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Newfound Heritage

Chapter One The Habsburg-Bourbon Bloodline

"What did you put on question 45b?" asked a brown-haired girl anxiously, "because it asked for the ten qualities of knarl hair and I came up with all ten I think, but-"

"Hermione! Stop! We've been through this EVERY year! We've already gone through the test once, we don't need to do it twice," said Ron.


"Hermione," interrupted Harry, "Ron's right. It's time to relax. The exams are finally OVER!"

"Oh, alright. Come on then, let's go down to the feast,"

"Yeah!" said Ron eagerly, "I'm starving!"

It was the very last day of their 6th year and the 6th years had just finished their end-of-the-year exams. Through the years the famous trio had changed.

The boy who lived was still famous but even more so after the 5th year, when Voldemort had arrived at the Ministry of Magic and fought him and Dumbledore. Harry was still the same heroic and brave Harry but had gotten more quiet and kept to himself more often. Perhaps it was because of the weight of the prophecy upon him or dealing with Sirius's death.

Ron was still tall and lanky with vivid red hair and the same stubborn and defending personality.

And then there was Hermione. Though she was still quite the bookworm and model student, her features softened a bit. She was still bossy but these days she had toned down. She was a little more laid back and carefree (except during exams and tests of course.) Her trademark frizzy, bushy brown hair and winded down. It was now sleek and shiny. Her hair was in long, loose ringlets down her back. She had flawless skin with rosy cheeks, full pink lips and had soft honey colored eyes with long, dark lashes. She had also developed a more curvy, feminine body. She was now a good 5'6 to Harry's 5'7 and Ron's 5'9. She didn't quite believe it but she was one of the most beautiful girls in all of Hogwarts, if not the most beautiful.

Harry and Ron of course, protected her from other boys and were both a bit like her older, very protective brothers. The trio was also stronger and closer. They had grown together even more since the 5th year.

They headed down to the feast. The end of the year feast was always a bit sad, but was usually looked forward to.

"Another year has ended," began Professor Dumbledore when the feast began, "the time to say good-bye has come too quickly in my opinion. Usually, we have an empty seat by this time of the year for Defense Against the Dark Arts, fortunatly, this time, we do not," He nodded towards Professor Whitewaters, a 30-something man with messy brown hair, gray eyes and a warm smile. He was a favorite of most of the students.

"We say good-bye," continued Dumbledore, "To our seventh years and wish them the very best luck. Usually, I would give a longer speech, but my head seems particularly empty this evening. Dig in." The hall filled with applause as he sat down. The tables were soon filled with mountains of food.


While Hermione was eating and chatting with her fellow Gryffindors, she didn't notice someone watching her. Someone from the Slytherin table. Draco Malfoy.

He didn't know why he was looking at her. Sure she was smart, and yes, she was beautiful. But there was something else. He hated her because she was a mudblood, 1/3 of the Golden Trio and all-around goodie-two shoes. But still. There was just something about her. She was just so.pure. She was just so pure, angelic and just so horribly perfect. Most of the girls associated with him were sluts and one-night-stands. He had never even been in a relationship for more than two weeks before dumping the girl. That's just the kind of guy he was. But there was just something about Hermione that made him attracted to her. She was just so different from all the girls he had been with. He was soon cut short of his reverie by Pansy's hand snaking up his leg. Knowing who it was, he slapped it off.


The next day, everyone was back on the Hogwarts Express to Platform 9 ¾. Harry, Ron and Hermione were as usual sharing a compartment. After three hours of Exploding Snap, wizard chess and snacks, Harry and Ron decided to visit other compartments while Hermione chose to stay, studying for seventh year.

After about thirty minutes of studying a complex healing draught, Hermione heard the compartment door slide open and looked up. It was Draco Malfoy.

"What do you want Malfoy?" she asked acidly.

"Er - I, well, um-" he stuttered before leaving quickly.

"What just happened?" thought Hermione, "Draco Malfoy stuttering? And speechless?"

After an hour, Harry and Ron returned and there were more games and snacking done. The earlier event was soon forgotten.


Two weeks later, Hermione was in the kitchen with her mother, preparing dinner.

"Rap! Rap!" Hermione looked over to the window. There was a large white owl at the window. For a second, she thought it was Hedwig but then realized it was much too big to be her. She opened the window and took the envelope. It was a thick white material. It had an official looking blue seal and was addressed to Elizabeth Carolina Helene Jocelyn Habsburg- Bourbon in elegant handwriting.

"Mum, I think this owl's lost, this letter's to someone named Elizabeth Habsburg-Bourbon, who's that?"

She looked up and saw that her mother and father's faces were pale and colorless. Her mother slowly took the letter from her with shaking hands. She slowly opened it and as she read, she became even more pale and colorless. When she finished, she handed to her father and when he finished, he too was pale.

"Hermione, dear. I think you should sit down," said her mother slowly.

"Mum, what's wrong? What was that letter?"

"Robert," said her mother, "I think should tell her." He merely nodded.

"Tel me what mum?" whispered Hermione.

"Darling, I'm going to tell you something very important," said her mother. "But first I want you to read this letter," she handed Hermione the letter.

To the Royal Lady Elizabeth

Dearest Elizabeth,

It's been years since I wrote you and you I. I'm truly sorry
things ended up this way and I know how happy you are. A terrible
tragedy will bring us together. Your older brother, Francis, the
future king, has died. He had a stroke. We are all grieving, he was
only 47. You are the next in line. There is no one else. Your brother
never married. Our people and I need you now more than ever. We must
continue the royal line of the Habsburg-Bourbon. I know how you enjoy
normal life but this is your duty. We agreed to what you must do
should something like this happen. Please, come to the castle. We
expect you to come as soon as possible. I also would like to finally
see my granddaughter.

Love From Mother,

The Royal Majesty

Charlotte Beatrice Helene Habsburg-Bourbon

Hermione was in shock. "Mum- what? What is this?"

"I thought I would never have to know," began her mother, "Dear, first of all we're part of the royal French family. I am the heir to the throne. You are second in line. Let me tell you everything. Second, you're not a muggleborn witch. Your father and I are also magic but I'll come to that soon. Your real name is Hermione Theresa Sophie Marie Habsburg-Bourbon. The Habsburg-Bourbons are one of the oldest pureblood lines. I lived in France for most of my life, I was a royal princess but I didn't really like it. I love France and the people but being a princess just wasn't me. I went to Beaubaxtons, where I met your father. We fell in love and wanted to marry but my family wouldn't allow it. I was to marry a prince or duke. After we graduated we eloped and my parents weren't happy but they still loved me. Your father and I wanted a non-royal, muggle life. After many arguments, they finally agreed to let us live in England with a muggle life. But you see, my parents only had two children, my dear brother and I. Before I left, I promised that if anything happened to Francis and I was needed to be the heir to the throne, I would come back. And then we started our new life."

When her mother finished, Hermione was silent for a while. She was utterly speechless. There was just so much to take in. she was a pureblood and a royal.

"So, what's going to happen?" she asked.

"Well, we're going to move to France,"


Later that night, after Hermione had finished packing, she laid down on her bed and thought. She really couldn't believe it. Tomorrow they were leaving to France using Floo powder. They would still visit their home occasionally. Hermione's mother told her to only bring her Hogwarts things and a few outfits because knowing her grandmother, she would probably buy them a new wardrobe. She wasn't quite sure how she felt. She was just very shocked. She wondered how things would be now that she was royalty. She wondered how Harry and Ron would react to it. Well, at least now, Malfoy couldn't call her a mudblood anymore.