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Chapter Thirteen

The Heir

Hermione woke up the next day refreshed and energized. Perhaps it was because she would be going to class for the first time this year. The thought of going to class calmed her. No matter how much would change, Hermione would always be the little schoolgirl inside.

She got out of her room and headed for the bathroom, passing the cozy looking common room, which was decorated in Slytherin and Gryfindor colors. She went inside the bathroom, trouble was, someone was already there.

"Do you mind getting out Malfoy? I have to take a shower," she drawled.

He was over by the sink wearing a towel around his waist, and nothing else. "Go ahead Granger, no one's stopping you," he replied, adding gel to his locks.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Fuck that damn Ferret," she thought, "I'm going to be late," She took of the uniform she fell asleep in, revealing lacy red boyshorts and a matching bra.

Draco's eyes widened in shock but he recovered quickly, feigning a look of boredom. On the contrary, he was very intrigued. He didn't think she would actually do it. "She's very stubborn," he thought. He watched her through the mirror, smirking to himself.

Hermione walked towards the shower. She wanted to take a bath in the swimming pool sized bathtub, but she decided against it. The shower door was glass, but you couldn't see clearly through it. The glass was blurred. She stepped in and closed the shower door. He could see her blurred outline taking off her ....... undergarments. Moments later, Hermione threw them mover the shower door and on to the white marble floor. She turned on the water.

Draco gulped. True, he was no stranger to the opposite sex and he was definitely accustomed to ........ er ..... human mating rituals, but this was completely different.

For one thing, he had never watched someone shower before. And another thing? Well, this was Hermione Granger. You know? Goody Two Shoes? Know it all? She wasn't usually alluring or seductive. But at that moment she was. Draco didn't think she was even possible of doing such things. Was Hermione trying to turn him on right now? Hermione was currently washing her hair. She was making rather interesting noises. She would moan a little as she massaged her hair with the shampoo.

Draco took his time styling his hair and shaving. The steam and Hermione's low moans were starting to get to him. 15 minutes later, Hermione turned off the water, just as Draco was putting on his aftershave.

Hermione stuck her hand out of the glass shower door, reaching for a bath robe on the nearby towel rack. Draco almost wished the towel rack wasn't as close to the shower.

A few seconds later, Hermione came out of the shower, the robe loosely on her. She walked over to the sink and began brushing her teeth while Draco fixed his hair once more.

"Stayed here the whole time did you?" she said when she was done, waking over to the door. "Didn't see you as a peeping tom sort of guy." she smirked and went back to her room.

Draco merely smirked. "Feisty," he thought to himself.


"What a weirdo," thought Hermione as she left the bathroom.

She went in her room and got ready for class. Hermione put on her uniform. The skirt was mid thigh and her shirt was fit her form well and the tie was loose as usual. She pointed her wand at her hair and muttered a spell, making it dry. She decided to wear it down today, letting it fall in soft ringlets. She put on some mascara and black eyeliner, making her honey eyes look more intense. She put on some tinted chapstick and grabbed her bag, heading down to breakfast.

She walked down the halls, holding her bag in her right hand, letting it hang down. She put a feather light charm on it earlier, so she couldn't feel the weight of her books and supplies.

Hermione noticed all the stares and whispers she got. She smirked. She expected people to talk about her. After all, everyone in the wizarding and muggle world had heard about how the heirs to the French throne had unsurfaced. Yesterday had caused even more talk, when two of the heirs died. Hermione also knew that practically everyone in school knew about how she got into a fight with Harry and Ron, not to mention her physical change. Hermione smiled. She was getting rather fond of all the attention.


A man and a woman were sitting in a very well decorated and furnished sitting room, drinking tea. The old woman looked regal in her robes of blue. She sat up straight, in a proud way. Her hair was put up in an elegant bun and not one hair was out of place. Her make up was neat and precise. Even with her old age, she was still one to look at.

The man looked just as neat and precise. He too should signs of old age, but even so, it wasn't hard to detect a trace of handsomeness in the man. His raven black hair was neat and his purple-blue eyes held a natural intensity to them.

"She wants to meet you Tom," said the woman, sipping her tea.

"I've waiting a long time for this," he replied.

"We all have. It's time she embraces this. It's in her blood and I feel it in her. She sounded absolutely disgusted at muggles and the Potters in her letter."

"She's perfect. I've heard from Lucius that she's the top in the school. Of course, I sensed it in her when she was young. She's powerful. Maybe even more than me."

"Will you do it?" the woman asked.

"If she chooses my path, she will in fact, be my heir, as wells as yours."