A/N: This was a spur of the moment idea coming from a theory I read that Skimble was the father of Rumpleteazer. I thought, that can't be right! Skimbleshanks the orderly, hardworking tom, how could he have raised the most mischievous queen in the tribe? Well, this is how.

Raising Rumpleteazer

"It's a girl!"
The Jellicle tribe crowded around to see the new arrival. Skimbleshanks pushed his way through the crowd to see his mate, Metrolta cradling the tiny kitten in her arms. She motioned for him to come closer to see his new born babe. Skimble, nervously, took the kitten from his wife and held her close.
"She's beautiful." He whispered.
"We'll have to give her a proper name!" Announced Jellylorum. "A beautiful name for what will soon be a beautiful lady under Skimbleshank's care."
"Let me see her." Metrolta asked. Skimble carefully handed the child over to her. She looked thoughtfully at the newborn's face and proclaimed quietly. "Rumpleteazer. Her name will be..." Suddenly, her breathing became staggered and heavy. Munkustrap quickly took Rumpleteazer from Metrolta's arms for she seemed as if she was about to drop the babe.
"No!" Skimbleshanks yelled, grasping his mate's hand as it went limp.
"It seems the birth was too much for her." Munkustrap said sadly, handing him over the newborn. "I'm sorry."
"Thank you, my boy." Skimble stated strongly. He looked down at Rumpleteazer, who was starting to move her paw. "You're all I have left now, my little angel. I'll raise you right."