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Chapter One : In This Journal

In this journal, I, Lily Evans, am going to write down every encounter in which James Potter asks me out. It's happened three times so far, and I'm worried that this is going to become a trend.

I'm sure my parents would be thrilled if they knew I was using this journal for these purposes. They had hoped I'd keep an account of my life at Hogwarts, but I'm terrible at that sort of thing. Aside from the fact that I attend a school of magic, my life isn't terribly exciting. Writing in this journal might be a good way to vent my frustrations and keep me from hexing Potter.

Also, if he gets completely out of line, I can always use this as documentation to prove to Professor McGonagall (our Head of House) just what a prat Potter really is.

Number 1:

To begin with, the first time Potter asked me out was at the beginning of this year. We're both in fifth year, which is too bad, because if he were older, I'd get one year at Hogwarts without him, but no such luck.

It was at the Halloween Feast this year that he first asked me out. We were sitting at completely opposite ends of the table, and he stood ands up and yelled, "Hey! Evans? Want to go out with me?" for the whole bloody hall to hear!

It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, or was up until that point at least. My face was probably redder than my hair, and that's saying something!

I've found that the best thing to do with Potter is to ignore him. Not that it's easy, mind you, or that it really works, but one can try. It makes him frustrated when I don't answer. And besides, if you do say something to him, he seems to assume that you enjoy talking with him and fancy him. If you're a member of the female population that is, and even if you're not, he still thinks you worship the ground he walks on. I can't imagine why.

Number 2:

The second time actually occurred about twenty minutes later when the feast was over. My friends and I were heading back to Gryffindor Tower when Potter and his friends caught up with us and he grabbed my arm. Naturally, I tried to pull away, but he held on. He's too strong, quidditch player that he is. He ran his free hand through his hair, which annoys me to no end. He thinks it makes it look like he's just gotten off his broomstick, which is anything but true; it makes his hair look as though a rat slept in it.

But I'm getting off topic. The conversation as closely as I can remember it:

Potter: "Well? What's your answer?"

I didn't say anything, just looked away.

Potter: "Go out with me Evans?"

Again, I ignored him.

Potter: "I'll take that as a 'yes' then."

Me: "No!"

Then I yanked my arm away, and mustering all of my strength, stomped of his foot, which one I don't know, but he made a sound of pain which I very much enjoyed hearing.

As I headed back to the common room, I heard him tell his friends "She loves me."

As if! The stupid prat.

Number 3:

The third time was at the Slytherin vs. Gryffindor Quidditch match. Of course, our team won, and Potter was the star of the game, even though the Seeker caught the snitch. He just scored lots of points (he's a Chaser).

When the match was over and everyone was pouring out onto the field to congratulate the team, Potter magnified his voice with his wand, and once again for the entire school to hear, asked me out. "Evans, will you go out with me?" He then flew over to where I was standing with my friends to hear my answer.

I threw my shoe at him. Sadly, it didn't hit him. He has too good of reflexes to be hit my horrid aim. In any case, he dove and caught the shoe before it landed on the ground and tucked it into the pocket of his robes. I haven't seen it since.

What a stupid thing to do.

Number 4:

This brings me to the most recent event concerning Potter:

Being in the same year and house and Potter makes avoiding him rather difficult. We have nearly all of the same lessons together except he takes Muggle Studies and I take Divination. (Why I ever took that class, I have no idea.) By chance, we even both chose to take Arithmancy.

I swear James Potter is everywhere. I can't get away from him! Even when I walk to Divination, I pass his Muggle Studies classroom on the way there and he's always standing in the doorway ready to say hello and comment on something about my appearance.

I believe today it was: "You look very festive Evans, with your deep red hair and sparkling green eyes. Kind of like a walking Christmas decoration."

I suppose he thought he was trying to complement me, but it didn't work. I've had people telling me I looked festive since I can remember, and quite frankly, I'm sick of it.

Then he asked me out. Nothing elaborate, just a simple, "Go out with me?"

Needless to say, I declined. Will he ever get it through his thick skull that I don't want to date him?

He's not a bad looking lad, but it's his personality that really drives me away from him. He is much too arrogant. He seems to be under the impression that he's better than the rest of us, that is, people who aren't professor, of his friends. Somehow, he got it into his head that because he's good at Quidditch, and he has good marks, that he's amazingly wonderful.

Potter is brilliant at Quidditch, I won't deny it. He's one of the best Quidditch players Hogwarts as ever seen according to many of the professors and Madam Hooch.

Potter is also very clever, at school that is. Certainly not when it comes to trying to pursue a girl. He and his best friend, Sirius Black, are about the brightest students in our year, and maybe the school. The thing is, they never seem to study, all though they must at some time or another.

Number 5:

The nerve if him! I can't believe him! I wish he would just get on his broomstick and fly away, off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

That sounded too romanticized didn't it? I wish he would get on his stupid broomstick in the middle of a storm, be blown away, and never be seen again.

There. That's better.

The reason for my fury is, Potter, obviously. I was walking to Charms, when he came up from behind me, grabbed my shoulders, whipped me around and kissed me! His mouth on mine! Of course, all of his friends saw and were laughing at my shock.

Shock is a good word, oh yes it is. I was so alarmed that when he first kissed me, I didn't try to pull away, which, of course, he took as my wanting to kiss him. That will come back to haunt me, I just know it.

After I regained my senses and pulled away (wiping my mouth as I did so) I screamed at him the following:

Me: "Potter! You prat! What did you do that for?"

Potter: "It's custom."

Me: "What?!"

Potter: "Mistletoe."

I looked up then and realized that there was, indeed, mistletoe hovering over my head. I quickly ended that by pulling out my wand and vanishing it. Just then, Filch came around the corner, saw me doing magic in the corridors – which is against the rules – and promptly gave me a detention.

Then Potter asked me out.

I said no.

Detention! I, Lily Evans, have never had a detention before in my life! The humiliation! I have to go and help Hagrid, the groundskeeper, gather some plant that grows in the Forbidden Forest for use as potions ingredients.

The Forbidden Forest! If I come back alive, I'm going to kill Potter. And if I don't come back alive, I'm going to haunt Potter until the end of his days. Wait, he'd take that as a complement, so never mind. I'll have my friends kill him for me. So either way, he dies.

Number 6:

Well, I lived, and it actually wasn't that terrible. Aside from the fact that he finds man-eating creatures extremely interesting, Hagrid is very nice. He's not at all what I expected.

As I was climbing in through the portrait hole after my detention, Potter came up to me and apologized for getting me a detention, and then asked me out.

Potter just had to ruin it! I was taking his apology seriously until he mucked it up by asking me out. If he thinks he's going to win me over this way, he's more of an idiot than I've been assuming.

Number 7:

Stupid, stupid, Potter. I catch him hexing a first year student and he asks me out?

Me: "Leave her alone Potter! What did she do to you?"

Potter: "She was singing."

Me: "And that gives you the right to hex her to moo each time she opens her mouth?"

Potter: He just shrugged and grinned; what a plank. "Go out with me Evans? I'll take the curse off her of you will."

As if he can bargain about that sort of thing. I wouldn't go out with some one as part of an agreement, especially one related to bullying.

Me: "Dream on Potter. Take the curse off her! Now!"

Potter: "Why not?"

Me: "Sorry?

Potter: "Why won't you go out with me?"

Me: "Because you're mean and arrogant! Now stop bullying her and stop the jinx!"

He used the counter-curse, but not before making her moo one last time.

What a prat.


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