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Matt woke up in the hospital wing. He was feeling terrible, and there were needle points all over his body. His back hurt whenever he moved, and Gabumon didn't look much better.

He saw all his friends in the hospital wing, and all were asleep, except for Joe, who was complaining about having a headache.

"So you've finally recovered?" said the nurse. "How could you boys jump right into that fight? It's a miracle you're alive."

Matt was in too much pain to reply, but he saw that he was better off than some of his friends. Sora was probably the worst off, since she was hit with a lung-destroyer curse. Tai wasn't much better, since he had been under the Cruciatus curse.

Dumbledore walked into the hospital wing, looking very grave. By this time, they were beginning to recover, though everybody involved were in a lot of pain. T.K. rushed over to hid bed, crying his eyes out. He would have said something, but he didn't have the energy.

"How long is this going to last?" asked Tai weakly.

"I'm glad you're alive." said Dumbledore. "All of you were out for nearly two weeks. Mimi and Takeru have been very worried."

"How could we have been out for two weeks?" asked Matt, finally getting the strength to speak.

"Your injuries were very serious." he replied. "In Sora's case, she was near death. If we had gotten to her just 5 minutes later, she would be dead.

"This is what I want to make clear. I admire your bravery, but you should not have charged in there. 6 first years cannot beat full-trained Death Eaters. It is a miracle that any of you are alive. Hikari, I'm afraid, was not so lucky. She was hit by a killing curse. It causes instant death with no way to bring her back."

Tai started to cry, ignoring the pain on his face. Kari was dead and never coming back. This was all his fault. He should have listened to his brain instead of jumping in there.

"Somehow, I'm not so sure." said Izzy. "The power inside her could have protected her."

"I'm afraid not." said Dumbledore. "The killing curse was too much for even her power to resist. I am sorry."

He then left, leaving the other Digidestined to grieve. Tai's face was a mix of sadness and fury. The others were depressed beyond words.

They didn't hear their parents coming in until they were almost on top of them. All of them embraced their children in relief, happy that they were alive. However, Mr. And Mrs. Kamiya broke down in tears when they saw their daughter dead.

Mr. Kamiya put his hand over her own, but got a burn the moment he touched her. He just barely managed to keep from screaming. Light surrounded her and wrapped her in a protective cocoon.

"I told you I didn't think Kari was dead." said Izzy. "She's the child of light, remember?"

"Dumbledore said nobody could survive the killing curse." said Matt. "I hate to say it, but I think your theory's wrong, Izzy. It's probably just preparing her for death."

"I sure hope you're right, Izzy." said Tai. "I swear right now, I am going to hunt the death eaters until I die or the war ends. At least when I'm old enough to fend for myself."

"Don't do that, Tai." said Mimi. "You'll end up getting killed too."

"Son, don't make any rash decisions." said Mr. Kamiya. "I want vengeance as bad as you do, but we've got to wait until we're capable of fighting them."

"We're just relieved you're all okay." said Mrs. Izumi. "We'll be going, since we do need to get some sleep."

"That, and some students at this school will attack you without a second thought." said Izzy. "3 6th years beat Kari half to death a few months ago."

"Why didn't you tell me that?" demanded Mrs. Kamiya. "I am going to personally kill them!"

"You can't beat them unarmed." said Matt. "Plus, it'll be 3 on 1. You'll only add to the casualties list."

"Besides, when I'm done with them, there won't be anything left." said Tai. "I'm sure they'll be death eaters, and when I face them in combat, I will be the victor."

"And I'll be right beside you." said Agumon.

The Digidestined smiled, despite all the pain and misery around them. All of them would make the death eaters pay for Kari's death.

Their parents reluctantly left, after a lot of insisting by Tai and Matt, who did not want to be mothered.

After about a week, they were released from the hospital, though Sora still had to take potions to recover. Harry was now awake, but he still had be there for a couple more days.

Snape and Flitwick had tried to take Kari's body, but they received burns, like Mr. Kamiya did. Nobody had any explanation, and only Joe believed Izzy's theory.

It turned out that 7 of the death eaters had been captured, one was killed, and the other 4's whereabouts were unknown. The school was quiet, like before, but they were eventually getting over it, though they consoled the group several times a day.

However, not everybody had such a view. Dorian Malfoy had said that the world was better off without a mud blood, laughing about it at every opportunity. Tai had pounced on him, and the rest of them watched.

He was sent to the hospital wing, and 20 points were taken from Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Since they all got 50 points each, it was quite certain that Gryffindor would win the house cup once again. None of the other houses were happy, but grudgingly accepted it.

3 spies were found in Hogwarts, because of Snape being a double agent and they were expelled from Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione were glad that this set Voldemort back at least a little. (Though Ron still had problems saying his name)

Voldemort had been very pleased of Kari's death, Snape had said to Dumbledore. He was certain of victory. All he said in reply was that Voldemort was in for a disappointment.

Finally, the last few days of Hogwarts came, and the Digidestined children had the biggest shock of their lives when they went into the Gryffindor common room.

Kari was standing there alongside Gatomon. Izzy had been pleased that he was right, as was everyone else.

"How…How did you survive?" asked Biyomon.

"I think the light around her was restoring her life force." said Izzy. "That curse would have killed anyone else."

"I'm just glad she's alive, regardless of the reason." said Tai, embracing his sister.

"Still, I've got a lightning-shaped scar on my stomach." said Kari. "Professor Dumbledore said it was just like Harry's."

"I knew there was going to be a catch." said Joe. "Nobody ever comes out of fights unharmed."

"Cheer up, Joe." said Gomamon. "We've got a joyous reunion. Come on, let's start the party."

Gabumon and Tentomon convinced the head of house to throw a party to celebrate her return. Soon, the room was full of balloons, junk food, and butterbeer.

"Well, this is certainly a good party." said Agumon, drinking his 6th butterbeer.

"We may as well celebrate, since we need to lighten up for a while." said Matt. "Voldemort's still out there, and who knows what's going to happen once school's out."

"Don't think about that now." said Tai, drinking his 7th butterbeer. "Let's just enjoy the party."

People were dancing everywhere, including Tai, who was by now considerably drunk. He and Sora danced in the middle of the floor, and at the end, Tai briefly kissed Sora on the cheek. (Not very romantic, but they're only 11 and 12)

"By the way, we better celebrate our birthday parties when we get home, since we couldn't do it here." said Mimi. "I'm looking forward to getting lots of gifts!"

"Is that all you ever think about?" asked Joe. "There are things more important, like your future, doing well in the world, staying alive…"

"Okay, we get it." said Sora. "Don't ruin the party."

It was nearly 2:00 in the morning when it was over, and almost half the people there were drunk, especially the 7th years. There were only 11 who weren't drunk.

"I can't believe you drank 11 butterbeers." Groaned Matt, struggling to get Tai to their dorm.

"Let me give you a hand." said Izzy, grabbing Tai's legs. "He's going to have a heck of a hangover in the morning.

Tai, meanwhile, was giggling like a schoolgirl. It took them nearly 5 minutes to get him to the dorm, while Tai was saying "Faster, Faster!" unknowingly to them, Harry and Ron were recording the whole thing.

"Well, we've got some good material on them if they play another prank on us." said Harry. Fortunately for him, he only had 2 butterbeers.

Ron wasn't really paying attention, since he was a little drunk himself. They both went into their own dorm, where both went to asleep the moment they lied down on their bed.

The next day, everybody was complaining about hangovers. They took hangover potion, but the weak, dizzy feeling remained.

They were ready to go on the train home, but Dumbledore had a few things to say.

"Well, another year has ended." said Dumbledore. "I know all of you are fearful that Voldemort (Many flinches) will win. I will not lie to you. It is a hard road ahead, and not everybody is going to survive. However, if we stay united and have courage, we will defeat him.

"Now that serious matters are out of the way, the house cup needs awarding. In 4th place, Hufflepuff, with 367 points. In third place, Slytherin, with 413 points. In second place, Ravenclaw, with 435 points. In first place, Gryffindor, with 624 points. Gryffindor once again wins the house cup!

"One other thing: Due to the danger in the outside world, the Ministry has agreed to let you use magic outside school, but I warn you, do not abuse this privilege. Since I have nothing else to say, let the feast begin."

There was a loud uproar from the Gryffindor table. After breakfast was over, everyone got their stuff and prepared to board the Hogwarts express.

"It's strange how a year passed so quickly." said Sora. "It doesn't seem that long ago when we first arrived."

"And whatever comes, we'll be prepared for it." said Biyomon. "I'll protect you to the end, Sora."

"Do girls always have to be so weepy?" asked Tai.

"It seems to be in their nature." said Matt. "Still, I've never seen Kari cry."

"It's a very rare occasion, since she's a very strong-willed girl. She's irritated with how I protect her, even though she doesn't show it. Still, it doesn't mean I'm going to stop."

"I know you never will." said Kari. "And I'm glad you're my big brother."

They went on the train, the boys in 1 compartments and the girls in the other. All of them were looking forward to seeing their loved ones again.

"At least at home, my computer's going to work." said Izzy. "Still, we get to practice magic at home."

"I can't wait for next year." said T.K. "I love learning magic!"

"And I love watching it." said Patamon. "Just don't hit me with it."

"Well, the mudbloods are going home." said the elder Malfoy and his goons. "This will be your last year at Hogwarts."

All of them fired curses at them, in addition to the digimon attacking. All 3 of them were in bad shape when they were thrown against the compartment door.

"I've been wanting to do that for ages." Izzy admitted.

"We'll get plenty of opportunity next year." said Tai. "And Greasy's son is going to be included."

They laughed, eagerly planning for their next year at Hogwarts. But they still remembered that Voldemort was not going to be a distant evil next year. He would be right on their doorstep, and they had to be ready.

Still, they had faith everything would work out.

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