Chapter 25 – Someday

By Evilution

Disclaimer: I only own Paris and Amanda…everyone else, I wish. I want to thank everyone who has supported this story. You guys are awesome and I hope you keep reading the sequel. You may be wondering why I've posted so much lately…it's because I finally got my own computer! Thank you to Kim and Howie, who have let me use their PCs all this time. Enjoy!

The next morning, Paris got up early to catch her flight to OVW. She made sure that she was quiet so as not to disturb anyone next door. The last thing she wanted to do was see Randy, or worse, Paul. She went down to the lobby and filled out her paperwork for her room comp. There were several crew members scurrying around, loading the trucks. She was almost home free when a familiar smarmy voice made her cringe. Sarah was training a new girl on the ring crew since Sarah had gotten Derrick's coordinator job and needed to be replaced on the ring crew.

"Usually you have to be down here early to get everything loaded up for the flight and…oh, look, Rebecca…that's Paris, the one I told you about."

Paris turned around just in time to catch the new girl, Rebecca, give Sarah a knowing look. She was short and skinny with long brown hair and cat-like eyes. Paris disliked her on sight.

"And what exactly did you tell her, Sarah?" Paris asked snarkily.

"Nothing that isn't common knowledge already," Sarah replied. "You know…how you slept with Triple H to become a diva?" She and Rebecca giggled.

"Jealous or something, Sarah?" a voice stated. Paris smiled to see Amanda and Matt walk up.

"Oh, Amanda, I didn't recognize you," Sarah said in a fake, sugary voice. "Since you're trying so hard to look like Lita and all…"

"I don't have to look like anyone," Amanda shot back. "Why don't you just leave her alone already?"

"Yeah, she's more than you'll ever be," Matt put in, moving to stand protectively next to Paris.

Paris gave him a strange look. This was new…Matt defending her. He smiled warmly and shrugged apologetically, their past drama seeming inconsequential at that point.

"We all know how she became a diva," Sarah went on, nastily.

"Yeah, and you're just jealous," Amanda declared. "Jealous that she's a diva and jealous that Triple H wouldn't give you the time of day."

"I don't have to have sex with Triple H to get what I want," Sarah replied haughtily.

"No, just Brock Lesnar," Paris quipped.

"Yeah, and lowly gym attendants so they'll give you dirt on other people," Amanda added.

"That's a lie!"

"Is it? Then, why did some guy named Brian, who works in the gym, call my room last night and thank me for the generous tip and remind me that the information I gave him about Randy Orton stayed on the QT? QT…isn't that an expression you like to use, Sarah? Funny, I don't recall ever being in the gym last night, but someone named Amanda Jones, who looked awfully like you was! Good thing he was smart enough to check the hotel directory after you gave him a disconnected number."

"Who cares how I got the info?" Sarah snapped. She didn't count on Tammy Petersen's phone number being disconnected or that Brian would check the hotel computer for an Amanda Jones. "We all know it's true. She's a slut and everyone knows it. Obviously, Triple H isn't very picky or he wouldn't have…"

"I wouldn't have what?" Paul demanded, walking up.

Sarah jumped, startled. "Umm…um…Paul, I didn't see you there…"

"Obviously, and its Mr. Levesque to you."

"Sorry, I…" Sarah continued to stammer.

"You know, maybe you should worry more about keeping your job than how other people got theirs."

"Y…You're right, P…Mr. Levesque. Let's go, Rebecca…I still have a lot to show you."

Amanda, Matt, and Paul all shook their heads with disgust as they watched Sarah scurry off like the rat she was. Paris, however, was slightly miffed. The last thing she wanted was for Paul to defend her.

"I don't need you to defend me," Paris stated as Paul maneuvered her off to the side of the front desk.

He chuckled. "Like I don't know that. It's the least I could do after…"

"After you used me and humiliated me? Not to mention, ruining my relationship with Randy."

"I wasn't alone on that bed, Paris…remember that."


"Look, I don't want to get into a big debate in the middle of a hotel lobby, so why don't we…"

"Forget it," Paris interrupted, knowing that he was going to ask her to go talk. "Besides, I have a plane to catch." She picked up her bags and began walking toward the door.

"Hey, if you don't want to talk to me…fine, but at least, take this. It's a letter that explains some things, but don't open it until you get to OVW."

"Paul, I…"

But before she could tell him exactly what he could do with his letter, Randy dashed into the lobby, wearing nothing but his boxers. Several people stared, including the hotel manager, who was behind the desk. The Legend Killer was out of breath and didn't seem to care that he was making a spectacle of himself. He was followed by Amy and Dave, who were also out of breath and wearing their pajamas. Paul used the distraction to slip the letter into a side pocket of Paris' bag.

"Paris! Thank God I caught you!" Randy exclaimed.

"Randy! What the…Oh, God…I have to go."

"No, wait!" He looked up and glared at Paul, who was standing next to Paris. Paul had the good grace to put his hands up in concession and back away, not wanting any part of The Legend Killer in this particular frame of mind. Randy grabbed Paris' shoulders. "Paris, you can't leave like this! Please, take a later flight so we can talk!"

"We have nothing to talk about, Randy," she stated plainly. Little did he know, but she had been up all night agonizing over what had happened. She was still angry about the bet, but it wasn't unforgivable. She was more consumed with self-loathing for betraying Randy with Paul.

"God…yes we do!" Randy told her. "I don't care about anything that happened last night. Paris, I love you and I don't want to lose you."

Paul snorted, causing Randy and Dave to both glare at him with contempt. Amy. Amanda, and Matt, as well as everyone else in the lobby, were completely enthralled with the ensuing drama of a seemingly tragic love story.

Paris shook her head, tears streaming down her face. God, how could he even stand to look at her, let alone touch her? "No, you don't love me, Randy. How could you after what I did? Besides, your true love is Evolution…the image, the lifestyle, everything."

"Screw Evolution!" Randy shouted, much to Paul's displeasure. Paris' eyes got wide as Randy got down on his knees and grabbed her hand. "Please, Paris, don't go…not without talking this out."

"Randy, get up!" Paris ordered, glancing around with embarrassment.

"No! If I have to humiliate myself as badly as I humiliated you, I will. If that's what it takes to prove I love you…"


"What do I have to do, Paris? I'm on my freaking knees in a hotel lobby in my underwear, for Christ's sake! What more do you want?"

Paris tried to stop the tears flowing freely down her face, but it was no use. "I…I want…you to forget about me. I can't do this! I…I can't…I have to go!"

"Paris, no…"

"I'm sorry, Randy…it's too late." She pulled away from him and walked briskly towards the door. "Goodbye everyone…I'll be back soon. Ames, call me, OK?"

She flung the door open and jumped into the cab as the driver loaded her luggage into the trunk. She was still engulfed in heart-wrenching sobs, even as the cab pulled away from the hotel.

Inside, Randy's shoulders slumped dejectedly as Dave helped him up and Amy tried to console him

"I've lost her," the Legend Killer stated sadly.

"Just give it time, bro," Dave replied.

"Yeah, she just needs time. She loves you, Randy…I know she does," Amy assured him.

"You know, Orton, maybe this for the best," Paul added as Dave and Amy turned to glare at him. "Maybe now, you can get your head out of your ass and start focusing on Evolution, instead of busting your balls trying to impress Paris. She really isn't worth the hassle if you ask me."

Before the Cerebral Assassin could say another word, Randy turned and landed a hard right on his jaw, knocking his team leader to the floor. Paul was shocked that Randy would hit him, especially in public. He touched his lip gingerly, noticing that it was bleeding and began to rise to answer the challenge, but something in Randy's manner stopped him.

"Like I said last night, if you ever say another word about her…about Paris, the woman I love…ever again, I swear to God, Paul, I'll fucking kill you!"

With that, he walked away, followed closely by Amy and Dave, who were surprised when Matt and Amanda bid them both a friendly goodbye. Maybe it was time for new beginnings…for everyone.

Meanwhile, in the taxi, Paris was able to pull herself together and dry her tears before she reached the airport. She thanked the driver and gave him a generous tip for putting up with her misery. She boarded her flight to Kentucky, the home of OVW, and daydreamed about what was awaiting her there. She looked back on the last month. If only she could take back last night. Now, she would always be the girl who slept with Triple H, for whatever reason…it didn't really matter. She was hopelessly in love with Randy, but it was also hopeless that it could ever work out. He had betrayed him in the worst possible way and now, she had to forget about him. She had a new life ahead of her with new challenges to overcome, new friends to meet, new demons to exorcise… and perhaps, some old ones as well. She knew she would have to face Randy and Paul someday when she returned to the WWE. But it would be on her terms. She would be strong. She was no longer Paris Ocean, the scared little rich virgin from Las Vegas. She was about to become Nikki Midnight, extreme diva and manager of Jeff Hardy and Edge. She was no longer anyone's fool and it was no longer a simple life. Things always got complicated, sooner or later. But she was ready for anything that was thrown in front of her. And maybe… just maybe, she thought as she put one her headphones to drown out the roar of the plane only to be greeted with the sounds of Nickelback, someday she and Randy would find their way back to each other. Someday.

The End?