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Chapter Two: Settling in

This place is nice, Duo thought. He looked at the young kids that were playing in

sandboxes, swings, jungle gyms, and monkey bars. The older kids were sitting together

and just talking. Heero walked beside him. The place was like a huge park with fountains

and sakura trees. There were flowers, picnic tables, small cafes, their own mall, and shops.

The rich are really living this up. This place is huge! And look at all the kids... They

walked to the main building, the school and building of registration, which was located

in the center of the grounds with the dorms surrounding it and the shops and parks

surrounding the dorms.

"He-Odin," he corrected. "What are we going to be doing while I try to get information

out of the girl."

Heero grimaced. "We'll act like normal rich kids."

Duo snorted. "Normal. That'll be easy."

"We're suppose to find the daughter of a contact of J's that goes to this school after we've

settled in. Her name's Kim Nguyen[1]. She's 4"11, aqua eyes, and auburn hair." They

stoppped in front of a garden maze. "She goes to eat lunch at the center of the maze

everyday. Apparently only she and a few other teachers know their way around the maze.

She's pretty popular but likes to be alone. We're to meet her tomorrow. She'll relay

messages from the others to us." They continued on to the main building.

"She seems fun," Duo said smiling.

Heero and Duo walked on without any incidents until they heard a loud scream.

Turning to their left they saw a young asian girl on skates heading towards them. "Watch

out!" she screamed. That was their only warning as she crashed into them. They came

down with a "oomf". She tried to get up but her skates made it worse and she fell onto her


Heero helped Duo up first before checking on the other girl. "Are you okay?" Duo asked

worriedly as Heero helped her up.

She blushed, embarrassed. "I'm fine, thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Duo smiled reassuringly at her. "It's all right. Right, Heero?"

"Hn." was all Heero said.

Just then a blond came running up to them, huffing and puffing. "Are you all right,


Emeline nodded at him. "I'm fine, Jason. I just crashed into these two."

Jason looked relieved. "Thank"

Duo took up the introductions. "I'm Duest Maxwell[3]. I run and hide but I never tell

a lie. That wall over there is my boyfriend Odin Lowe."

Emeline smiled shyly at them. "I'm Emeline Le and this is my boyfriend Jason Sanders."

"You're Richard Sanders' brother." Duo exclaimed.

Jason eyed him. "You know my obnoxious brother?"

Duo shook his head. "He hit on me at a McDonald's not far from here."

Jason snorted. "Yeah, that would be him."

"You don't look or act like him." Duo said slyly.

Jason beamed at him. "Thank you!" Emeline tugged at his sleeve. "We have to go.

Classes are about to start." They waved and said bye.

Duo smiled at Heero. "I'm going to like it here."

"Hn." he grunted. The corners of his mouth was quirked upwards. "We have to get

registered first, baka."

Duo pouted adorably but agreed. They quickly walked to the Main building and went

to the main office. They were immediately greeted by the secretaries, Mrs. Tabby and Ms.


"Hello, dears," said Mrs. Tabby. "You must be the new transfer students from Japan. If

you go over to Ms. Crow she'll give you your schedules and dorm rooms." They thanked

her and went over to Ms. Crow.

"Names?" she asked in a gruff voice.

"Duest Maxwell and Odin Lowe." Heero deadpanned. She handed them their schedules

and dorm room keys.

"The building to our right are the dorm rooms. The girl dorm rooms are located on the

second, fourth, and sixth floors. The boys are located on the first, third, and fifth floors.

The first and second are for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Third and fourth

floors are for juniour high students. Fifth and sixth are for high school students. You're

luggage will probably be already in your assigned rooms. I expect you to follow the rules

just like any other student here." She silently dismissed them.

Heero closed Duo's gaping mouth witha light kiss and grabbed his hand to dragged him

off towards the dorms. Duo looked around amazed. Heero dropped Duo off and told him

to meet him at his dorm room so they can scout the area before going to sleep. Duo nodded

numbly and fell back onto his huge comfy bed. This is going to be a very interesting


[1] Kim N is my best friend. I've known her since I was 5months old and she was 4 months.

We bonded over a bottle of milk. .

[2] Emeline is one of the characters a person who like my story made up. Thanks for the

idea, iMaDeViLsOeViL!

[3] I got the name from Skeren Dreamera'a fic Is there really such a thing as dreaming?