Author's Note:

I don't think many of you remember me but I used to be called Genuiiine. I now know go under the pen name Pokyo. I know it's been a long long long long looooong time since I last updated this story or any of my stories in fact. I have no idea why I stopped. I'm deeply indebted to all my readers.

After painfully re-reading the first chapter, it was clear that a lot of editing will have to be done to this whole story. I'm still a bit iffy as to whether I'll be continuing this story because I'm not sure if anyone will be interested :S But I will say that I'll be re-writing a chapter or so and if people seem to still enjoy it then I'll happily continue to write the rest of the story! After I finding everything to my satisfaction (and hopefully yours too) I'll start writing chapters again. I will see this story to the end! And I hope you'll still be around by then hahaha

With love,

Pokyo (aka Genuiiine)

New Full Summary (for now):

Sakura and Syaoran have hated each others guts since who knows when. Until one day, an unknown feeling begins to arise within Syaoran. Too bad Sakura hates him too much to notice how strangely he's starting to act around her. But to Syaoran's delight, accidents keep on happening causing them to get closer in every way. Will Sakura ever grow the same feelings for Syaoran as he has for her before it's too late?

EDIT: Chapter 1 is now up and revised! Also, I have removed all of the other chapters so you people don't skip forward and get a jist of the plot since it may be up for change.