Oh my goodness! My second story!! (Actually my third, but anyway, Oh my goodness!!!) I really can't believe this, I'm so incredibly scared. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, okay, I think I'm fine now. This story is probably one of my favorites, out of the ones I've written. Okay, um here's an introductory thingy…

First of all, I must say that I am truly thankful to Craig Bartlett, Antoinette Stella, Steve Viksten, and so many others for creating and aiding in the creation of such interesting and unique characters and bringing them to television.

After reading and writing fanfiction for almost two years, I have seen how the writer can "tweak" the personalities of the characters we've all come to know and love (or hate): Lila has turned…evil (to say the least), Helga has been a cheerleader (I see this one less and less) and so on and so forth. So I feel the need to "tweak" a few characters a little myself, but rest assured, nothing drastic. So in the course of reading this story, please do not harm your computer while screaming, "THEY'D NEVER DO THAT!!!!!!"

Hmm, I suppose it's time for me to start my story. Now, I first wrote this when I was in the 8th grade. So, I'll be making some major adjustments. Okay, read, READ I SAY!!!!!!

Chapter 1: Into the Night

"Get your parka."

Helga had heard that phrase several times too many over the past few years. You'd think she'd be used to it by now, but every time he uttered those words, his voice suddenly got deeper than usual, an acute gruffness that never presented itself in any other speech made by her father.

"What?", she said, quite aware of what she just heard, but still prolonging the moment. She sat up straight in the stiff green couch that haunted the living room of the three-story home. She turned, ready for the storm that was her father.

"You heard me. Grab your coat and get in the car."

Without a word, Helga made her way to the stairs. Suddenly, a chill struck her legs paralyzing every bone in her body. At the very top of the stairs was two very large suitcases, obviously filled to capacity, by the stretched lining. There they sat, idly at the top of the stairs, not moved to one side, just blocking the passageway to the upper level of the house. From the second step up, Helga contemplated the reasons for why her parents would just have suitcases-full suitcases out in the open. The excuses, now a flood, whirling and whizzing around in her head angrily, began to distort her thought process. Quickly she made her way to her room, her own vision blurred.

Upon entering, she found her room to be unusually cold. Turning on the only source of light in the confides of her room, she found her window open, causing the curtains to blow forward. Pushing down on the window pane, and locking it, Helga watched the streetlights outside her room flicker on and off.

The only reasonable explanation was that they were moving. Wait, they were moving? Why hadn't she heard anything about this? Why would they move, anyway? Time seemed to go by all too quickly for Helga within her four walls. This was the only home she ever knew, the only home she wanted to know. She wanted to run downstairs in an angry fit and yell at her father for doing this to her. For making her leave her home, Hillwood, everything.

Despite the denial that swam around in her head, she began to stuff clothes, books, anything important into a backpack, before Bob's blustery voice echoed up the stairs and down the hall.

"Hurry up!"

The backpack was somewhat heavy, despite the lack of personal belongings that Helga actually treasured, she managed to lift it. Turning around for what seemed a last glance at her room, she closed her door. And just like that with a hollow creek of the door, she was gone.

In the car, Helga lost herself in the night sky. Mentally, she imagined saying goodbye to Phoebe and Arnold, the only two people she imagined would care she was leaving. She traced the outside of the crescent moon on the foggy window of the car.

"Come on. Let's go.", said her father, lifting his own bags from the backseat.

Upon exiting the car, Helga gazed up at the blinking train station sign. In the station, there sat a man either waiting for his train, or sleeping and a curly haired Caucasian woman standing behind the ticket booth, obviously bored.

Welcome to the Hillwood Metro Train Station, how may I service you?", she said dully through the glass.

While Bob conversed quietly with the ticket-booth lady, Miriam came and sat down next to Helga on an identical blue chair, cold and uncomfortable. Bob eventually came over too, but not bothering to sit down.

"Your mom and I are going to find someplace to eat.", he said, avoiding Helga's unsure gaze, still distressed over having to leave.

"We'll be right back sweetie.", Miriam said, planting an unusually motherly kiss on Helga's forehead. This obviously wasn't a good sign.

It wasn't until 35 minutes later, that Helga remembered, her father forgot to give her a ticket…



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