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Orange Star Sigh School

Gohan was exhausted 96 hours of Goten and Trunks buzzing on 5 pounds chocolate covered espresso beans and 4 pounds milk chocolate bars each, their wild and deranged behavior would have killed a normal person, but Gohan being far normal had survived. The game he had enjoyed the least was kill the Tele-tubby, they had gotten the idea that Gohan was the purple one. Gohan had not sleep the whole weekend or had time study the homework he had finished at school that Friday.

Thank you Dende for not sending Videl my way this weekend, I couldn't save myself let lone her from them. From now on I will be training with Vegeta all weekend long. Gohan thought.

"Gohan watch where your going and that's my locker!" screamed Videl

Her high-pitched voice quickly cut though the fog left by days of no sleep and constant physical hardships leaving a tearing, screaming pain. Forcing his overexerted body charge it self with a shot adrenaline. The pain and adrenaline snapping Gohan awake only long enough to say.

"I'm sorry, Videl." Her screams of wake up had been the only thing that had brought him out his zombie state.

As he reaches out for his locker, but he could only find air "Oh forget it, its just study hall and I planned to sleeping anyways." He slurred.

Erasa seeing opportune time to get close, she snuggled right in close wrapping her arms around his waist, and pushing his arm behind her rubbing very close to her but. "Let me help you to study hall." She turned her head back to Videl and winked at her. Erasa then stuck her tongue out at Videl. Erasa slid her hand into his back pocket and wrapped the free arm under her arm and tucked Gohan's hand under her breast with Gohan totally unaware of the location of his hand or the stares.

Kami, I wish I had gall to do some thing like that. Fumed Videl as she stuff the last of books into her locker and darted though the crowd of stunned students.

It took only a few minutes before Videl caught up with Erasa and Gohan. That whole weekend she couldn't get a good night sleep causing Videl's temper to be hotter than normal. She was already hot under the collar with Gohan's zombie like behavior and with the extra homework she had received, Erasa's teasing was not helping the situation.

"What you doing with my Gohan?" Videl spat. She realized she said it out loud Oh crap I said out! I will pretend I didn't say it .

Easer had heard her clear as bell and seen a blush wash across her face. She decided to go full blonde on her friend "What's that, So You do have something going with Gohan?" she made her voice project so everybody was sure to hear.

"That not what I said!" Videl yelled then she felt the eyes of the kids around her and the murmurs. "I never meant that."

"A little Freudian slip huh?" Erasa pointed out in the; I told so style that she had perfected.

With the ringing of the bell Erasa had Videl right where she wanted Videl and She both knew it. She gave Gohan a light slap on butt to get him moving along. Everybody else in the hall had disappeared leaving Videl alone with anger, embarrassment and grim fact that her secret desire was now hottest bit of gossip in school and tomorrow the city.

"There's no way out on this pickle is there?" Videl said as she looked to the sky.

When Videl had arrived inside Erasa had Gohan sitting with his back to the wall so his head rested on the wall. She when over to vending machines bought a grape juice and cranberry juice and 4 power bars I'll give these to Gohan when he wakes up.

"Erasa, cranberry or grape juice?" ask Videl as she put her books and foodstuffs down beside Erasa and slid into the chair across from Gohan chair "You know all weekend I had this dream of two kids with gold hair trying kill me. They where using those light tricks and man where they fast."

Erasa knew the food was Videl's way of saying that she surrendered. "Cranberry, you can tell a lot from guy's wallet," stated Erasa, "Go round to the other side." Order Erasa.

Videl look at Erasa and saw plenty of mischief still dancing in her eyes Better she takes it out on Gohan, then Me. She preceded to the other side of Gohan, Erasa quickly point where to lift from As scrawny as Gohan is, he can't weigh more than 180 pounds easy. she tucked her hands into the lift points pulled tipping Gohan to her enough so Erasa hands could grain entry to the back pocket of Gohan's pants, Erasa's hands soon came out with a tri fold wallet.

"Ugh, He must weigh 220 pounds."

"Got it, He is not average under those clothes did you feel the muscles?" asked Erasa

I didn't, I was have trouble holding on to him, it was like picking up a sleeping cat, impossible." breathed Videl as she opened her can of grape juice.

"Wow, Gohan got paid!" Erasa said as she thumbed thought the bills There must be a thousand Zenni in here. Videl peer in to the wallet seeing the money and credit cards as Erasa pulled out a driver's license "Gohan has birthday coming next weekend, guess how old he is going to be?"

"17." answer Videl as she came back from the study monitor desk poured her juice in the cup she gone for.

"18." replied Erasa, "Check it, he has a security card for Capsule Corps."

Videl looked at the security card it looked like the hundreds of others that where carried by their owners, "So what?" as she just pass it back.

"Tck, tck, Gohan you naughty boy" Erasa scolded the sound sleeper against the wall as she reached for her purse.

Videl was more than curiosity "How dose Mr. perfect grades get in to trouble?"

"Gohan doesn't have any protection. Let's see?" She stated as she rummaged through her purse she pulled out a ribbon of condoms of her purse and separated two from the ribbon and stuffed them into one of wallets sectioned thirds with the zenni.

"What?" Videl blurted out by now was getting into the spirit of things, when the monitor came by?

"What are you ladies up to today?" He queried Videl and Erasa

Erasa, with no shame what so ever piped up, "I was getting some condoms from Gohan for are date tonight, Robert. We are going back your place again?"

The 60-year-old monitor had seen her temp to rattle his cage; he had seen it all in his years as a teacher, but this girl boldly went where nobody else dared to. Two can play this game. He looked at the sleeping Gohan. "Nope, tonight we are going to bingo and if the Pope over there has condoms then, I'm the virgin mother."

Videl was shocked by the conversation had started pouring the grape juice over her shirt. It took less than a minute for the grape juice to soak her front. She looked down the front of her tee-shirt top, the shirt was soaked and sticky.

Erasa saw the look on Videl's face "Go change, you have an extra change of clothes in your jet-copter."

"Yes I do, but I don't have it today, it is in for service." Videl stated flatly.

"Oh what a bummer." was Erasa's answer "Go get cleaned up, I will be there with a shirt."

Videl didn't question, so she didn't see Erasa's eyes dance an evil little dance so she accepted the help at face value and left for the bathroom with monitor so he could give her a hall pass.

Erasa tugged on the bottom of Gohan's shirt pulling out the shirttails She saw the waistband of his boxers. "So the rumors are true, He dose have teddy bears on his boxers." Kinky! she said as she slided his vest off and unbuttons the rest of his shirt's buttons. Oh my god, Gohan's totally buff! As Erasa skinned the shirt from Gohan muscled body, this drew attention from the girls who shocked at Erasa's gall while others drooled at Gohan's perfect form while the guys stared in jealously and shock. She looked around saw the attention Lets turn it up a little. She thought as She swung her leg over Gohan's legs sat down in his lap, when she landed she felt something whose size was most unexpected. She felt her blood rush to her face as she pulled his vest back on. She snatched Gohan's wallet off the table shoved it her back pocket.

Videl had arrived in the bathroom and stripped off the grape stained shirt reveling a lacey white bra. Which had not been touched, She had wiped the sticky juice from herself when Erasa came in flushed, holding a white long sleeve shirt.

"I know two more of Gohan's secrets." Erasa gasped, who was still a little red in the face. "So you do wear it, I figured that I would be married and have kids before you wore It." teased Erasa. "Fits nicely I see. Are you wearing the bottom half as well?" as she tugged at the straps and bridge connecting the cups together.

Videl slapped the probing hands away "Hands off, I'm not telling you. What are his secrets?"

Erasa smirked at Videl's discomfort and curiosity as She handed Videl the shirt "One you can see when we get back, and the second you'll have to marry him to find out." She said as she wagged a finger at Videl.

Videl was buttoning up the shirt when got a whiff of something familiar, She bunched up the arm of shirt and inhaled through the bunched up fabric and the scent was clearly Gohan's. "Where did you get one of Gohan's shirts?" asked Videl

It was Erasa turned to be shocked "How did you know it was Gohan's?" as Erasa as she pulled out Gohan's wallet and continued her exam of Gohan.

"It smells like him, you know old spice and that musky smell that comes off him after P.E." Videl said as took a whiff of the shirt's owner's scent. Ah a moan escaped Videl

If She can detect his scent then, She must have some serious feelings for Gohan. concluded Erasa as she examined the personally signed baseball card of the great Yamcha. "I bet Gohan wouldn't mind, if you take those bike shorts off…"

"NO, never!" Videl could see where this was going and she didn't like where it stopped. Tho, that would be such a great idea, if I was home alone with him.

"Okay, don't bite my head off. Look at this picture they must be his mom and dad. It looks like his dad has your dad's championship belt on his shoulder."

She looked at the picture "That's not my dad's this one shape is different, that's Son Goku he was the last champ before my dad."

They looked at each other and said, "His dad is Son Goku!"

"Goku was one of the youngest fighters ever to enter the Tenka'ichi Budokai, he reach the finals every time he competed." Erasa said, "He even defeated the Red Ribbon Army single handed."

Videl was shocked at Erasa's fighting knowledge "How did you know that?"

"My aunt Snow, You know her, Goku freed her village and saved the village chief." Erasa refreshed Videl's memory about the story, Her aunt would tell about muscle tower and Android 8.

"I bet we could find more about Gohan thought his father Goku, on the Internet." Suggested Erasa.

Videl was still in shock over all these pieces of the puzzle that was Gohan when Erasa produce the suggestion. "Ok, let's pick up our stuff and Gohan and head for the Internet lab."

"Nah, We don't need it and Gohan would be best served with some quiet time. Besides he won't touch our stuff and nobody else would dare touch it." Erasa stated with a clear determination.

When they arrived in the computer lab, they went to the computer in the corner of the lab. Erasa slipped into the seat and logged out of guest user that every body was suppose to use, She quickly type in a different username and password. Videl was impressed as Erasa hands dance over the keys quickly calling up a program, she entered Gohan's name into the system. His school record came up.

"Ok, Gohan mom's full name is Chichi Gyu-Mao Son, they do live in the mountains." As Erasa scrolled down window, "Check this for an emergency number all he gave was a phone number let's reverse search it." She said as she opened a pair of Internet browser windows with a couple keystrokes it was searching for in formation about Gohan's parents.

While that was happening she put a mini CD into the drive and opened a program from it and type in a command. A window opened an lines of computer code scrolled down the screen, then a menu appeared for the phone company, she selected a search program and entered the telephone number while the program dug through the volumes of information.

"We better not stay there too long or they notice our little visit." Erasa stated as She scanned though the info on Goku and Chichi opening the pages that looked promising. After that she jumped back to the telephone program as it finished the search she called up the information that the search had produced.

"Ok this is not good the number is part of cellular phone group held by Capsule Corps." Erasa informed Videl. Erasa closed the file and ran a command that caused the program to close down. She started another program this one a chat engine she typed her username in.

"Blondebuzz?" Videl asked Erasa who just shrugged, for what Videl had just seen, Erasa is a hacker and from the looks of it a dam good one too. What amazing skills she has!

Erasa shrugged her shoulders, as she greeted everybody and asked if they had a key for the Capsule mainframe. Luna's Meow told her to be careful that Razorwing was now user administrator for CC. She thanked the user for tip and info. She then recorded down the four keys and info as the computer made a connection to Capsule net. Erasa used one of the keys to gain access. She got lucky the key was accounting manager with good access she found the telephone directory she quickly call up the cellular phone numbers list then print the page of information closed the school records. Erasa then switched back the windows of information on Gohan's parents.

"There is more on Gohan's mom then I expected Chichi, She is daughter of the Ox King." Videl was at the printer when heard this. She was back at Erasa's side in the breathe of second looking over Erasa's shoulder.

"So that would mean, She is the Queen of the Gyu-Mau kingdom." Videl stated.

"Not yet, She has yet to ascended to the throne." Erasa corrected.

"Details." Videl responded.

"All websites agree, She was to be married to a Goku, but she had to hunt him down she caught him at the 23rd world martial arts tournament and they where married shortly after. Needless to say they had kids, this one says she had two boys but their names are unknown." Erasa turned to look Videl, "We know one of their names, besides if Gohan's mother is a princess that means…"

"Gohan is a prince," Videl piped in. "as well as the son of two great fighters."

"He don't act the part, in fact it is like he was hiding it. The gold fighter hasn't been seen since, He foiled that bank robbery, but Saiyaman has been around ever since. He wears that helmet that hides almost all of his head, hiding the gold hair possible?" Erasa was thinking out loud as she try running pieces together to make them fit.

"Well that fits, but how do we tied Gohan to them?" Videl pondered.

"With rope!" Erasa voiced with a huge grin, "Sorry, couldn't resist."

Videl picked herself off the floor, "Ok, let's get back I have to finish my homework."

"Ok, let me finish up" Erasa said as she printed Gohan's school record, and shut down the windows and logged off and logged the guest user back on.

"Check this out according to the print out the number belongs to Bulma Briefs, but that can't be right." Videl questioned the info as she rechecked the print outs of the school's records and the phone company

As they walked down the hall, Videl and Erasa's heads spun with knowledge they had collected on Gohan, Erasa spoke first. "Okay, We know Goku, Gohan's dad was able to do light tricks and fly. I'm willing bet dollars to doughnuts, that Goku taught this stuff to Gohan."

"And Gohan's going to teach me." Videl add with her usual confident tone, "I have him right where I want him between a rock and hard spot"

Erasa nodded as they entered the study hall. "More like a rock and a hard body."

"Huh?" was all Videl got out before she laid her eyes on the muscular upper body of Gohan. She saw the defined tone of muscles on his arms, next was his pectoral muscles the thick cords of muscle was clear from this distance. Gohan's abs not a six pack but clearly an eight, she could not help but stare at them as they rippled as he breathe deeply in his sleep.

As she came closer to every woman's daydream. Kami, I thought was I physically attracted to him before. Videl's was attention was back as Erasa spoke up.

Erasa had seen it for the second time, still sent shock waves though her. "A warrior prince." Erasa though aloud.

"Huh, that do you mean?" Videl asked.

"I was remembering a story my aunt Snow told me when I was a little girl." Erasa said, "A warrior queen of a great kingdom had a son that was reaching the age of that he would become king and would need to marry. She sent him out into the world to seek his queen and love. As he traveled lands afar, he hid his royal heritage as he searched for his true love. As he came across wrongs he would right those wrongs." Erasa quickly sum up the story.

"But Chichi isn't a queen?" Stated Videl.

"Mmmm… details." Shrugged Erasa as she unbuttoned the second button on Gohan's shirt "Is that a nose bleed? Videl, you hentai!"

Snatching a napkin from the table Videl started to wipe the blood from her chin and lips.

Author's note:

This all I have of a story, at one time this story clogging my mind so it had to be purged. This is one of my first attempts at fan fiction so you can be unduly ruff about. I think can make something out of it, but first I have to finish the ones I have already got going so any thoughts ideas you want pass along more than happy to listen.