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Warning: Yaoi!!!! OOC! Relena-bashing!

Pairings: 1+/x2, 3x4, and 5x6x13. Maybe others.

Chapter One: The Mission

Duo Maxwell bounded into the kitchen. Quatre was making breakfast, Trowa was sitting at the table with Wufei, and Heero was at his laptop. "Hi Fei! Tro! Q! Hee-chan!

"Hn." Heero was still typing on the laptop. The obvious lack of response didn't deter Duo from being his cheerful self.

"For the last time, Maxwell! My name is Wufei! Wufei!"

Duo blinked innocently at him but you can still see the impish glint. "Wu?"


"Fei Fei?"





Wufei through up his hands in exasperation. "I give up."

"Wu-bear!" Duo sat down at the table between Wufei and Heero. Quatre placed breakfast in front of everyone and sat down next to Trowa. "What are we doing today?"

"We have a mission," stated Heero. "Our mission is to get information from a girl who goes to this private school."

Duo ate cheerfully. "Cool but how are we suppose to get her to tell us?"

"We'll need someone to be registered as a female student and befriend her. The female student will be going in as the girl's new roommate. The other will be registered as the female's boyfriend. It's a two-person job.

"Great! Who's doing it?" Duo asked.

"I will be going as the boyfriend." Heero stared pointedly at Duo. So did the others.

"Yeah but we don't have a girl here. How are we going to get someone to befriend her? What about Sally? No, she's too old. I bet I could get Hilde to do it! What do you think…" he trailed off as he noticed everyone looking at him. "No way."

"You look more like a female than any of us and that braid of yours will help," Heero stated flatly.

Duo stood up from the table slowly then he tried to dart toward the door. Wufei and Heero grabbed his arms. They began to drag him to his room. "Why do I have to be the girl? Quatre wears pink clothes! Make him do it!"

"Don't be an onna! You're doing it for the mission," said Wufei.

"But you are making me an onna! Let me go! Let mmph mmph mmpph!" Heero had stuffed a washcloth in Duo's mouth.


Heero, Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre were waiting downstairs for Duo. They were supposed to leave in ten minutes. They were pretty impatient. Wufei had brought his camera. Heero went to the foot of the stairs of the safe house. "Duo! Get down here! We have to leave or we'll be late." He went back to sit on the couch.

"Alright! I'm coming down but you can't laugh!" Wufei was already aiming the camera at the stairs. Duo came downstairs. Wufei quickly clicked his camera but when he saw Duo he dropped the camera. All their jaws dropped.

Duo was wearing the school uniform. The maroon skirt fit his slender hips perfectly and the blouse covered his petite fake bosom. His chestnut braid was unraveled, wavy, and curled at the bottom. His lips were lightly touched with gloss and his long lashes were curled up. His heart shaped face was blushing red.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?" He noticed the camera on the floor. "You were going to take pictures and blackmail me, weren't you?" he said angrily.

Wufei grabbed the camera before Duo took it. "No." He secretly aimed the camera at Duo and took more pictures.

Heero cleared his throat. "Hn. We need to get going before we're late."

"You know. It's not too late to get someone else to do this. Fei has long hair too," Duo said quickly. Heero sighed and grabbed Duo's arm to drag him along. "Alright! Mou, it's bad enough I'm dressed as a girl."

"Hold on," said Quatre. He walked over to Heero and whacked him on the head. "Lucky." He said it low enough for everybody but Duo to hear. Then Wufei and Trowa went over and did the same. Duo looked at them strangely. "Good luck," he whispered to Heero. Heero nodded stiffly. "I hope you have a good time, Duo." He said louder.

"Dressed as a girl? I'm not sure." Then he grinned mischievously. "Just don't do anything I wouldn't do with Tro." Quatre blushed. He shivered. "I hope the girls there aren't like Relena. Then all of them will hate me if Heero's my boyfriend. It's not like I'll be attracted to any of them anyway."

Heero paused a moment. "You're gay?"

Duo shrugged and got into the car. "Well yeah. I thought everybody knew."

Heero's heartbeat quickened. "If we have to kiss to prove we're actually going out then I suppose it wouldn't bother you."

Duo laughed. "Are you kidding? It would bother me. I'm sort of saving my first kiss for someone special or at least I want it to be special." *like you…*

Heero's heart deflated with a loud ppft. "Hn. We have to get going." Duo nodded. Once they were on the road Heero told them their identities. "You will be Duest Maxwell and I'll be Odin Lowe."

Duo smoothed his skirt disgusted. "Can they make these any lower?"

Heero looked at him and inwardly gulped. "I guess we'll have to go get longer ones. Don't want guys looking up my skirt and finding out my secret. Duest should be easy enough to remember."


Duo looked at him. "Hey, Hee-chan. You're going to have to talk some more."


"What if the Queen of the World followed you to that school. It would be bad if she blew our cover. Maybe you should email your girlfriend and tell her not to show up."

Heero snorted. "She's not my girlfriend."

"Nani? It always seemed like you were a couple. You know, with her hanging off your arm and shrieking your name in that annoying high screechy voice of hers." He shuddered dramatically.

"She's not my girlfriend," he repeated. "She's annoying and stalkerish. She follows me to every mission I go to and messes it up. I am not and never will be her boyfriend. Besides she's not my type."

"Calm down. I'm going to get a drink." Duo turned around and leaned forward to the back. Who put the cooler way in the back?" He went back, unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned forward scooting in to get closer.

Heero looked over to tell Duo to get back in his seat. His throat went dry at what he was seeing. "Duo?" he called, voice deeper than usual. "I think we need to get you a longer skirt really soon."

"Do you want one too? You're not sounding very well. Maybe some water?" Duo wriggled his butt to get in closer.

Heero's voice was raspy as he spoke. "Get the drinks quick because you're blocking my view."

"Gomen!" He grabbed the drinks quick and sat back down. The action made his skirt ride up a bit more.

"Duo…you're skirt…"

Duo looked down and blushed. "Gomen!" He quickly smoothes out his skirt and hands Heero his water. He pops open his can and takes a drink. "What was that you said about Relena not being your type?"

Heero was trying to concentrate on the road with Duo in a short skirt next to him. "Hn."

"Oh come on. What is your type?" Duo took a long drink.

"Nothing of the female sex."

Duo spit out his drink. "Nani? You're gay? How come you never told me?"

"You never asked." Heero said simply. "How come you never told me?"

"Well I…umm I…I thought everyone knew. It seemed pretty obvious."

"Hn. You flirted with anyone of the female sex and you thought it was obvious? If I knew you were gay I would have told you I liked you sooner." Heero said.

"Well I have no problem saying I like you." Duo clamped his mouth shut.

"You like me?" Duo nodded slowly. Heero thought for a moment then pulled over to the parking lot in front of McDonald's. *Great,* Duo thought. *Now he's going to kill me.* Heero turned aruond in his seat to face Duo. Duo braced himself. "Do you want to stop here and get something to eat?"

Duo stopped. *What?* He noticed Heero waiting for his response. "Sure..."

They got out of the car and went into McDonald's. Heero and Duo stood in line behind three other people. When they finally got to the cashier five boys went in line behind them. One of them whistled at Duo. Heero growled low in his throat and put his arm around Duo's waist. Duo turned beet red.

"How can I help you," said the cashier.

"I'd like two number fives," said Heero.

"For here or to go?"

"For here." Heero paid and the cashier handed them their trays. They sat down at one of the more secluded tables. "I've arranged all our classes to be in the same as hers. Her name is Katrina Duncan. She's Edward Duncan's daughter. Edward Duncan is one of the high officials. He tells his daughter everything. well, everything except him sleeping with someone other than her mother. You'll need to try to get her to trust you."

Heero paused as one of the guys that waited in line behind them came up to him. He smirked as Heero glared at him. "I just wanted to say that you should dump this loser and go out with a cooler guy." He eyed Duo's legs that were sticking out from under the table.

Duo rolled his eyes and scooted closer to Heero who put an arm around him, holding him firmly to place. He pretended to look around. "I don't see any cool guys around here. Hmm." He shrugged and went back to eating his fries. He could see Heero's smirk as the other guy gaped and left.

It didn't end there. Once the guys left, a girl approached them and hissed at Duo. "You stay away from *my* boyfriend or else. He's mine and I'm not going to let some slutty bitch take him away from me."

Duo placed a hand on Heero's arm before he did anything. "I don't want your boyfriend so you're pretty safe. I like my own very much." He held out his hand. "Duest Maxwell at your service. I may run and hide but I never lie. That's me in a nutshell."

The girl eyed his hand before taking it. "Katrina Duncan. Let me tell you something for your own good. If you know what's best for you then you would stay away from Richard Sanders or else." She let go of his hand and walked away in a huff.

Duo looked over at Heero. "That's the girl I'm suppose to befriend?" Heero nodded a affirmative. "This should be fun." He snuggled closer to Heero. "So, Hee-chan. What school are we going to?"

"We'll be going to Invoke Private School for all ages."

"You mean we'll be going to school with kids from grades preschool-high school?" Duo asked, incredously.


"That's great!" Duo exclaimed. "I haven't hung out with younger kids since Maxwell Church was burned down by OZ. Are there any volunteer programs to babysit the kids, work, or something?"

Heero smiled inwardly at Duo's enthusiasm but on the outside frowned. "We have to concentrate on the mission. We'll only be there as long as we need." Duo pouted. heero let out a tiny smile. "Fine but you have to concentrate on the mission." He held up a hand before Duo did anything. "There is one condition. I have to be at every one of your volunteer programs."

Duo jumped on Heero, hugging him tightly. "Arigatou!" He kissed Heero on the cheek. Heero blushed faintly.

"We have to get to the school and settle in now." Duo nodded happily. They cleaned up and went to the car. Heero looked at Duo. "First, we have to get you longer skirts." So they went shopping and then drove to the school to settle in.

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