Chapter 15- It's all over now.

I woke up the next morning in my bed as I sat up and looked around. I saw Spike leaning against the door looking at me and I quickly turned away so he wouldn't see me cry.

" Leave me be," I snapped looking towards the window as a tear rolled down me cheek.

" Iris, I wish I could help you but I know I can't, I'm sorry you had to do that but you don't have time to cry over him now, we need to get to Naraku," he said and I nodded. I slowly stood up and I noticed I was in a different kimono than I was last night. This one was black with a silver dragon along the side of it. I ran over to the mirror and looked at my eyes that were now an aquaish color and I knew now that I was a full demon.

" Let us go," I stated walking out of the room. I walked to the dinning room where the others were and looked at them, " we leave after you eat." With that said I turned and left the room. I walked outside and about ten minutes later the others joined me.

" Shall we?" Miroku questioned as I nodded. Inu Yasha, Spike, and I ran as Sango and Miroku rode on Kirara and Souta and Shippou on Aqua. We ran for about an hour before we stopped right outside the village, " are you really going to leave once the battle is over?"

" Yes, it is easier that way," I stated turning to them, " I will make myself known so you will know I'm alive but I won't stay."

" I understand, then maybe we should give you this now," Sango said walking up to me placing something in my hand. I looked at the golden locket and opened it up to see a picture inside. It was a painting of the gang, it had everyone in it, including Sesshomaru.

" It's gorgeous," I gasped as Sango placed it around my neck.

" We have known you far too long not to give you something in return for the way you took us in," she said as a lonely tear left my eye.

" Thank you all," I said before returning my attention to the village, " we should go."

" We shall," Miroku said as we all walked in bracing ourselves for what would come. I sniffed the air and gasped when I smelt Rin's blood in the air. I growled and ran to wear I smelt it and sure enough there was Naraku with Rin in his arms.

" You let her go!" I yelled as he smirked tightening his hold on her arm causing it to bleed more.

" Kagome-neechan!" she screamed in pain.

" Let the girl go, if you want to fight me then let the girl and my mother go!" I yelled as he released her arm but not before sending demons after us. There was around fifty from what I could count as I sliced though one with my sword making my way to Rin. One of the demons sliced my arm before I could get to her causing me to wince in pain but I continued on. I cut through about ten more demons before reaching her.

" Rin take my hand!" I yelled as she did as I pulled her up holding her in my arm as I ran into the forest with her. I put her in the arms of Souta before running back. I continued on my fight but when I came face to face with Naraku I saw something I didn't expect, Sesshomaru. He was standing behind Naraku with a smirk on his face. Naraku smiled when he saw my shocked face before he lunged at me with his claw. I barely blocked it with my sword but his other claw attacked and it went through my stomach causing my eyes to widen in pain as I kicked his in the gut getting out of his grasp.

" I knew my new slave would shock you miko," he stated as I held my stomach in pain trying not to fall over. I saw Sesshomaru glare at the back of Naraku's head and I looked at him confused as to what he was doing. Naraku charged at me again backhanding me as I flew backwards.

" Why?" I questioned Sesshomaru as I fell to the ground with Naraku on top of me. He straddled my waist and was about to bend down and kiss me but I slammed my claw into his abs. I smirked when I felt it come out the other side as I pushed him off of me. I slowly stood to my feet almost falling over.

" You want to know why? That's a stupid question Iris!" he snapped running towards me.

I'm sorry I heard someone whisper in my mind. I jumped back dodging his attack but he knew this and grabbed his sword swinging it at me as it hit my side.

" I loved you," he spat as I flew to the side landing on my feet kneeling to the ground.

I still do. I'm sorry I must do this, it's just an act I heard the voice again and looked up Sesshomaru. Naraku stood up in front of him as he nodded. Sesshomaru grabbed Naraku by the arms dropping his sword to the ground.

" Sesshomaru! What are you doing?" Naraku hissed.

IRIS! Attack him now! I can't hold him for long! he growled in my head as I stumbled to my feet with the sword in my hands. I lunged at Naraku taking my sword to his neck decapitating him making sure I didn't hit Sesshomaru in the process. His body disintegrative leaving only bones.

" We did it," I whispered before dropping my sword falling to my knees. Sesshomaru caught me before I fell and I looked up at him. He picked me up bridal style and walked over to a tree leaning against the trunk with me in his arms.

" Iris," he said looking down at me. His hand was on my cheek and I leaned into his touch.

" I don't have long," I whispered looking up into his eyes. He looked down at me confused but I just smiled at him, " I can't stay here, I am the link that keeps the lords in check, if I stay I will be torn between all of them and I can't bare that. My father said I was not to come here but I went against his wishes," I stuttered as he placed a finger to my lips to silence me.

" I know," he whispered, " just let me enjoy this time I have left with you before you must leave." Hearing his voice almost broke my heart as I relaxed against him. I closed ,y eyes as I felt my wounds start to heal, " what are you going to do when you go back?"

" Finish school, I want to be a singer by day and a spy or bodyguard by night," I sighed, " I know it's stupid."

" Not at all, will you become human again?" he questioned as I nodded.

" If I become human again I will still transform into a demon every full moon," I said as he nodded holding me closer to him. We sat alone for awhile until I heard footsteps coming towards us, " time to go."

Sesshomaru stood up with me still in his arms and look at me sadly.

" I will find you again, my love," he whispered kissing my lips as I complied. I wrapped my arms around his neck as a single tear ran down my face and I pulled myself closer to him. He pulled away from me and I looked into his eyes, he was crying. I saw Inu Yasha come into view as Sesshomaru put me on the ground still holding my hand in his.

" Kagome, I know what I want to wish for," he said as I nodded.

" Please tell me so I can grant it before I leave," I said handing him the completed jewel and he nodded.

" I wish for Miroku, Sango, Shippou, Kirara, and I to go to your time with you," he wished as the jewel started to glow. Kagome, I wish I could have said Sesshomaru and Spike too but they must stay and defend there lands he thought as I felt an energy release from my body and he vanished along with the jewel.

" Where did he go?" Sesshomaru questioned looking down at me.

" To my time," I whispered as we walked to the well to see Spike, Souta, Aqua and Rin standing there waiting for us.

" Shall we?" Souta questioned and I nodded leaning up placing a sweet kiss on Sesshomaru's lips.

" We shall meet again, I swear it," I whispered against his lips as he kissed me back before we broke apart. We hugged and I walked up to Spike giving him a hug as well, " mom will be worried if we don't arrive soon."

" Yes," Souta said as we walked to the well.

" Wait! Take Rin with you and this, please," Sesshomaru said walking over to us handing me Rin along with his sword, the Tokijin

" Why?" I questioned looking into his eyes as he smiled down at me.

" You can take better care of her than I can here, your world is safer, and the sword will protect you always, my love, take care," he whispered kissing my forehead before we jumped in the well.

" I'll never forget you, lover," I whispered as we reached the other side of the well. Aqua took Souta out and I jumped out with Rin in my arms. Once out of the well house I changed back into my human form. Rin jumped out of my arms and ran to the house as I saw Inu Yasha appear in the door. He was also in his human form as he smiled at me warmly as Sango, Miroku and Shippou soon joined him.

" I'm so glad you decided to finally join us Lady Kagome," Miroku stated happily. I felt tears threaten to fall from my eyes as I saw Miroku holding Sango's hand in his.

" Who would have ever guessed that we would end up here of all places after our search," Sango said with a smile.

" Yeah and now you can be my real Mommy!" Shippou exclaimed causing more tears to threaten to fall.

" Welcome home Kagome," Inu Yasha finished as I felt myself lose control and I started crying as I ran to them. I wrapped my arms around Inu Yasha's neck and cried as he hugged me back. Miroku, Sango, and Shippou joined in on the group hug.

" Finally, my daughter is home for good," I heard my mother say from the kitchen. I never knew that I would be this happy coming home to my family, my new family at least. It felt great to be home again but I still felt like something was missing and I knew that the feeling would remain until I met my one true love again. For now, I would stay with my family and live my life without regrets.


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