woman's voice suddenly.

Surprised by her sudden outburst, Sephiroth glanced over at her. She had her hands on her hips, and it appeared as if the girl in pink was futilely trying to calm her.

" ...You waltz in here unannounced! Stab my daughter, threaten to kill her, sleep in her room, leave the lamp on, eat her food, and even yell at her for going into her room. And you're not even giving her ANY COMPENSATION?!"

Glaring, Sephiroth was about to point out that he'd left her alive, but the pink one said the very same thing quicker than he could.

Smart girl.

Narrowing his eyes, he asked, with a touch of annoyance creeping into his voice, " What do you want, Woman?"

"Well..." The woman said, getting a sly smile on her face, " How do I know you're even Sephiroth? Isn't he supposed to be dead? You are probably a look-a-like!"

A look-a-like?...foolish, annoying woman!

Sick of her constant annoyances, Sephiroth drew Masamune, preparing to do the entire universe a favor. Before he could react, somehow the other woman had leapt over the table, and grabbed his wrists. She begged for him to forgive them, and leave them in peace.

Something about the young woman made him comply, and he decided to give the annoying one another chance.

Just one, though.

"What do you mean?" He asked blandly, "How shall I prove it? By killing you?"

Well..That was worth at least ONE shot...

"No..." The woman answered, " They say Sephiroth was a great kisser you know...so, Aeris should know if you are who you say you are. If you kiss her, that is."

Instantly, the woman--Aeris', face went from flushed to sheet-white. Even he was caught off-guard by such an absurd proposal.

I should have known....

It seemed 'Aeris' had not expected her to say it either. It was quite comical how she pleaded for her mother's life, going so far as to claim her mother was very ill.

What an old excuse...

"Well?" Came the voice of the...mother

I suppose there is no reason not to...it's not as if I haven't done anything like this before...

Casually, he leaned down and brushed his lips against her surprisingly soft and moist lips.

It felt...strangely familiar...

"FAAAKEEEE! OBVIOUSLY A FAKE!" The ever-annoying one said.

Her chances waere used up, and so was Sephiroth's patience. This insolent woman would die. If he had to take down all of Midgar, he would kill this wench!

With inhuman speed and grace, he unsheathed Masamune and leapt at the woman, preparing to cut out the woman's voice box. Before he was halfway there, his blade contacted familiar flesh.


Aeris sighed as she sat at the table next to her step-mother.

"Do you like him?" Elmyra pried

"Like him?" Aeris asked incredulously, the man was a mass-murderer!

"Well...he is attractive, isn't he?"

Attractive? He had ultra-fine, chiseled features, long, flowing, hair, glowing aquamarine eyes, milky white skin.... oh, he was unbelievably attractive!

That is all beside the point!

"Um....I suppose he is...but-"

Suddenly, she saw Sephiroth walking down the steps. He finishing off the roll he had taken, spilling not a crumb, and licking off his gloved fingers when he finished.

Elmyra followed her gaze to the man, and smiled a warm greeting. Naturally, he completely ignored her.

Aeris silently watched the phantom-like man walk to the door as if to leave. She wondered why this man, straight out of children's fairy tales and horror stories, had not killed them.

Then her mother started screaming at him.

In a sudden panic, Aeris jumped up and immediately tried to calm her mother down, but to no avail.

Aeris could almost feel Sephiroth's agitation, why couldn't Elmyra?


"...and not give any COMPENSATION?!"

"Stop it Mom! He hasn't killed us at least! Leave him be!" Aeris cried, shaking her mother.

"What do you want?" Came the surprising reply from Sephiroth.

"Prove you're who you say you are."

Before she could even process what her mother had just done, she heard Masamune being unsheathed.

Frantically she leapt across the table to where the man was standing, and pleaded for him to spare them.

He gave her an oddly considering look, before sheathing his sword and asking Elmyra how he would prove it.

"Kiss Aeris." Her mother said smugly.

No...wait....she couldn't have just said that....

The stunned look on Sephiroth's face said otherwise.

Aeris felt the blood drain from her face, this was the end. Death was now certain...

Despite knowing it was hopeless, Aeris begged desperately for his mercy.

He looked at her cooly a moment, then his face softened the merest inch.

Could it be?

" Well then?" Elmyra insisted from behind her, obviously she had inhaled too much Mako exhaust when that last reactor exploded...

Before Aeris could start another string of excuses for her mother, the General leaned down and lightly kissed her.

In the single instant that his feathery lips touched hers, she felt a jolt of lightning lance through her, and she stood breathless a moment.

His eyes glowed beautifully as he drew back, staring down at her mysteriously.

Her mother screeched something, and Sephiroth's molten orbs went from soft to fire. He growled menacingly, and lunged at her mother, sword drawn.

In desperation, Aeris leapt in the path of the blade...no matter what, she could not just let Elmyra die!

The blade easily sliced through her flesh, and pain exploded in her mind.


For a moment Sephiroth stated at the woman who dared leap in his way, shocked.

A high-pitched yelp interrupted his thoughts.

Instantly, he yanked the sword away from the girl. The wound did not appear too deep, but such a fine blade was often deceptive...

What is wrong with me? Why am I not just killing her as well?

Despite his mental objections, he quickly examined the wound closer. The wound was bleeding far too profusely to not be fatal, left on it's own.

Cursing, he quickly placed a gloved hand on her throat, and concentrated. Instantly the Mako engergies that surged through his body bubbled up to his palm, and flowing into her throat. Soft green light filtered though the cracks in between his fingers, as the Mako formed a 'Cure' spell and healed her wound.

The pink-clad woman opened one eye slightly. Her eyes widened at what she must've seen in his eyes.

Wincing slightly, he berated himself for letting his emotionless mask slip, and quickly put up his defences once more.

The woman had such beautiful emerald eyes....they seemed like endless pools of precious molten gems. A stray bang fell across her pale, perfect face. He only now noticed how beautiful her long, soft brunette hair was.

"--That was a lame excuse for a kiss...If you..." The annoying one rambled on, snapping him out of his reverie

"MOTHER! SHUT-UP! Please!" Aeris begged, sounding more than a little annoyed at her mother.

He couldn't blame her there, her mother would be her death warrent.

"Do you get some kind of perverse pleasure from forcing your daughter to kiss strange men?" He snarled.

The woman went sheet-white. For once, blessedly, she shut up.

He figured he was correct, and barely repressed a satisfied smirk.

He glanced one last time at the porcelain angel named Aeris, before turning to leave.

"Wait!" Aeris said suddenly.

Surprised, Sephiroth glanced back, and saw her offering the plate of rolls, "You....you...might want these..."

He glanced at the warm, delicious,buns a moment, then at her molten emerald eyes.

Without thinking, he reached down, and pulled her face up to his, kissing her deeply.

He heard the plate clatter to the floor, and the mother gasp, but he didn't really care. Her lips were soft, her mouth warm and so sweet...he'd never felt anything like this before....

Why am I doing this?!

Shocked, he pulled back, trying desperately to slip back into his cool mask.

The breathless girl fell weakly into the chair behind her.

Quickly, he mumbled an excuse and scooped up the biscuits, hurrying out.


Aeris heard a small gasp, and instantly the blade moved away from her throat. She still felt so weak, and blood ran freely down her neck.

She was going to die.

This is it?

Suddenly, she felt a strong, leather gloved hand on her throat, keeping the blood from spilling out. A moment later, a warmth spread throughout her body, causing the pain from her wound to cease.

She peeked one eye open, curiously. To her shock, Sephiroth was staring carefully at her, as if he was worried about her! His look changed to one of surprise when he realized she'd noticed. His expression quickly shifted to confusion and slight annoyance, before melting into the cold emotionless mask he usually wore.

His aquamarine eyes glowed with Mako, so much like her old beloved. They were so deep, and so full, she could get lost for eternity in those eyes.

His look again changed to something like concern. He seemed to see her for the first time, his eyes tracing the patterns of her face, hair, and body.

Then, as if it had never been, his entrancing look turned into a glare.

His ire was directed behind her; and Aeris realized her mother was still insisting insanities.

So that was what had broken that perfect moment...what should have been eternity...She thought to herself.

Finding a source for her anger, Aeris' depression quickly melted, and her patience snapped.

" MOTHER! hut-up before you get us killed!"

Sephiroth spat something at her mother, and turned to leave. He paused a moment to glance back at Aeris, sucking her deep into the endless sea that was his eyes, then started to open the front door to leave.

In a sudden desperation, she cried out for him to wait. To her relief, horror, and joy, he did.

Quickly, she picked up the plate of biscuits, as he glanced back, and mumbled a sorry excuse.

He seemed to study the rolls a moment, then his eyes traveled up her figure to her eyes.

As she stared into his haunting, endless eyes, he suddenly reached down with a cold hand and cupped her cheek. He pullied her up to his face so that she was on her tip-toes, and pressed his mouth against hers.

His lips were ice, but the inside of his mouth was like fire. Unlike most warriors, it almost tasted...sweet. Carelessly, she let the plate clatter to the floor, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and wove her fingers through his soft, silky hair.

What seemed both an instant and an eternity later, Sephiroth jerked back, with a strange and confused look on his face. Quickly, he detangled himself from her, and backed up. His face changed expressions wildly from confused, worried, frustrated, angry, to one that was unknown to her, where it was firmly staying put.

She fell back into her chair weakly, dazed. His expression changed to worry for an just an instant, before his features smoothed once more.

He quickly mumbled a 'thank you' and grabbed the discarded biscuits, hurrying out.



"It's a trap!!" A spiky haired blonde man yelled. He flung out his arms to catch a burly, dark-skinned man, and a slight brunette woman.

Low-level ShinRa soldier's swarmed towards them.

"Quickly Cloud! This way!" The girl screamed, pulling him the opposite way, only to run into more.

"Dey was waitn' for us!...Jessie....Biggs....I hope dey escaped..." Barret, the dark-skinned man, said grimly.

"There's no time to worry about them now! We need to concentrate on the battle...." Cloud said calmly.

He drew 'Buster Sword' fluidly, and prepared for battle.

Suddenly, an all-too-familiar voice came from behind him.

"So...it seems we have finally apprehended the terrorists"

Cloud whipped his head around. There stood only several feet infront of him the balding and very fat, President Shinra.

"You!!" Cloud gasped

"Do I know you?" The President asked

Irately, Cloud walked towards the man, and said, "Don't you remember?! I was a 1st class Elite SOLDIER!"

"Eh? There are too many of you to remember your names....unless you become another Sephiroth...eheheehe..." The man laughed

"Why you!--" Cloud started, but a helicopter flew up from under the President, and the man hopped on.

"Well.." He laughed, "I'd love to stay, but I have a dinner appointment, so here's a little gift instead!"

Suddenly, a huge robot drove through the metal doors of the reactor onto the metal bridge, knocking Cloud violently backwards, and separating him from his partners.

"I....Am....Air....Buster....will...kill..." It said mechanically.

Growling, Cloud leapt up into the air, and performed 'Braver' technique, imagining the robot was the fat President. The gigantic blade he wielded nearly cut the robot in half.

A large explosion blasted the front of it as the thing tried to turn around.

"Must.....Must....." The thing chanted, shaking

"Yeah! Shut up you trash can!" The girl, Tifa, yelled happily, doing a jump-kick into it.

"Get away from it Tifa!" Cloud yelled, suddenly backing up. Small explosions riddled the inner workings of the machine.

Quicker than he expected, the machine erupted into a fireball, taking a sizable chunk of the bridge out with it.

The explosion took out where he was standing as well. Only his lightning-fast reflexes enabled him to latch onto a jagged edge of the bridge, leaving him hanging precariously over a 500-foot drop.

"CLOUD!" Tifa screamed from across the gap.

He turned his head to see her horrified face, and Barret holding her her out of the reactor Barret....This is going to...." Cloud started

"No! Don't say that!" Tifa screamed

".....I got it..." Barret nodded.

A moment later, the charges they had set at the reactor core went off, taking the rest of the reactor with it.
As the flaming inferno reached him, he gave a final glance back towards Tifa, then let go of the doomed bridge, plummeting to the slums below.



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