Hello, hello, hello! I'm back, as you will be pleased to know! Now, before I begin, I will tell you what's up. First of all, I know that you're going to hate me, but I've only got one chapter for you until at least next Saturday! I'm really sorry about this; however I do most of my writing through a college computer lab.  Unfortunately, that is closed right now because of Christmas break. As a result, I have my prologue where I can get to it, and that's all. The lab might be open before Saturday, and if it is, I'll get the chapter up as soon as possible. You will be pleased to know, though, that the writing is much better than before. I'm very, very proud of it. I've got about six chapters written, each at about six to eight pages, meaning about three to four thousand words each ready, and I've got the first drafts for others ready as well, but they need serious editing.

Now, for those of you who were wondering where this went, I'll tell you. I took it off for a little while so that I could rewrite it, and also concentrate on my grades in an effort to make National Honors Society. Now I'm back, and the writing is better than ever, so you're in for a treat. Also, might I add that I got my report card today, and my final average so far this year is 89.14, which is just enough to make NHS on its own. Now I have to hope that my previous grades through high school will keep it above that line of 89. Yessiree folks, I might be going to NHS! WOOHOO!

Anyway, I'm very, very happy right now, because I get to be in contact with all of you again, something that a very much missed. Now, this is simply the prologue, and admittedly, nothing much has happened in it yet, however, as soon as I can get to my other chapters, I will post them, probably at a rate of two per week, so I can keep ahead of the ballgame. I thank you for this patience during my little hiatus, and I hope that you will enjoy this newly revised version as much as I do!

Oh, and for those of you who are just starting to read this, and have never heard of me before, this is a SEQUAL to my previous Fic: Two Weeks. You will not understand what is going on unless you read it. You can get to it through my author page. Also, I apologize, but it is nowhere near as well written as this, however, about one-thousand reviews disagree with me. So if you want to check out this fic, read that one first. Thank you.

            So, now, without further ado, we have: InuYasha: The Love that Transcends Time.


The forest was dark…



Black things flitted through the deepest shadow of the twisted overhanging branches.

Spidery cracks ran though the living would, eating it like a disease.

The trees stood thick, feeding the darkness.

They towered over the earth, standing hundreds of feet tall.

Their roots stretched deep under the earth, touching lightly, then darting away again, like lightening.

They were ancient.

Giants who saw the beginning.

They whispered of things that had happened.

The ages that had passed.

Their memories drifted like passing zephyrs.

They whispered of wars that had passed.


Great men who had died.


And the tales of long ago.


And they waited.

To see if more tales would be spun.

In the center of the forest, there was a shattered tree.

It rose like a titan among men, out of the forest.

It was old, and massive.

Splinters of rotten wood littered the space around it.

Out of the middle of the giant stalk stood a sparkling white fang.

It glowed, and pulsed, and spidery cracks ran up it, like the rest of the forest.

Far below, was a sapling.

It was twisted, gnarled, but definitely of the same wood of the great tree beside it.

It was twisted, and contorted.

It stretched up to the sky, yearning for the one day it could be like its proud parent.



The Love that Transcends Time

By Garret Jax


            The hulking youkai beat its mighty wings, rising further into the air with each swoop.

            It swooped up from the village, soaring, letting a great shriek escape its beak. It had the Shikon Jewel! Nothing could stop it!

            Below, in the village panic was swooping through like wildfire.

            Save for one young girl.

            She wore odd clothes. There were all green and white, and made of smooth material. She even wore complete shoes, normally a dignity saved for royalty, but she seemed almost as common as a villager. She was struggling with something. Haphazardly she tied something to an arrow, and mounted it clumsily on a longbow.

            She whipped around, and aimed it at the bird, one eye closing, and the other narrowing, sighting along the arrow. Her tongue edged between her teeth, and she bit down lightly, venting the stress her arms were under.

            Please hit…

            Her prayer went out, and she let the arrow fly. It soared up, and then began to fall, far short of the target. But something happened. The thing tied to the arrow pulsed, and the arrow curved back up, soaring up towards the titanic bird.

            It contacted like and unearthly comment, flashing for just a moment before it sunk into the hard flesh of the bird.

            There was a hard chink, and the youkai's eyes widened in pain.

            It glowed inward with a reddish light, then exploded outward, shedding feathers and charred flesh. What was left was a perfect sphere, a milky, pinkish color. It glowed and surged brilliantly. Slowly, a tiny crack spread along its surface, and rushed up along its surface, spreading out like a spider web.

            The surface of the jewel flared once, and then the sky was streaked crimson, as millions of tiny shards dashed across the sky, flaring like miniature comets.

            One cut far, far off to the north, shooting though the air, searing a golden path through the blue sky.

            It flew into the deep forest, illuminating all the shadows. It tore through the trees and branches and leaves, until it finally imbedded itself in a twisted, contorted sapling.

             It stood there glowing for a moment, light throbbing from it.

            The sapling reached up a branch, and plucked the jewel from its bark. Even as the branch drew away, the twigs that grasped the tiny shard began to thicken, grow joints. The thin bark slowly began to expand, and twist, becoming smoother. The thick, pale green leaves that adorned the top of the sapling grew together, becoming longer, silkier. The branch that had held the crystal was now a hand. The hand came up, and one of the figures eyes opened, inspecting the jewel.

            His lips parted in a grin, revealing a pair of sharp fangs. He tossed his bluish green hair, and closed his fist around the jewel shard.