Be Careful What You Wish For

By: Poison Ivy

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Chapter One


Sakura sat on a sea of green grass, dotted with random wildflowers. It was a sunny day; warm breezes occasionally rolling through the hill upon which she sat.

She held up a flower to her face, slowly plucking the petals off one by one as she chanted, "He loves me…he loves me not…he loves me…"

She slowly dropped the last bright yellow petal to the ground, her face a mask of dejection. "He loves me not." She pouted. A warm wind drifted through her face and through her hair, stirring the blades of grass and flowers in its wake. She causally tossed the leftover stem behind her, to have it land on top of a small pile of similar stems.

Sakura sighed dramatically. "Oh Sasuke-kun, no matter how hard I try, I just can't get you to notice me! Why?"

She stood up and wandered away from the scene of her latest defeat. "Maybe I'll go take a swim to clear my mind."

It was summertime and Kakashi had decided that Team 7 needed a break. So they were all resting, despite Naruto's loud complaints of having nothing to do.

Sakura couldn't ever remember a time when she felt more at peace than she did right now.

She skipped down the hill, snagging her bag containing her swimsuit and towel inside it on the way down.

And while I swim, she thought gleefully, I can think about Sasuke-kun some more.


Naruto was bored. B-O-R-E-D bored. Ever since Kakashi-sensei had organized this break, (which Naruto privately called the Break From Hell) he had nothing to do but eat and sleep. And eat.

But his money supply was running low, and his begging skills only went so far.

And to top it off, he hadn't seen Sakura-chan, _his_ (or soon will be) Sakura-chan in over a week.

About the only thing about this Break From Hell was that he didn't need to endure that annoying bastard's (Sasuke's) company either.

But Sakura-chan…

Thinking of this, Naruto bolted down the last of his ramen (HAH! He could both eat _and_ think! How many people can do _that_?) and ran out the door. It was time to find Sakura-chan!


As she changed, Sakura let her mind wander. She hadn't seen Sasuke-kun is sooo long. When the break began, she and Sasuke had just gone their separate ways, and she hadn't stalked him since.

As she was contemplating this, a familiar blonde head peeked through the door of the changing room, chanting, "Sakura-chan, I found y—"

She screamed, alternating covering her momentarily nude body with her bag and swimsuit, and throwing the biggest tock she could find at Naruto's head.

His eyes widened just before it struck him in the face, and he fell from view, a strangled "Itai…" falling from his lips.

Sakura took her time putting on her suit, then she stalked out of the stall, glaring at a still unconscious Naruto. And waited.


Naruto came to slowly, first seeing Sakura-chan's beautiful face (seething with anger), then seeing the large rock in her hand.

"Hentai!" she shrieked, raising the rock into throwing position, "How many times have I told you? I DON'T LIKE YOU! Go away Naruto!"

His face fell, and he sniffed as he stammered out an apology. "Gomen Sakura-chan, it's just that…I thought we could hang, or maybe…never mind." He got up and ran off.

Sakura stared, stunned, then began her swim, trying to get Naruto's face out of her mind.


Sasuke exited his house warily as the sun set, casting longer shadows upon everything, checking the area around him carefully.

At last he relaxed. There was no sign of Sakura or Ino anywhere. No annoying sounds of "Sasuke-kun! Where are you going?" Now that he thought about it, there hadn't been any sightings of Sakura since…well, since Kakashi-sensei had called them all together last. He grimly wished he could say the same about Ino.

Sasuke headed toward the nearest noodle stand. It was time for dinner.

Then he saw a small figure coming toward him. So much for my good day he groaned inwardly. "Sakura?"

She looked up in surprise, as if she hadn't even noticed that he was there. "Oh, hi Sasuke-kun." For once, she seemed subdued.

"Is something wrong?" Sasuke winced privately to himself. Now she was going to bore him with tales about how she liked a certain _someone_ and was afraid that he didn't return her feelings.

Sakura's mind swirled. She felt really bad that she had yelled at Naruto. He didn't mean any harm, and she really didn't mind all his attention. She would never tell anyone this, but many times, he had inadvertently cheered her up when she was down in the dumps about Sasuke. Even if Naruto _was_ a baka.

She came back to reality quickly, realizing that she still hadn't answered Sasuke's question.

"Eh, have you seen Naruto?"

Sasuke was flabbergasted. Not only was Sakura acting distant toward him, she was asking about _Naruto_ of all people.

"That dobe? He's probably at his house or something. Why?"

But Sakura didn't answer, only smiling up at him and saying, "Arigatou Sasuke-kun. Well, ja ne." then she ran off, leaving Sasuke, who decided that today was a decidedly strange day. And now, to top it off, he had a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach.


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